This Tank Made Me MAD in World of Tanks!

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I love the Charioteer in World of Tanks… at least when I PAY TO WIN?!?



  1. just a skill issue honestly

  2. Why is it that you don’t use premium consumables on your free to play? It’s not that hard to get without spending any money

  3. When you find yourself getting angry log off, watch a movie, go for a walk what ever helps you to reset. Don’t be that guy who rages and starts telling people to uninstall etc. It’s just a game, some people just play for fun and don’t care about being a unicum or your statistics.

  4. that kind of magic happens only to you coz me in those situations alway bounce, like the other day I bounced from the side of scorpion from a point blanc distance and lost the game

  5. I also broke my mental barrier and uninstalled that piece of sh** 3 weeks ago. After almost 2 years of intensive play. But just couldn’t stand this BS any more. With all that crappy MMs and games that end in less than 3 min. with a result of 2-15. It’s just a waste of time.
    Anyway, cheers QB 😉

  6. I actually asked wg support on whay the 105mm costs more xp than the su101 top gun or at least all other t8 td top guns and they said its cuz balance

  7. do you use pounds or euros on that account?

  8. When i saw that 19 diff my first thought was to ram the dude who weighs way more lmao

  9. Whatttt this is one of your favorites? I’ve never seen you play it before lolol

  10. Food vs not running food is a massive difference. You can feel when you are not boosting and you are fighting against tanks who are.

  11. “Getting angry doesn’t help.” Yeah I usually log out before I get to that point. Sometimes that is as soon as just a single match after logging in. “Well, looks like WoT doesn’t want me playing today. I guess I won’t.”

  12. I love the Charioteer, it was my first three mark. I highly recommend taking more HESH and using it as your standard rounds. They have 210mm pen and at range it’s virtually identical to the APDS penetration, but gives the tank actually good dpm. It costs a lot but it is damn worth it.

  13. These kinds of games is why I stopped playing. This was also before 3 tiers of equipment and there was more grinding.

  14. Ted Bundy was one smooth dude,his pick up lines must have been immense!

  15. I’ve had the opposite experience that everyone else seems to with this tank; I absolutely couldn’t stand the gun handling. Even fully aimed, with food + vents + BiA crew + snapshot + everything else, it wanted to miss at every possible opportunity. But at least it has high shell velocity so you can miss _really fast!_

  16. surely if this is your free to play account you shouldn’t be using a premium account even if it was either given to you by wargaming, or by you accumulating gold by playing the game and then spending it on premium time, doesn’t that somewhat defeat the point of your plays for free account?

  17. Pro tip if you’re in a E3. Drive forward and reverse repeatedly fast to change the angle on your lower plate. They might fire just as you tilt forward and bounce due to the increased angle of your lower plate. Worked and saved my butt several times especially when I’m a one shot.

  18. not gonna lie… got a little excited on that ammo rack at the end of the first game

  19. so it’s been a while since I played but I hated the Charioteer. because I just got through it’s younger brother before it got it’s own 20 pdr. a 17 at tier 7 is murder at the range they expect you to fight at.

    and that salt just really made me miss a really good tank

  20. woww that ammo rack XD

  21. wauw… just WAUW!

  22. Im 100% betting that the TNH was punching the air after getting ammo racked

  23. For me, the whole of the higher tier american tech trees are tilters. I feel both heavies and the medium are insanely outdated and borderline unplayable in the current meta.

  24. premiun time is premiun rng and mm and of course is not free to play experience, i’ve told you hundred times, bollocks…

  25. welcome to my world of non pay to win. Its a PITA

  26. I actually really like the Charioteer. I do well in it but I don’t have a great WR in it. It’s a lot of shrewd work to have a really good game. There is also that awful temptation to do as you did in the first battle, making risky moves because you have some decent mobility.

  27. U should play a game with the reward vehicle u got

  28. @9:22 content creator bias!!!!!!

  29. I never play with premium consumable and im playing the game for 9 years now… just never had the economy to do it 🙁

  30. it’s my fav tank, I also play it for free with small consumables and I 3 marked it while grinding for Conway

  31. my god I hated that tank, had to give up on it, could hit *nothing*. Never use premium consumables…

  32. Hi QB
    I hear u, I was so mad at the game last night, I almost uninstalled WoTs 3 or 4 times.

  33. Sometimes running food pays for itself, just like firing gold is worth it sometimes.

  34. The Conway is the little brother!

  35. Cpt. Mystic Stirling: Memes & Gaming 😜

    IS7 saves you back. Extra guns are always handy

  36. I remember catching the first game live, it really was an epic moment! Very well played. Your reaction was entertaining as well, although I know it doesn’t really suit your overall family-friendly image. It just shows that we’re all human – even one of the nicest content creators I have ever watched.

  37. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    This tank is a great td but the 105mm gun forces you o use HESH to really have a great impact. The lack of ammo is also a huge problem, I’ve run out of ammo many times with it when I was having impressive games. It’s stupid to nerf a tank by reducing the numer of shells you can carry. It was my first tank I 3marked and I’m proud of myself for doing it but it’s getting hammered by the powercreep nowadays.

  38. What a game!!!!!!!!

  39. Currently grinding this on mobile and it sucks there too lmao

  40. The vz-44-1 i foid very triggering

  41. LoL did QB forget to grind free exp and unlock the best gun on a tech tree tank before using it? This is standard operating procedure made easier with daily missions and free reserves.

  42. Will real world knowledge now increase the ammo rack and beheading of russian tanks to 80% in WOT?

  43. 11:09 rng blessed u that shot and you avoided that street lamp which does block hesh and heat shells, happened to me many times.

  44. got to say I just don’t use the premium consumables.. just too costly without real benefit given long lag (Aust to US server) variable rng and poor MM

  45. World Of Tanks magic

  46. dont understand why you do not use premium consumable. I farm credits in order to buy premium cons. when price is reduced. In my opinion that’s still free to play

  47. Paris is one of the only maps, except himmelsdorf, where it is possible a comeback. The rest of the maps, impossible due to choke points and hull down position which don’t give possibilities to trick the enemy brain. That’s is why everywhere I see Paris is worst map. It is isn’t. One of the best to utilize surprise attack and use your brain.

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