This Tank Made Me Jealous

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Source: QuickyBaby

I have nearly every tank in World of but _G4BR1EL_ of the NA server has something that made me very jealous…



  1. Enter, new japanese tank destroyer later on the next tech tree update

  2. Interesting fact: I’m friends with Gabriel, and he chose the isu-130 as one of the rewards for being Brazilian World of Tanks Champion in 2022.

  3. I got the 130 when it was on sale on the EN server, it was like 5 years ago or something. I get so easily distracted that I have not played it much at all, but I really liked the premium ammo mechanic, so I still ended up buying it.

  4. He did more damage from all the players in that match including the enemie team!

  5. The fv 4005 made you jealous

  6. This tank sucks ass but its cool to have, hoping one day they buff its standard round.

  7. omg… würde das Gerat sofort kaufen 🙂

  8. My tier 8 record is 7.6k and I thought that was crazy. This was insane.

  9. I’ve got one but haven’t played it since it was buffed. Pen is still far too low for a tank without pref MM.

  10. It’s been on sale in NA a few times and in order to get an Ace you need 1,403XP

  11. ISU-130 was given to anyone who never swore in chat

  12. Funny enough Premium Round with less damage does works. Just that WG don’t have enough balls to get maybe some angry people asking for refunds. Eventho they made a policy that you can’t refund tanks if the tanks exceed 2 battles uses. And then they want us to swallow hard pills like adding Submarines and Horrible shits. They can do that but they don’t dare to change Shells damage pen.

  13. I have this tank on Blitz, can confirm when you get that magical MM when you are fighting mostly lower tier tanks with hopefully not much armour, there’s nothing as savage as this tank 😀 just have to watch those hit points tho 😅

  14. Oh no! Quickybaby mentioned another CC on his own channel! Quick, BAN HIM 😛

  15. I got my ISU-130 from a giveaway about a yeah and a half ago I think, back when WoTNA was a different YouTube channel and they did WoT’s Next every Friday. I happened to win that day.

    Edit: it was back when the ISU-130 only had 5° of gun traverse

  16. I have ISU-122S its pretty fun to play.

  17. QB, this is just click baiting and has made me question my decision to follow you. Your content is much better than that, you don’t need such tricks to get attention. I understand that you are trying to appeal to a wider audience, but you will lose your long time followers. I hope I find the right words for this message.

  18. Wargaming I want this tank

  19. quite a good luck in rng . almost all shoot is high roll…

  20. Let’s look at the statistics. In the last 60 days, 9 people have played with this tank, the best average damage is 2700 and the worst is 872. A completely normal tier 8 tank. Here in the video, of course a mega achievement, but this is 1 game in 10,000 games, it does not make this tank the best td in the world. This is a children’s channel, the average follower age is 13. You can tell most of them that Santa Claus exists!

  21. rigged shit game … I do the same, I can’t hit standing tank with 5 shots full zoom … and I have 5 perks crew. .. in 3 minutes .. 0-15
    next game … whatever you shoot, even MISS … it registers as a hit .. even tho shell flew 5 meters from the tank … and every shot is fire, high roll etc … and in 3 minute 15-0

    game is bullshit. rigged bullshit by a poorly tuned algoritm that srews it’s players … players don’t play the game – you are played by this game.

    rigged crap

  22. I would love to see a repay featuring the all might rare T-44-122

  23. super happy to hear you mention jingles back in the day.

  24. Two times? What language is that? ‘Twice’

  25. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    This tank is a monster. It heavily reminds me of what the SU-100Y and the Charioteer can do and this is what premium ammo should be. Pay more but less penetration with the chance of doing about 15-20% more damage.

  26. That’s how a game full of bots look like.

  27. This tank crazy. Badger at tier 10 got 4.8k dpm and Isu-130 with prem ammo got 4.6k dpm with every thing maxed out 😀

  28. This is just an idea/proposal, but one of my ideas to fix the premium ammo situation is to incorporate the tank shells into a tank’s tech tree so that you need to research them to use them, and here are “some reasons” why this could be good:

    1: Wargaming could give the players more options to choose which shell type they want to use instead of always sticking to the regular
    2: Since there would be more different shells, Wargaming could just make each shell balance each other out so that no one ammo is all purpose
    3: and finally, each shell could be given an advantage that all other shells would not have (like one could have the best damage output, and another could have better penetration, shell velocity etc)

    The different shell types you could carry would be limited to either 2 or 3 (just like artillery) so that players would tactically need to choose which shells they should carry to fit their play style, and if you object against my idea, lets not argue and scream like lunatics when we have incompetent teammates or a sort of bad luck, but have a civil discussion

    • different shells already do different things. HEAT shells dont lose pen over distance and has the highest pen i think BUT it gets absorbed by tracks and cant overmatch angles. APCR travels the fastest but loses pen over distance but can overmatch angles.

  29. Watched this video and checked my garage, I guess I got it when I did the “buy a ton of tanks” bundle a few years ago

  30. Unban me from twitch, please

  31. Andreas "MikeMorrinson"

    I Do not get the Credits-calculation, please help me: 190k + 86k + 40k is 316k, not more than 400k. Bug?

  32. Gaybriel joga muito. 👏👏👏

  33. I mean.. 8 seconds reload with 560 alpha? that’s a damn damage machine

  34. Here I am in Australia who got it in the premium shop last year…

  35. This was an exciting replay. Please feature more of the rare tanks 😉

  36. This tank has actually been sold multiple times on the NA server over the last couple years. I’ve had mine since before it was buffed. The penetration used to be way worse, the gun traverse was only 2 degrees to the left, and it had a pretty limited amount of ammo. It’s a very easy tank to mark and get aces in though.

  37. The reload and aim time is absolutely insane on that thing!!!

  38. I have one but I don’t remember from what, Xmas sale I think

  39. o7 N0M0D🦍

  40. QB, the uncertain, streams again.

  41. I’ve hot this in blitz and the premium ammo gas more damage too.

  42. With the kind of RNG that I get, I would have been lucky to bag 3k dmg with the same shots.

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  44. I saw this guy a few days ago on NA

  45. When should I be using HE Vs AP?

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