This Tank is UNDERRATED in World of Tanks!

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The 53TP is underrated in World Tanks and here's why!



  1. Alex Sulbæk Petersen


  2. Trần Nguyễn Thế Vũ

    This thing is one of the strongest tank in tier 8 lol

  3. Top 5 on team by comment and views lol

  4. Let’s goooo

  5. Hey QuickyBaby what are your thoughts about iyouxin? Great video!

  6. Tier 8 9 and 10 polish heavies are all good and more importantly, fun, each in they own right imo

  7. Maxim Ionut-Alexandru

    What about the elephant in the room ? Za waffentragger ?

  8. Ah, yes FCM 50t, the most underrated tank of all – oh wait…

    Yeah, who am I kidding.

  9. I actually loved this tank. Actually the whole line seemed way balanced and fun to play

  10. What equipment are you using?

  11. QB complaining about his neigbours, but what about the time they bought you a mcdonalds? you said you were very loud that stream too lol

  12. Exactly my thoughts, I’m grinding this tree right now, it has really nice gun for a heavy, not bad armor and speed.
    it makes me in top 3 most of the battels (by exp or dmg)
    this tank surprised me in a good way

  13. Bring back map tactics bro

  14. This vehicle is very strange because on paper when you look at its stats, it’s not impressive at all, but in game, it bounces a lot of shots, it is sturdy and very effective.

  15. Fully upgraded, 53TP might be a good tank. But unless you have tons of free exp, the grind of the tank is painful. Even if you do not upgrade the engine, it takes 17.5k for the tracks, 16.5k for the turret, 22.5k for the bad 122mm gun, and another 46k for the top gun. That’s a total of 102.5k exp to grind using your stock gun (not bad in tier8 games but how often you get into tier 8 games?). Did I mention the stock turret is terrible?

    • The stock gun has got very good DPM and more importantly fast reload. When bottom tier, go with your own top tier heavies and track the enemy top heavies. Don’t need to penetrate them (Though obviously a + if possible), just track them. Quick reload helps in potentially keeping somebody permatracked. You’ll get plenty of assist which translates directly to creds and xp and force the enemy to use repair kits early.

  16. Instead of just showing off (as you do in many of your videos), why not give advice on load out, equipment, etc for the tank?

  17. I just god 4k dmg in stock 53TP (only unlocked turret) , pretty suprised it does so good.

  18. The gun accuracy is shit, if you can hit anything then yes you will have fun as the alpha is quite good.

    • It has 0.36 base accuracy, that is actually very accurate for a 122mm gun, IS-3 and other soviet tanks which are similar to this have much worse accuracy

  19. noooooooo it was hidden

  20. Good game QB 🙂 This tank imo is really good

  21. how is this tank underrated? its literally the only tank of the line noone complains about and it is strong as hell

    • Underrated in the sense that before the 60TP’s top of the line event, fairly few players were regularly playing it despite it being a good tank. I expect it to fall off after the top of the tree and the battlepass ends.

    • Do you see them on the battlefield often, because I dont, if it were actually appreciated you would see these things often, but you dont

  22. Enemy arty lube went dry at the end…great job !

  23. I’m right now at the 45TP and now I really wanna get the 53TP (and 60TP eventually), but also I don’t wanna play the 45TP. Fuck.

  24. I’m only up to the Polish T6 tanks on both the medium and heavy lines. All I know about the 53 TP is that I hate getting shot by them. They seem to have armor that can bounce a return shot or two, and they hit me very hard.

  25. this tanks a better is3

  26. 53TP, IS-3, VK 45.02 A and 110 are underrated tech tanks but you rarely seen them in battle due to over flooded by premium tanks ….

  27. After playing some of the worst tech tree tanks in the game, it was such a relief to get to this tank. I was surprised how similar it was to the premium, having only a little worse damage and armour. I haven’t gotten the tier 9 yet but I fully plan to keep this, I actually prefer it in frontline over the premium due to the better gun handling.

  28. Wait what, if YouTube is the side hustle what is the main thing?

  29. Good game enjoyed that

  30. its not underrated, just borring

  31. Played about 130 battles in this tank so far, got an Ace Tanker on it, in fact, I achieved my highest XP in this tank. Of all the Tier 8 tanks I played, it has the 4th highest WN8. However, I have the worst luck in this tank when it comes to winning matches, my WR on this tank is less than 42%, my 3rd lowest WR Tier 8 tanks. Anyone else have these tanks they enjoy playing, do well in, but have awful WR — “Cursed Tanks”???

  32. I’m playing 45TP currently, hopefully will get 53TP researched tonight.

  33. I did wonders with this tank. I hid behind my dead lowe and held 7 enemies tanks alone.

  34. ive always liked the 60tp tech tree line, especially the T8 and T9 one, its like the is3 back in the day, but compared to the is3 now its much much better

  35. I love my play thru the polish line. 53 tp was very fun. I stayed in it fully field modded it. With the top of tree missions didn’t take long. Skipped the t9 and got the 60tp. Love the big gun on it.

  36. The 53TP indeed is a wonderful vehicle. It feeds well into a playstyle that wants to be universally viable instead of a one trick tank. I think it has to be one of the best vehicles for average players, because you don’t have to play around a specific strength or weakness. It will rarely be best for the job at hand, but it will always be a good choice.

  37. Better version of is-3 really like this tank

  38. In wot blitz this thing is one of the best tier 8 tech tree ships, pretty fun one

  39. Fun fact : this tank is better than skoda t56 in wot blitz

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