This Tank Is An Absolute Monster

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Source: Spookston

The Italian P40 medium is not a vehicle that I expected be particularly amazing in War Thunder, but I was definitely incorrect. 's an all-around great tank with an insane APHE round.

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Various Command and Conquer: Generals Tracks

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This Tank Is An Absolute


  1. Still feeling really under the weather but I hope you guys are doing well

  2. This tank is good but its so fucking slow. So many times I arrive at the fight to find my team evaporated and I’m by myself with a t34, kv2, and pzr g/j its infuriating

  3. could we get a reveal of what your settings are pls

  4. The P40 is easily my favourite ww2 tank, it just looks soo good

  5. 14:08 hey cmon man-

  6. Day 14 of asking spooks to play the M4A3 (105)

  7. Love playing the Italians. Probably have had my best games as them however still lost because of teammates.

  8. Scorpion tank from C&C generals

  9. video 27 of requesting LvKc 9040C and its light tank brother strf 9040C

  10. 14:20 you don’t have to hate yourself!!

  11. Funny thing is, it was actually classified as a heavy tank but it is so much more similar to a medium tank that Gaijin just made it a medium tank in game

  12. I want to see you suffer, play chinese LVT(A)(4) (ZiS-2)

  13. my god u see all of the enemies like if i play realistic im gonna get…yea u get it

  14. Michael Lorenzo Flores

    i unlocked it but never bothered to use it since i got 2 premium tanks of the same tier for free. (honestly IDK how or just forgot about it)

  15. Fun fact the P40 was actually a heavy tank that never left the drawing phase, not a medium

  16. idk why italian tank – in general are so hated. I think that most of the three offer good playable vehicles. Only problem is with toptiers but i cant say nothing since i am on 6 rank.

  17. “this is actually a good medium tank” FUN FACT: P40 stand for “pesante” (plus the year of profuction) which stand for “Heavy”, this should be an heavy tank, the absolute meme

  18. Dude i thought this tank sucked and then you do this 😊 gonna have to go back to it now

  19. You are out of it a lot, I hope you start feeling better spookston❤️

  20. (Insert generic channel name)

    Spookston that dodgeball sfx at 9:57 got me dead XD

  21. spookston joking about furries, interresting

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