This Tank isn’t bad…Because it’s bad… (War Thunder Type 60 ATM)

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This Tank isn’t bad…Because it’s bad… (War Type 60 ATM)

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  1. Here’s a challenge. Shoot down a plane with the type 60 ATM

  2. I honestly quit playing WT because of plane spam. In AB, it’s planes. It’s RB, it’s planes. It’s SB, even. It’s planes.
    And I love playing SPAA, and guess what I have to deal with.


    If I DARE even scratch someone’s plane and or tank, I’d best expect a hell-storm of inescapable plane. Instantly. So I gave up.
    go left, get shot, go right, get shot, go forward, get burnt out, go back, get shot, stand still, get burnt out. I now HATE the words “Tank burnt out”.

  3. You use the worst tanks and make them look good

  4. Phly kill a maus with a fifty cal, and yes, it is possible.

  5. Does anyone have a war thunder full account to give me? pls

  6. The Japanese tanks have issues with crew, the gunner will sometimes replace the commander and you cant fight back

  7. This tank is so bad

  8. less cussing plz

  9. phly we want airplanes

  10. actually the opening music is slightly more chinese than japanese

  11. Challenge time. Play ut vehicle of choice but there’s one rule. You can only have one hand on the controls at ANY time and get at least 3 kills.

  12. harits abdul malik

    phlydaily please take out t-34-100 this tank high power

  13. gaijin has no idea what br this tank should be at. Because nobody plays it, that means they got no data with it

  14. Yo phly play the STRONK LOW TIER COMBO play the yak-1 and the t-50

  15. weird to think about it, but war thunder has no gamemode without planes, i just want them to add simulator tank battles back

  16. If you press space bar you can trace the rocket like a bomb

  17. The struggle is real…

  18. F4u with rockets for ground strike combo with M8

  19. The missiles are so nailbiting…

  20. Why do I feel like it’s like Austin Powers. NOOOOO (missile gets closer)… NOOOOO (missile gets closer)… NOOOOO (delay…EXPLOSION!)

  21. thekillerhumphrey

    Really love you vids Phly you got me back into war thunder, now I seem to be doing really well in tanks but really suck at planes now haha love the vids though man keep up the good work ☺️

  22. Newbie combo take the he51 and the panzer 35t
    Attempt 6

  23. Very nice video lol! Keep it up!


  25. TrueDestroyer 321

    In the first half of the tital I was going VERY DISHONERABBBLLLLLLLLLLLLE

  26. So they add Flak for ships but not for the iconic 88mm on the Flakbus!

  27. Phly, could u try to kill a tiger 1 with the Sherman Firefly,because the firefly was supposed to take on the tiger in battle.

  28. You know, as much as phly complains about this thing, and as bad as it actually is….
    *It was developed in the 1950s*. Swingfire is 1960s. Every missile equipped tank is from the 60s except for the Type 60, Thank you and goodnight.

  29. play some world of warships please

  30. #warthunder … please fix this CRAPPY TANK !

  31. Jonathan Barrientos

    Damn bad aiming or bad rockets and the speeds is bad what a great tank ???

  32. Use the m4A3 105mm

  33. Play the T-44 and the Pe-8

  34. Phly pls do M8 and A 36 attempt 1

  35. The Sun in war thunder has already started going red Giant

  36. I dont play war thunder but I like watching Phlys videos ?

  37. Uhhhhmmm…… WHAT???

  38. You are the best youtuber in this game so far but you are going to worst man no twitch broadcasting no regular youtube videos please fix it bro we love to watch you

  39. Not again this piece of crap, for good views you must use the Panzer 4 j and the Fw 190 and remember death to the comunist

  40. How can this POS tank pass for acceptable? At 7.0 it does not give players something to aspire to and it has a freaking game-breaking bug in the commander. Absolute crap.

  41. Hey phly,I was want to thank you for helping me get better at the game and if you’re wondering how you helped me, it’s because the way you explain of what your going to do and what the enemy might do and what we should and shouldn’t do. It really helped me a lot. Also the way you fly your plan had also helped me. Also I got a challenge for you. I want you to use two of the worst or your weakness tanks into battle. I wanna see if this will make your gameplay worst or just the same

  42. phly you should the the F-84G-21-RE with 32 HVAR rockets or 24 HVAR and 2 tiny tims

  43. CAS is why the game is so ruined. Lots a player use cheapo tier 1s like tetrach and what not, cap a point or get one kill then kill their self and hop into a CAS. CAS with rockets are the worstn

  44. 6th attempt. Make general Patton proud by using the m47 and m48. Let that Patton theme song sing through the heavens.

  45. Yo comrade phly americans has stolen our secret plans for new stalins nuke launcher. All you have to do is to enter into zis-30 an inflirtate enemy(you can take every plane you want)attempt 2

  46. have you ever thought about playing forgotten hope 2

  47. Phly i have a challange for you an extream one too.

    Ok so you are allowd to take any tank you want but your hud have to be turned off.
    So i hope you can pull this of and i wish you good luck if you take this challange 🙂
    You have to get atleast 4-5 kills

    I call this the ultra realistic battle so when youre crew is talking you might wana listen to them cuz they might help you dont know 😉 since youre hud is off it will be hard to take out a tank but you can pull this off and keep in mind how many shells you have too it will come in handy 😉 hehehe


  48. Hey phly take out the japs Go-ko and the ki200 attempt004

  49. Bernardo T. Schettini


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