This Tank NEVER Disappoints in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The 60TP has been my workhorse in World of Tanks for the last three years, here's why is AWESOME!




  2. I agree. This tank is a beast . You can get consistent good games with it. Even the tier 9 is as awesome if not even more.

  3. You are one happy baboon 😀

  4. what a team player by denzel gj mate

  5. 0:40 Tbh this tank is why the HE nerf was needed. It doing 550 damage vs people that acutally used their armor right without even aiming much did not make high tiers more enjoyable tbh.

    • no. Instead, now everybody fires gold and deals 750 dmg to you. Great trade I’d say. *sarcasm off*
      Tanks like this with big guns and their HE solved hull-down camping. Now everyone can just be impervious by being hull-down. Absolutely boring matter. The one team who is less patient loses.

    • @Robin Khn If you are using your armor right on the Maus. That gold faces 500+ effective armor when you teased the side to make him fire. But with the 60TP with HE, his splash only needed to find the 30mm top hull deck under the turret. That’s why it was retarded.

    • Sure Hulldown is a pain, and regardless of meta, patience and forcing him to lose his benefits has always been key to winning. HE spam or not. As the “casuals” QB talks about usually lost most of them even with the old HE doing bad trades. Like overmatching his roof in a 60TP vs 60TP fight.

      But I was talking more on a Maus using his side to make even gold bonce. As then the 60TP HE only needed to find the top deck hull plate with his splash. Basically rewarding Steve for hitting something he can’t see for 500, much like arty. And that was, and will always be retarded regardless of meta.

  6. I like mine 60TP

  7. “The game is getting faster, faster and faster” -and the playerbase keeps getting smaller, smaller and smaller.

  8. I kinda like it…but at the same time it drives me nuts. The alpha is decent in some scenarios, but has rather bad demand
    Slow as fuck and bad gun handling

  9. 7:53 – dropping the what!? QB you are British! LOL

  10. Gegnische panzer aufgeschaltet

  11. man stop with pay to win and free to play ! … it is subscribers and leechers

  12. Jose Ricardo Rodriguez

    Hello QB, regards from Costa Rica, this was a very hard match for your team and i liked to much, but the most important think for me was the clean game and the detail with your teammate to let him get the topgun, that is something lost in the last years in the game, i hope that behaviour its reproduces for all ther servers.

  13. is it only me or that cheftan of qbs team was killed by crew(losing all crew members)

  14. whenever i see an enemy ebr yodel his way to my arty i only kill him once hes achieved his noble endeavor

  15. Respect to the 121 player

  16. Quit this game and start new stuff Quicky, not worth the time, a lot of similar non-money-drain games out there! Still very nice passion! Hope you the best!

  17. Qb pls always share your equipment setup thks love

  18. The alpha damage on this tank makes me want to rethink my life choices

  19. E100 with 150mm is still better. 60tps frontal side plates melt vs heat . E100 has sides that eat hear (0dmg). Plus with E100 turret buff you can angle to bounce heat

  20. Is it me or is he spamming way more gold ammo lately especially now with new intuition.Fuckin sad what these streamers have become, all of them just spammin tons of prem ammo every video.

  21. well there was a chiftan in the enemy base had his all crew dead. becuase he wasn’t destroyed totaly.

  22. Lol that EBR at the beginning. Otherwise, great synergy between you and the 121B

  23. Usually the same here

  24. as i walked through the valley of the shadows of death, i take a look at my life and realize theres much left coz i been blasting and laughing so long, that even quicky baby uploaded this…

  25. Nice, well played this one. No swear, no showoff. A real delight showing how to hold a flank and keep your nerves in the most crucial situation in a TECH TREE TANK, even facing a chieftain. Those are the games we need to see in 2022! When the game has become a dpm fiesta and 20k hp last in 4 min, streamers need to teach how to become better and deal with odd situations with normal tanks. I’m really looking forward for this. Keep the good work.

  26. how many skill for your crew?

  27. 705A so much better but 60TP so enjoyable to play

  28. It’s nearly 4 years since this vehicle was released. after these years i finally got this tank i love it very much.

  29. I miss being earraped by HE in the TTS

  30. Oof, that’s a hoofing big gun

  31. Would it be worth the time to grind this vehicle?

  32. The polish heavy line was my absolute favorite tech tree line to grind (tier 6-10) have some of my highest xp games in there. Now going for 3 mark on 60tp

  33. Meh, the 50TP is much better tier to tier tank.. I’m an unicum but shame on me I sold the 60TP (after like a 100 matches), it’s gun is horribly innacurate and burned me out totally (+ it gets so much ammo rack).. I don’t know if I hated a tank more than the 60TP

  34. New drinking game. Take a shot every time Quickybaby says “wham, bam, thank you Mam!”.

  35. If he didnt miss the shots the enemy wouldnt made the push to lose the game

  36. gotta be honest the 60TP for me is just a flat out better E100 when it comes to big boi alpha. the better armor layout gives you the time you need to aim the shots. However imma say the 12,8 gun on the E100 is really something. yeah the pen isnt really that amazing on German Heavies but my god the dpm feels amazing

  37. HE changes messed up alot of vehicles… The FV4005 is nit worth Playing,the KV-2 isn’t aswell as the deathstar that Wargaming Sold during the Black Marked for 20+Milion…HE was perfectly fine,id rather be shot for 300hp rather than get spammed with gold for 750 Regardles where they hit…Nobody asked for HE Changes,all we asked for is for the Arty to get nerfed…

  38. 60tp is great unless you meet something like a t110e3 with gold.

  39. I disagree, the 60TP, was one of the more disappointing tanks ever. It feels like driving a FV 183 with a neutered gun.

  40. sry qb but thats a shit tank

  41. 5:15 Thank you for appreciating us clickers a bit. 🙂

  42. I was racing to that tank, as national pride, now i hate ist as much as possible, never dings, never pens, omfg, what a disappointment for me…

  43. Polish power bro

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