This tank might be REMOVED from the game (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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This tank might be REMOVED from the game (War Tanks Gameplay)


  1. Wow phly, I just noticed that I’ve been watching your channel for almost 5 years, probably a little over that. XD you should look back man… It’s been so fun.

  2. so they worry about the fact that technically the 105mm tiger was never built…. But not the fact that with the tigers you always go against cold war tanks…… ok…..

  3. how can you measure range?

  4. 200 IQ plays

  5. Play the new and improved cheeki breeki *Japanese* tank, the Chi Ri II

  6. but if they will remove tanks that never existed they would have to delete maus to cause it was never made there was only a prototype that wasnt even called maus

  7. Duckington __1066

    The music in the intro makes it so lame…it tries to make it epic, but instead it makes it cringe.

  8. guarantee the IS-6 stays

  9. Do the wirbelwind as a top tier tank hunter attempt 3

  10. A decent tank for the Germans? Definitely remove it

  11. Carlo Emmanuel Bejasa

    no don’t remove it

  12. They should be remove ALL the paper tanks and planes.

  13. Carlo Emmanuel Bejasa

    bad idea!!!!!.

  14. The Maus is fictional and is not removed. Same as the E100.

  15. Phly for the next video please fly out the French M.D 452 mystere with the 30mm gl

  16. First they Nerf the 10.5cm tiger and now they want to remove it? Really?

  17. What is that “measuring distance ” thing and how can you activate it?

  18. “I saw a tankish thing” -PhlyDaily 2018

  19. In that case I’d fear for my favorite: panther II with its 88L71

  20. it existed but the name was the e75

  21. ☠ MrDavinciSaysFuckYouBITCH ☠

    I prefer World of Tanks rather than this trash!

  22. So is Panther 2 finally ruined?

  23. Божидар Орашанин

    I a gred with kisout g

  24. Gaijin , if you’re watching… Pls don’t remove German Bias! I beg you!

  25. Oh god , i better start grinding fast!

  26. Божидар Орашанин

    Tiger II 10.5cm shouldn’t remuved from the game

  27. Instead of removing German Tanks they should remove French Tanks, Germans at 5.7 still don’t have a chance against the French Lorraine 40t

  28. First of all its not a fictional vehicle and 2nd of all if 105 tiger is removed then they should remove half the french tech tree which is like seeing a lord of the rings movie (full of fantasy)

  29. Don’t remove!!….

  30. If it would be replaced with 8,8cm Tiger II, but kept it’s 900hp engine then I would be happy.

  31. Joseph Stalin Mr Coin

    King tiger is the best

  32. I,for one would love War Thunder to do that personally but please remove all the other fictional vehicles indiscriminately.let them make the game as realistic as possible and that would be one more nail for the coffin for WoT.With that being said I’m still having bad memories and nightmares when thinking about the horrendous fictional lineup of WoT which takes away the game from its original standpoint to the point it becomes the monster that we know today.

  33. Here is my opinion, and it is just that: If it was never produced and/or in actual battle, then it should be removed. Simply because it never affected the outcome of the war.

  34. Joseph Stalin Mr Coin

    I guess no one love the purche turret

  35. christian nilsson

    that is realty bad to take away tanks from the game it gonna make the losing customers in the process and it is not good for businesses why take away good tanks in the game why ? i think war thunder shall still have them but they only make a sign of whits tank is a real and what is a blue print tanks more easy to see.

  36. Why did they add it then anyways?

  37. Replace it with a e75 superking tiger i need that 128mm beast of a gun (jagtiger tank) this should compete effectly against heatfs

  38. Într-o song name?

  39. Millionaire SerB

    Everyone said “this tank never exist”

    Even thought tiger ii do FUCKING EXIST

  40. liem thanh Nghuyen

    i dont see this kitty is OP
    i like it 🙂 i play it both on WT WOT xD


  42. I wish we could of had the Panzer 7 Lowe.

  43. hmm i might start grinding for this, quickly.

  44. as if the Germans wern’t already shot in the face by gajin

  45. When they remove it you can completly forget german tier 7.0-7.3 the 10.5 is one of the best tanks with the Jagdtiger from the Germans

  46. Nooooo, im grinding this right now. 43k rp away

  47. Noooooo I’m grinding for it right now. D:

  48. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    the tiger 105 mm accually existed with the prosche turret. on testing ground while both king tigers the prosche engine and normal combustion engines were put to the test. but it would never see the battelfeild. and the gun model in turret accually existed as a blueprint.

  49. Why dont they just remove the germag gf tecktree at this point?

  50. What you call “Leo mentality” I understand as obj 120 mindset. Lol. Hating these “sniping” tanks.

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