This Tank is NOT BAD, But… | World of Tanks Senlac Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Senlac Gameplay, Tier Premium . World of Tanks Advent Calendar 2019.World of Tanks Christmas Giveaway – Free Premium Tanks, Free Gold, Free Premium.

Dezmas 2019 going strong, second episode where I give away some stuff, today I have 2 x 14 days of premium time for you! 🙂 Free World of Tanks premium time is always awesome, right? 🙂

On the top of that, let’s take a look at today’s Advent Calendar offer, which is a tier 8 British premium light tank Senlac. This is the only good British light tank, but where do use it? Why to use it over other light tanks?

Enjoy the show!


►Tanks in action / мир танков Senlac:
– British Senlac, Tier 8 Premium Light Tank

► Upload your epic games to my replay site:



  1. How do you feel about the Senlac?
    And good luck in yet another giveaway! It makes me really happy to be able to do that, you deserve it, BEASTS!❤?❤?❤?❤

  2. Username: BigKev91
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light: Chaffee, got my first ace on a light with it.

  3. My name : Rare_Nickname
    Server : Asia
    My favorite LT is 1390 cuz only I got Master in LTs

  4. My favorite light tank is the T-49 with tha BIG OLD DERP Machine and it’s pleasure to play it keep up the good work.
    Username: Krisko0468BG_Warrior
    Server: EU

  5. User: pastagus
    Eu server
    My favorite light is ELC AMX, awesome tank

  6. Username: McMad
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light Tank: M24 Chaffee, it was the first light I was able to properly understand the passive scouting mechanics so I was able to enjoy playing lights a bit more

  7. Username: RageIdk
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light Tank: LT-432 because it’s a Russian tank, where can you go wrong! 😀 also keep up the work <3

  8. Axl Williams Payot

    My favorite light tank is amx 103 105 because its very flexible tank and can burst damage if can freely shoot its entire clip.

    IGN: Frenzie
    Server: SEA

  9. Username: DArvinVegas
    Server: EU
    Favorite light tank: AMX 13 90

    very good spotter and sneaky assassin.

  10. Username: tgergoo
    Server: eu
    Favourite light: t21

  11. username: Robert_GM
    SERVER: Asia
    my favorite lt: luchs, cute, small, and machinegun

  12. Username : EL401
    Server : ASIA
    My Favorite LT : Luchs,she is cute and deadly.

  13. Username: Owltitude
    Server: NA
    Favourite Light Tank: Lynx Ferrari very fast

  14. Username: Clewi464
    Server: Eu
    Fave light tank has to be the luchs lots of damage and great mobility

  15. Username :alb199
    I love the 59-16 with the old autoloader

  16. Best Light Tank: The luchs, it’s just such a fun tank to play in.
    Username: Datfizz
    Server: NA

  17. My favorite light tank is AMX 13 105. Why? Because is my only light tank ???
    I have got ELC even 90 in my garage for rent 7 days (i don’t know how) but in this few battle i fell in love with that little one 😀
    Hello from Croatia 😉 ??
    Username: Lohonar
    Server: EU

  18. Do tier 3 light tanks count??
    Username: Predrag_NoviSad
    My favorite light tank Is Cruiser ll because of the awesome durp gun.

  19. My favourite light tank: Pz. I C because of it’s mobility and machine gun.
    Server: EU
    Username: luka_875

  20. Getual12
    Bat chat 12t tier 8 is the most fun tech tree light tank but the best got to be lt432, although i do not own it

  21. Username: adicaeuGC
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light Tank: Luchs

  22. Hi Dez
    Username : Humor_
    Serveur : EU
    Favourite light?
    Old school: Vk 2801 derpgun and ramming, ECL AMX powerhouse…
    Now? T92 because the way it “feels” when driving it and the fast accelleration, great cammo and low profile
    But I do like most lights :-).

    • Bought the Senlac and put a 7 skill crew in it.
      Feels sluggish when driving. Seems ok for the rest. Gun is indeed pretty good to handle.

  23. Username: Master089223
    Just got my hands on the infamous soviet LT432, this tank is absolute masterpiece. Priced as a light, but feels like a fast med, and that would be my favourite LT as of now

  24. Hey Dez,
    Favourite light tank is T50-2 no question. Just love the way it doesn’t care about what tier it’s playing.
    Username: Sodoff1
    Server: EU
    Happy Dezmas

  25. Username : Puscasul99
    Server : EU
    My favourite light tank : EBR 105 full view range the f-en fastest!

  26. Herman Klein Nagelvoort

    GolKosh from EU server. My favorite light tank? There are a lot of them but my favorite today is the GSOR!! Yes best light so far. The most hate light tank….

  27. Username: vojtisekhCZE
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light Tank: T92

  28. Username: TheDeadPenguin
    Server: Eu
    Favorite light tank : valentine , it has a lot of armor

  29. Username: NastyDogg
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light Tank: leKpz M 41 90 mm GF

  30. Username: LeLeon
    Server: EU
    Fav. LT: WZ 132

  31. Username: neilmac
    Server: EU
    Fav Light tank: Type 62

  32. My favourite light tank is T-432, good touret, fast and making money. user Tonika72 server EU

  33. Username: dzuki_01
    Premium tank: progetto 46

  34. Username:dzuki_01
    Server: eu
    Premium tank: progetto 46

  35. leonard sebastian buhnici

    Hey Dez, MY favorite light thank is LT-432 The Russian armored light thank 🙂 User:sebabuh Server:EU

  36. Spodoba1106
    Eu server
    Fav lt russian lt100

  37. IG name: Shinja2468
    Server: NA
    My must fun light tank are the ebr 90 and 105.. they are annoying, but god it’s fun to troll people doing stupid stuff ultra fast.

  38. Lt432 , this is russian premium light tank ,this is best explanation?
    Username : Psybras
    Server : EU

  39. Username: ivan224
    Server: EU
    Favorite Light Tank: leKpz M 41 90 mm

  40. Favorite tank: elc even 90
    Server: Eu
    Username: Dzuki03_marksman

  41. Amazing game play dez

  42. Username: markotomic77777
    favourite premium: Scorpion G

  43. Username: AlexanderKarelin
    Server: EU
    Favorite light tank: Lttb, because it can do everything

  44. Username : sikus39
    Server : Asia
    My fav LT is T100 because it small, flexible and it has good camo value ?

  45. Name: JackGH36
    Server: EU
    Favorit permium: Projetto 46

  46. The best light tank according to me is 100lt is the God of light tanks
    username: r0ttenbrat_invader
    server: asia

  47. I still miss Aufklärungspanzer. VK28 with derp gun was also fun to play.
    EU server, username 8fly8

  48. Grounder_HD
    Fav light: bc 12t

  49. Username: AltaitServer: EUFav. light tank: HWK30. Make german tanks great again 🙂

  50. IGN: Chaosdraken
    Server EU
    My fav light tank gotta be 13 57F machine gun… sooo fun de pew pew around the battlefield

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