This Tank Is Pure Suffering

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Source: Spookston

The American M48 Chaparral is one of the added with the recent update. It's an anti-air vehicle with essentially -launched AIM-9 sidewinder missiles. It is not great.

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This Tank Is Pure Suffering


  1. Basically, it would be good if the missiles weren’t superelevated and if you could uncage the seeker. Right now it doesn’t work against anything flying towards you or maneuvering in the slightest, and can’t lock helicopters unless they are around 2-3km away. The York is just better. Also the MBT-70’s round is, unfortunately, correct as it is now. However the meme still applies because XM885 is still missing like 40% of its penetration 🙂

  2. Cybernetic Argument Creator

    The XM-803 and MBT-70 used the XM578 round, which had several E designations for different materials and propellant configurations, as iterations usually do. The round performance in game isn’t historically accurate. There’s an inaccuracy report on the bug reporting forums that got support and has the actual document detailing the round and its testing showing it outperforming where it is in the game right now. They had it pretty close to exactly right before the last nerf.

    As you can probably imagine, it was completely ignored by Gaijin. Actual FOIA’d document showing the XM578 round’s testing results, dimensions, speed, etc. Nope, Gaijin knows better.

  3. *Its like the F- 16C. When I got it I noticed the pilot is still wearing Vietnam Era gear. Definitely need to update models to the attire their supposed to have*

  4. So you now know how the German aaa weisel is.

  5. Besides locking helis and drones I think IR missiles are superior post spaa nerf. Even the pantsir drives me insane with its bullshit radar glitches and spazzing out.

  6. that infared reticle is actaully broken atm its not supposed to be below the aiming reticle like that.

  7. The Gremory's Curse

    Can u make a vid of the new usa helicopter, nobody made a vid of it yet so id like to see your experience in it

  8. Not only do you have to identify with ears and eyeballs, could you imagine doing this in real life when there’s no giant red “ENEMY” attached to the bad guys?
    “Is that one of ours? Are you _suuuuure?”_

  9. What sidewinders do these use? L?

    • MIM-72A
      Oh my dear god those are _Dees,_ Sidewinder Ds! 😂
      OK, yeah, they are the best rear-aspect Sidewinders, next is the L.
      They are the fastest, longest range and hardest turning Rear-Aspects but they are still _Rear-Aspect_
      No wonder they just give up, when the target turns they vanish. Maybe something in there explains why they don’t work against helicopters?
      Chopper exhausts are mixed enthusiastically with ambient atmospheric air by the down draft of the main blades.
      AIM-9Ls don’t rely on the difference between hot exhaust and the ambient air but the aircraft skin temperature and the ambient air, which the down draft can only partially hide.

    • MIM-72B
      Ah, the 1974 Chaparral used AIM-9Ls though.

    • MIM-72G
      The 1980s Chaparral included the sensor from the Sidewinder missile launcher and the latest Sidewinder seeker with its uncaged wide aspect and flare rejection technology.

    • MIM-72E and G use the smokeless motor.

    • From reading about them, watching this video and listening to you, these missiles sound like MIM-72As (AIM-9D)

  10. really simple…they make money on P2W CAS planes and all these wallet warriors would cry if single SPAA from this BR would work correctly. We all know gaijin dont give a damn about playerbase….also they are too busy with trees right now, since thats what gaijin thinks we need….wonder how many epileptic seisures it engaged…..

  11. I knew as soon as I saw this quite shitty looking spaa spookston would be making a video for it first, waiting for the 🅱️IDAR video

  12. Yeah gaijin, again making another shitty spaa just because of somehow bad programming tbh 😐

  13. Day 20: please play the M19A1

  14. Luckily, I skipped this piece of shit by getting the LAV before the update

  15. Spookston every time a plane committed face plant: Okey 🙂

  16. Day 30 of asking spookston to play the russian t-35

  17. Are these missiles really caged?

  18. 12:45 I totally didn’t hear the effect your played for that wingless jet. What I heard was

  19. 4:41 lmfao i be playing claso royale or clash of clans while i fly to bases or fields in air rb or sim

  20. 14:00 the late hinds have IRCM pods on the rear, basically laser dazzlers. You would have been able to lock him from the front but not from the rear.

  21. Day four of doing ten push-ups everytime Spookston gets CAS’d.

  22. more dodgeball sound effects plz, had me rollin when it was used this vid xD

  23. You know what isint suffering?

  24. rare enjoyable spookston vid.

  25. the american is using MIM72C the israeli MIM72G, maybe that makes a difference?

  26. this thing make m247 felt like a god-send

  27. the israeli version is actually better

  28. They’ve since fixed it so the seeker actually follows the cursor, i’ve been having some really good games with it since the change.

  29. Lmao as bad as it is you made me want to grind it

  30. day 22 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  31. Im 1 aaa form getting it

  32. those helis have ircm that’s why u couldn’t track

  33. The seeker is aimed so low to force you to raise the weapon. It lets the missiles be shot up and out

  34. how tf did you delete that missile and force that reload

  35. aim9X??? no they used a aim9L/M as a ATGM

  36. The maps are too small, for example, in GHPC the maps are 6km squared. in WT, a big map is just over 2km squared. On many occasions I have seen team mates get destroyed right at the spawn because of the minimal cover. Especially at the high tier when guys are moving with apfsds, stabilizers and laser range finders.

  37. Gaijin. Patriot or nothing. And i won’t accept nothing.

  38. you understand that a tank is shit when spookston make 2-3 kill

  39. lmao the dcs frog foot audio gave me flashbacks

  40. You should play the amx-10m the atgms haul ass

  41. Day 6 of asking for new Sweden low tier Pvkv IV

  42. cant u radar lock them as well so the ir doesnt suck as bad? like eith the ozelot.

  43. Is not a tank 😅

  44. Best laughs that I’ve had for a while!

  45. weird vics are cool but there often not great

  46. Jesús Daniel Alvarez

    Chaparral? Que carajos?

  47. Hmmm. Big ears.

  48. i see why in Tunisia we went to defensive interception ( with Fighters ) instead of that

  49. J’ai fais une game avec, un monstre anti air 4-0 🤣🤣

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