This Tank Is Busted, Apparently

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Source: Spookston

The new War Thunder update finally added a dedicated to the US tree with the M109A1 SPH. I didn't think it'd be good, but it's actually a lot fun. Some people think it's too much fun, somehow.

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This Is Busted, Apparently


  1. The title may or may not be a reference to a certain reddit post made by a german tank player


  3. Day nine of asking Spook to play Cursed Tank Simulator

  4. I want to see you play Leopard AA in Italian tree

  5. Play the M4 748! I never see anyone using it, it was the tank you got for buying closed beta for ground forces. I never use mine and definitely wanna see someone good at the game play it!

  6. Official Day 1 of asking spookston to play the 8.3 Chinese AA using the APDS Tank killing rounds (Better Gepard)

  7. Can you try Churchill crocodile? And be sure use It’s flame thrower

  8. welp of course its 3 tone carc sim scummers rejoice

  9. play obj 435

  10. Play the BMP-1

  11. your round have been ghostshelled

  12. Hey guys, i just got a question. I have around 2000 hours in warthunder and have made it to 6.7 usa, 7.7 france, 6.0 germany ect ect free to play. Just wondering how long it would take to get to top tier with premium thanks 🙂

    • Oh wait, its more like 1000 hours half a probs afk :))

    • i have 3.3k hours and mostly use premium time and I have Toptier Russia (Air and Ground), France (Air and Ground), 7.7 US (Air and Ground). With Top Tier Premiums and skill you can do it in half a year tbh

  13. Yeah iv basically died after one shot from this this from basically every angle

  14. You profile photo is realy cool and cute!

  15. Crazy they add stuff like this and vehicles like the M7 Priest are completely ignored.

  16. try 92 can you make a video about the centauro 105 It is an italian light tank that is really fast so I guess it fits your playstyle

  17. got my first nuke today, m109a1 + m41a1, damn this feels good

  18. I am not a shear i am but a thing???

    Y’know shat would be funny. If Spookston played the ystervark

  19. Day 46 of asking for su 122

  20. BlueRaptor The Night Fury

    12:43 I like how you don’t see what happens, you just see a orange flash and go “Welp, he’s dead.” Hahahaha

  21. Play zis 12 against tanks day 9

  22. Strong? Absolutely. Broken? Definitely not. I’ve been evaporating them with my 17 pounders as much as they kill me

  23. Alastair weekend on my day off I only died to these every match

  24. I played 6.3 america and got roughly 10 kills and we somehow loss. Gotta love American teammates.

  25. You live by HE, you die by HE. Facts bud, Facts

  26. I skipped the research on this bc it only has HE and when I test drove it, the shells weren’t reliable one shots. Ig I was wrong and just hit the wrong spots. I’d found that shooting under the tanks helped out.

  27. These things are broken; when I play it I get one shot. When I play against it, I get one shot

  28. can you try the arl44?

  29. Exploringtheplanet SN

    Ah war thunder were howitzers engage in tank to tank combat totally realistic

  30. i like calling it the baby vidar

  31. its so weird to see this thing firing rounds that are meant to strike the target in the first half of the parabolic arch

  32. Day 8 of asking spookston to play with the Lorraine 40t

  33. Proteinasaurus Rex Rawr imma dawnasawr

    So I’m actually on a Paladin crew. Some things to note:

    You can’t drive these without the travel lock up. The gun goes wild and wants to break itself.

    There’s too many crew members. Should only be 4, no idea how I would move around with 5 in a turret.

    The reload speed is about 2x as fast as real life. Max fire rate is about 22secs, faster and your tube explodes.

    You can’t shoot these sideways or you risk rolling over or just breaking the thing.

    These shoot modular charges. With max charge, this thing would shoot like an Abrams

  34. Spookston ve like “I need depression”

  35. Firestarter OnYouTube

    you should try playing this or the G6 as a dedicated anti air. it’s fun

  36. Well Then I’m Well Then

    Personally I think the m109a1 is op simply because my first match ended in 15 kills and a nuke

  37. Are you a furry

  38. I really like this tank, specifically because i bought the xm-1 during its sale and put a talisman on the m109a1. Its perfectly capable of dispatching tanks in that BR and looks damn good doing it!

  39. I drive the grand child of that vehicle in real life today king of battle vehicles would never be used like this

  40. See, the fun thing about this vehicle is its fun in top tier as well. Can even 1-hit russian top tier tanks

  41. This thing basically shoots small bombs

  42. Tbh the M109A1 is a pure sniper, great cannon that shoots from far away and as long as you get the first shot, you’re usually good but the second you get flanked by anything you die. Just try not to get double teamed

  43. If you’re fortunate enough to have the T30 it still gets M107 HE plus some armor. Kinda a goated HE slinger for the US minus the 30ish sec reload whith max reload skill and expert crew.

  44. Got me a lil off guard with 12:43 ngl

  45. its so fun smack tigers 2 i nthe face with broken overpressure but my god the rage in german mains is fun

  46. The M109 feels like a tank where it’s either you hit and kill it or it hits and doesn’t do anything

  47. Ground forces is just planes briefly interrupted by driving around a ground target

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