This Tank Made Me Cry (From Laughing)

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Source: Spookston

The Japanese Type 75 MLRS is by far of the worst vehicles I have ever played in War Thunder. That being said, it is also extremely funny to play. I don't understand how Gaijin thinks it should be .3 below the Raketenautomat.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals OST

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This Made Me (From Laughing)


  1. I hope you guys like this, it was the most fun I’ve had in WT in a long time
    also I got the plush campaign extended past the end of the month:

  2. I bought this vehicle recently not for grinding or for playing well, I bought it to meme and have fun as well as it being in my opinion the only usable MLRS

  3. I am slightly glad to see that the crappy server connections aren’t on my end, but I am infinitely more pissed that it is on Gaijin’s side of the server as I know it’s never going to be fixed in a timely manner, if at all

  4. Need ur take on the BR changes coming down the pipeline

  5. Person for spookston to play the chi-ha short gun
    Attempt #3

  6. rfhrtghjrt htrtyujtyj

    Black prince please

  7. pls SU122

  8. One hundred forty ninth video asking for the Spj fm 43 44. I NEED ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.😢

  9. Fidelito Socotroco

    can you play the TAM?

  10. ngl 3:36 caught me off guard

  11. Spookston laughing the whole time was what I needed.
    I was laughing like a goblin when you were on the cap and the enemy just stared at you, then turned their turret back

  12. seems like a nice spaa

  13. I lowkey want to see you play the German RakJPz 2

  14. that gun might not have depression but i sure do

  15. Wait, WHAT? Spookston is not British?😮

  16. Need to find who sells gaijin their crack cause it must be the really good stuff lol

  17. Hi can you play VFW (Versuchsflakwagen)?

  18. Please play French tanks, b1 bis would be fun our maybe cckw

  19. 10:58 I think that is B-25

  20. How does the decal link work? Do I have to purchase something from the store to get it?

  21. i mean im glad this meme is a premium , imagine having a stock version

  22. Great video! I was very entertained!

  23. play Is 3 pls

  24. Hey spookston! Can you play the m-51 from the isreal tech tree. It has 105 but it shoots heat. But you get alot of down tiers

  25. Algirdas Radzevicius

    First time asking you to play BM-8-24 (perfect low tier rocket launcher)

  26. Day 14 of asking For panzer 3 L

  27. Spooks in tears of joy? man’s done funny

  28. Guys help me spread the word last patch they made the grind twice as hard by cutting earnings half. It’s not worth having cheaper spawns. Even if they cut modules in half its still the same. We must riot. They snuck thus in .

  29. Now do the type 75 SPH. Been asking for a while, would love to see it.

  30. Caleb city is amazing, any situation can be discribed by him

  31. The happiest I’ve ever heard Spookston: 7:29

  32. I am once again asking for kpz-70 and once again i have no reason for it just wanna see it

  33. Minecraft Mod Boi

    Spookston:Barely gets any kills, earns 30000 SL per game
    Me:Gets 3:1 KD, makes 5000 Sl per game

  34. Jadg. panzerkampfwagen V II Aufts. jumbo modern.

    HE go brrrr

  35. To be fair though. It’s an MLRS. It’s of course not ment for direct fire. Same with Bandkanonvagn 1, I personally don’t really understand why either is in the game. Both are basically artillery. There’s probably more. But that’s all of what i know off since, well im a sweden.

  36. Reminds me of the Hover MLRS from Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun haha

  37. I play this thing about twice a month because its the only Japanese premium I have because my friend bought it for me lol

  38. Man’s been smoking something

  39. 21st time asking Spookston to play the Tortoise 🙏

  40. asking for breda 501 day 49 pls

  41. why can’t you drink one?
    (vid idea: drunk warthunder with other youtubers, also drunk)

  42. Day 68 of asking Spookston to play the M3 GMC

  43. You should play the british 5.3 Challenger (attempt #13)

  44. Carlyle Brousseau

    Day 4 of requesting the American T-95

  45. Impossible. He’s having fun in war thundrer

  46. 1:50
    “Ammo stowage is low?”

  47. The US is the only country I know of to eat pb and js. Other than maple syrup people

  48. Vehicle: Has Rockets
    Spookston: Is SAM?

  49. spookston, I beg you, just play the normal Type 75 SPH

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