This Tank is NOT BAD, But… | World of Tanks Senlac Review

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World Senlac Gameplay, Tier 8 British Premium Light Tank. World of Tanks Advent Calendar 2019.World of Tanks Giveaway – Free Premium Tanks, Free Gold, Free Premium.

Dezmas 2019 is going strong, second episode where I give away some stuff, today I have 2 x 14 days premium time for you! 🙂 Free World of premium time is always awesome, right? 🙂

On the top that, let’s take a look at today’s Advent Calendar offer, which is a tier 8 British premium light tank Senlac. This is the only good British light tank, but where do use it? Why to use it over other light tanks?

Enjoy the show!


in action / мир танков Senlac:
– British Senlac, Tier 8 Premium Light Tank

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  1. How do you feel about the Senlac?
    And good luck in yet another giveaway! It makes me really happy to be able to do that, you deserve it, BEASTS!❤?❤?❤?❤

  2. Username: BigKev91
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light: Chaffee, got my first ace on a light with it.

  3. My name : Rare_Nickname
    Server : Asia
    My favorite LT is 1390 cuz only I got Master in LTs

  4. My favorite light tank is the T-49 with tha BIG OLD DERP Machine and it’s pleasure to play it keep up the good work.
    Username: Krisko0468BG_Warrior
    Server: EU

  5. User: pastagus
    Eu server
    My favorite light is ELC AMX, awesome tank

  6. Username: McMad
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light Tank: M24 Chaffee, it was the first light I was able to properly understand the passive scouting mechanics so I was able to enjoy playing lights a bit more

  7. Username: RageIdk
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light Tank: LT-432 because it’s a Russian tank, where can you go wrong! 😀 also keep up the work <3

  8. Axl Williams Payot

    My favorite light tank is amx 103 105 because its very flexible tank and can burst damage if can freely shoot its entire clip.

    IGN: Frenzie
    Server: SEA

  9. Username: DArvinVegas
    Server: EU
    Favorite light tank: AMX 13 90

    very good spotter and sneaky assassin.

  10. Username: tgergoo
    Server: eu
    Favourite light: t21

  11. username: Robert_GM
    SERVER: Asia
    my favorite lt: luchs, cute, small, and machinegun

  12. Username : EL401
    Server : ASIA
    My Favorite LT : Luchs,she is cute and deadly.

  13. Username: Owltitude
    Server: NA
    Favourite Light Tank: Lynx Ferrari very fast

  14. Username: Clewi464
    Server: Eu
    Fave light tank has to be the luchs lots of damage and great mobility

  15. Username :alb199
    I love the 59-16 with the old autoloader

  16. Best Light Tank: The luchs, it’s just such a fun tank to play in.
    Username: Datfizz
    Server: NA

  17. My favorite light tank is AMX 13 105. Why? Because is my only light tank ???
    I have got ELC even 90 in my garage for rent 7 days (i don’t know how) but in this few battle i fell in love with that little one 😀
    Hello from Croatia 😉 ??
    Username: Lohonar
    Server: EU

  18. Do tier 3 light tanks count??
    Username: Predrag_NoviSad
    My favorite light tank Is Cruiser ll because of the awesome durp gun.

  19. My favourite light tank: Pz. I C because of it’s mobility and machine gun.
    Server: EU
    Username: luka_875

  20. Getual12
    Bat chat 12t tier 8 is the most fun tech tree light tank but the best got to be lt432, although i do not own it

  21. Username: adicaeuGC
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light Tank: Luchs

  22. Hi Dez
    Username : Humor_
    Serveur : EU
    Favourite light?
    Old school: Vk 2801 derpgun and ramming, ECL AMX powerhouse…
    Now? T92 because the way it “feels” when driving it and the fast accelleration, great cammo and low profile
    But I do like most lights :-).

    • Bought the Senlac and put a 7 skill crew in it.
      Feels sluggish when driving. Seems ok for the rest. Gun is indeed pretty good to handle.

  23. Username: Master089223
    Just got my hands on the infamous soviet LT432, this tank is absolute masterpiece. Priced as a light, but feels like a fast med, and that would be my favourite LT as of now

  24. Hey Dez,
    Favourite light tank is T50-2 no question. Just love the way it doesn’t care about what tier it’s playing.
    Username: Sodoff1
    Server: EU
    Happy Dezmas

  25. Username : Puscasul99
    Server : EU
    My favourite light tank : EBR 105 full view range the f-en fastest!

  26. Herman Klein Nagelvoort

    GolKosh from EU server. My favorite light tank? There are a lot of them but my favorite today is the GSOR!! Yes best light so far. The most hate light tank….

  27. Username: vojtisekhCZE
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light Tank: T92

  28. Username: TheDeadPenguin
    Server: Eu
    Favorite light tank : valentine , it has a lot of armor

  29. Username: NastyDogg
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light Tank: leKpz M 41 90 mm GF

  30. Username: LeLeon
    Server: EU
    Fav. LT: WZ 132

  31. Username: neilmac
    Server: EU
    Fav Light tank: Type 62

  32. My favourite light tank is T-432, good touret, fast and making money. user Tonika72 server EU

  33. Username: dzuki_01
    Premium tank: progetto 46

  34. Username:dzuki_01
    Server: eu
    Premium tank: progetto 46

  35. leonard sebastian buhnici

    Hey Dez, MY favorite light thank is LT-432 The Russian armored light thank 🙂 User:sebabuh Server:EU

  36. Spodoba1106
    Eu server
    Fav lt russian lt100

  37. IG name: Shinja2468
    Server: NA
    My must fun light tank are the ebr 90 and 105.. they are annoying, but god it’s fun to troll people doing stupid stuff ultra fast.

  38. Lt432 , this is russian premium light tank ,this is best explanation?
    Username : Psybras
    Server : EU

  39. Username: ivan224
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light Tank: leKpz M 41 90 mm

  40. Favorite tank: elc even 90
    Server: Eu
    Username: Dzuki03_marksman

  41. Amazing game play dez

  42. Username: markotomic77777
    favourite premium: Scorpion G

  43. Username: AlexanderKarelin
    Server: EU
    Favorite light tank: Lttb, because it can do everything

  44. Username : sikus39
    Server : Asia
    My fav LT is T100 because it small, flexible and it has good camo value ?

  45. Name: JackGH36
    Server: EU
    Favorit permium: Projetto 46

  46. The best light tank according to me is 100lt is the God of light tanks
    username: r0ttenbrat_invader
    server: asia

  47. I still miss Aufklärungspanzer. VK28 with derp gun was also fun to play.
    EU server, username 8fly8

  48. Grounder_HD
    Fav light: bc 12t

  49. Username: AltaitServer: EUFav. light tank: HWK30. Make german tanks great again 🙂

  50. IGN: Chaosdraken
    Server EU
    My fav light tank gotta be 13 57F machine gun… sooo fun de pew pew around the battlefield

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