THIS TANK IS INSANE in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The ShPTK-TVP 100 is the latest tank in World of and it's a total MAD LAD – here's why!



  1. The HE on this tank is crazy. I was able to kill an ELC with 2 shots, admittedly it was with 2 high rolls, but still, that is next level BS. This tank has ammo for every occasion, great pen normal ammo, good pen and damage HE and 330 pen on your HEAT…. the balancing department must have been away when this tank was being looked at….

  2. QB I am I big supporter and watcher of your stream, so a little hint. Your You Tube replay is being used for Political reasons. I would be very careful of who you are allowing to monitize you.


  3. EinherjerZombie

    Gotta love that digital chocolate cake.

  4. No shit the tank is insane, you were playing against tier 6 tanks. Any tier 8 is insane against tier 6s.

  5. fun police, fun police what ya gonna do when they splash on you

  6. This thing is just broken. I play it full HE as a challange and I am keeping over 3k average. i even had few 7k games in tiers X. Also I only use standard equioment and crew that came with it. Althought I had to get 6th sence from directive.
    Unfortunatelly thought, this vehicle is a supermagnet for idiots in team. Almost evry single game people were focusing on ruining each shptk game, including my games

  7. Sod off.

  8. cheers mate!!! well deserved !!!

  9. They need to take the pen down by 50 on all shell types

  10. QB say that this TD gets tier 10 match making 80% of battles 🙁 and 1% of the MM u got in this battle 😉

  11. iv been grinding for it but I’m not going to be able to make it all the way. I still want the tank though. How do I purchase the remaining stages?

  12. Jack aka _M3RCY



    yo Ikzor has the SAME EXACT WoT rating as me!

  14. Is it only purchasable after completing the entire battle pass or is it discounted according to however many stages you get through by the time the event is over?

  15. social3ngin33rin

    nope, I just constantly hate it 😛
    I’m not making money from it like you are lol

  16. I mean it’s pure luck. Sure the dpm is a good thing on paper and the speed too, but it’s not the key. Besides I’ve done the same with the aufkl panther which has an ok to bad dpm. I don’t think dpm makes a tank “op”. It can help sometimes but that’s all really. Good games come and go but not because of a tank being “op”. + I haven’t seen a single player in my battles that was able to do over 2k damage with this tank yesterday.

  17. Boy my Caliban is gonna love this thing

  18. WOW a premium tank being good?! WOW…

  19. It was so epic QB! I absolutely loved it it was so hilarious haha and so awesome to share and enjoy the epic moments in past time and see how far you’ve come!

  20. TVP 100 is literally like a T67 when it was OP at tier 8

  21. James Irwin-McConnell

    It’s not really OP but everyone is ranting about it xD I’ve got comparable stats in the challenger tbh.

  22. steven kitching

    hesitation was your mistake…. btw i never get to watch twitch due to work.. happy 10yrs 🙂

  23. I actually think this tank is pretty balanced. I see no problem with high dpm since utilizing it requires a lot of skill. I have problem with all those monster high alpha tds which most newer players love. So, we must give WG credit for actually putting a new tanks that is interesting and different.

  24. Have trained sound detection on this tank before S-awareness for this tank BA, 6th,Camo, Sound, then started SA. limits vision but just found Arty really hurts in this baby.

  25. Pissed that they didn’t give you a day or so after the marathon, like previous, to make the purchase, where you finished. Checked in 3 hours too late.

  26. Fuck this tank, it makes no sense.

  27. Synthetic Danimal 90

    This tank is like a tier 8 e25 with tier 10 penetration

  28. Yes this is the type of TD the game so desperately needs pumping out insane damage in a very short order. Congratulations to WOT developers for bringing on down the typical in game time even more with op tanks who wants to play the full amount of time anyways.

  29. CMDR StellaFerox

    Hi, This TD looks good. How come I cannot find it anywhere for purchase?

  30. Christian Albanese

    I did your same dmg but got a first class only 🙁

  31. Unttermenschen game

  32. Just compare this to the WT auf Pz IV. This tank is better or very close in everything. And the WT auf Pz IV is a good Tier 9 TD.

    This is a good Tier 9 TD. But somehow it is Tier 8.

    What have they been taking at WG?

  33. ofc it’s insane, it’s prem new tank… what a surprise..

  34. WR is 50% because they are currently always on both teams. Simple really.

  35. whill it be buyable because i didnt have the time but i want it bad?

  36. oh how sad to see you fail under pressure due to the fact that the missing medal was sooooo close
    the m44 takes long to take u out there …

  37. Test_name Test_surname

    I guess you got completely for free. I remember people complaining about this WR issue after previous marathons.

  38. This New CZ TD is just copy of Vtier M10 RBFM actually…. Reload, pene, but in VIII Tier plus broken HE round… They copy that from Leopard

  39. i really ask myself what you paid for that mm

  40. This tank is arty magnet.

  41. ShitPak tank. It will be nerfed soon.

  42. @Test_name Test_surname i got it for half the price and had a lot of gold on my account so could not wait and after this lose after lose after lose, no matter how good i was playing

  43. I have followed your channel for about a year now if I remember correctly, last I recall this game wasn’t available here in japan so I just kinda ran out of interest in watching… But now it’s available here as f2p, I never knew its also f2p..? or it wasn’t before..?

    But my question is, is the game beginner friendly after this game is already 12 y.o? like will be queued w/ beginners like me on my 1st game (unless of course they’re smurfs)? I wanna play this very casually so I’m just hoping I won’t matched up too frequently with pros at least after a hundred games or so… My question answered or not, I will still try this game on my weekend…

  44. Scorpion is better for making credits and easier to play. This tank is good, but not stupidly op like skoda t54 for example.

  45. If you’re just a casual player, with a life, it’s impossible to get it (not using gold). Typical WG!

  46. I got to 30 out 40. I can tell you: i played 2 sometimes 3 hrs a day. At some point it just wasnt fun. Felt like most people were working, not playing.

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