This tank is TERRIBLE! Yet..

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That minimap usage tho!



  2. At the time when clan wars was played with IS-3+ T1 tanks I played 110 and own3d most of IS-3. It was a great tank.

  3. You know a tank is prone to get lit on fire if Circon is using a fire extinguisher on it.

  4. Is it really that bad? It’s hull armor is better than some tier 9s, like the T-10.

  5. its an ok tank nowhere near as bad as you make it to be

  6. WoT_ GamingElite

    I blueprinted the shit out of this tank. Comparing 110 with IS-3 is an insult for IS 3…

  7. that luck is outta this world

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  9. I counted FIVE shots that in any other day you simply do not make. RNG blessed you big time kin this battle.

  10. the luckiest game in history

  11. This tank fucking sux!

  12. I liked the 110 when I played it about 5 years ago.

  13. After i 3 marked this tank I sold it. I never want to see it again. It gave me space aids

  14. This video, needs to go viral 😀 😀 😀 the amount of Russian Number Generator shots going your way, holy F 😀 And you’re not beeing smug about it!

  15. What is this sorcery? This is not 110!

  16. GorteX TheHovado

    Is this a f****ng game played 1th of April? Is this some april fool? You have showen all amount of my luck in one game…. 😀

  17. Holy fuck, grinding the stock 110 is one of the worst experiences of my life

  18. I actually liked this tank, I’d give it a 7/10. Just got the 111 1-4, and it isn’t that much better, maybe 8.5/10. This tank should be used as a very slow medium with ok armor.
    The T-34-2? Well, 2/10. 1 for the good camo and 1 for the ok mobility. Sadly, mediums need a functioning gun first…

  19. Yea and then you get to stock wz with that shit gun…

  20. The 110 is an incredible tank — APRIL FOOL’S!!

  21. To think that this tank used to be a viable IS-3 alternative for CW HT meta

  22. Åłëxãńdęr Łéûńg

    but what about the AMX 65t, i.e. M4 49 without a lot of the armor but still just as slow?

  23. my fav tank in the game actually.

  24. Chinese tanks are getting crazy RNG. Most times gun shoots horribly wide. But when it goes – IT GOES!

  25. 3:55 The Circonflexes Mating call.

  26. Jennen Geeraerts

    bad tank or not, you cant deny that its rather handsome looking ^_^

  27. Love u and your humor, btw skipped that sh.t with blueprints, did not want to play it even in FL. Loving 11111114

  28. That shot on the Lowe’s ass end was very dirty. And it’s shit like that, that makes me wish WG would put some sense and prejudice what tanks can have the Over Match mechanic affect them. Because how annoying must it be to have the high ground, good armor, side scrapping correctly, and there is nothing wrong that you’re doing yet your opponent while the chance is small, it’s still a chance. Even if it was more realistic there is no chance for a hull break to occur either.

  29. Circon makes any tank op as fuck.

  30. Perfect for April Fools. 110 hitting and penning stuff, no better joke than that.

  31. Why do I enjoy playing this tank? I know it sucks, yet I like it

  32. Yeah, where was this shit in the last two hours !!! :-)))

  33. Im gonna buy it now, just because of this video! (wz-a grind, smh)

  34. 0sh00tme0 World of Tanks Gameplay

    One of those games where all your shots hit everything.

  35. LMFAO!!! uhh ohh the memes and them lucky shoots :O it is too much I tell u too much..

  36. from the thumbnailI would have though it was the STB-1 :/

  37. digitally waterboarded…………………………dead…………………

  38. Amazing snaps, just amazing Circ.

  39. 1k likes 6 dislike those 6 people must really hate you hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  40. I don t know I find thé 110 good, not like… IS or IS2 OR worse IS2-II and it is even worse when stock garbage/10

  41. I was lucky enough to be grinding the 110 when they had the big 10k bonus XP event going last fall. So I think I only played like 30 games in this before I unlocked the WZ-111 1-4. Lucky me lol

  42. All I can say is when the world sux. There is circon.

  43. The 110 is what happens when you order an IS-3 off of wish .com.

  44. Rnjesus was with you for that game. The shots you hit and all those shots that bounced were crazy.

  45. I honestly hate how utterly power creeped my once favorite heavy has become…

  46. Circon is too good, please nerf.

  47. Oh Circon, this tank looks amazing, gonna grind it!

  48. it’s as if all missing luck was back to one game..:)

  49. I’ve got 5 battles played in this tank, 5 victories. I have no idea how I managed that, but I’m not playing a single random battle with this turd anymore. I take it out in FL, when I’ve achieved general. This way I have all the modules researched already and this is the way I’m going to follow.

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