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  1. Thanks for watching my vids and feeding my unborn child

  2. I think because of the Shockwave He produces the round does not have to pen by itself to knock crew unconscious? WT should make other animations for when that is the case.

  3. 24:50 hats off to your mother lmaooo

  4. Jakub Olaf Strumiłło

    I know one thing… Blyatanks are quite historical accurate in this game, crews without any training and battle orientation 😀

  5. How did you did “Measuring range” ?? Im new player do idk. Can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks

  6. 2:39 HAHA The BMP-3 !

  7. LoczekLoczekLok

    Fuck you! like… there’s no time to kill the enemy in a Russian tank Blyat!

  8. It’s strange why YouTube missed this video, there are Russians in a tank screaming extremely obscenely))) ..

  9. Phly, if you don’t collect your rewards, im going to make Holocaust look like a kindergarten

  10. its so hard to think that “THIS” tank is in a low br, ahem i mean a automatic tank destroyer

  11. You do not wrap videos about this game and not once very funny:)

  12. Kostya Levit Naddubov

    The inside sound was brilliant 🙂

  13. How would this do against top tier? Not really sure how the overpressure mechanic works so I have no clue if it can even kill mbts.

  14. How do you do the range changer so you can shoot long range?
    Not range finder, but the scroll thing to shoot at 650m or 800m? Sorry if that sounds confusing

  15. Muhammad Ghozy Alfarisy

    Uuu, that fps drop. It just killin me too everytime i by 1 and facehug

  16. where cursed thumbnail

  17. I think tanks you have shoted with HE shells lose armor like you destroyd t-34 into the turret with two shots

  18. Day three of asking for SMK Derp tank

  19. your editing is peak

  20. My god! When you do the intro with the Russians slightly muffled with the party music I just can’t stop laughing.. Also applies for the pissed off Germans all muffled and yelling.. More of that!

  21. Day 2: F-4E phantom with 285 mighty mouses

  22. 0:09 KV1: why do i smell meatballs?

  23. That’s a periscope

  24. The first time i saw that tank, I thought the guy was a hacker XD

  25. Algorithm comment.

  26. Epic no Thumbnail? xD

  27. Thanks phly, some silly stuff is helpful for the day. From the intro to the near-miss with the KV-1 drive-by. All good stuff to push the day by.

  28. Shots the rear – “crew eliminated” yeah looks legit

  29. Hard rage at 23:33

  30. I need a meme hell soundmod

  31. Phly you sound alot like woody from toy story

  32. Howd that kv2 in the first match die?

  33. Maximillian Nilar

    Thanks for posting these vids, best of luck to your child and family. Love you phly <3

  34. Nightshade Chrome

    the Voices from the other tanks are just hilarious, mostly the raging russian in the KV.

  35. You are the highlight of my work days when I have downtime to watch your videos. You got me into war thunder! Love all your videos!

  36. Got a 3080 here, works like a charm for me. Might wanna try display driver uninstaller and get some clean drivers on it. It could also be something else like your SSD/HDD causing hickups

  37. make the 1-16 type 27 the eussian BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT

  38. Phly: **shoots the P40**

    P40: **uses stalinium as armour**

    Phly: _Hey, nice Tigor you have there. Let’s be friends!_

    SBD-3: _Bro you just posted cringe_

  39. I love those Intros! XD

  40. Phly, if Mini Phly’s phirst word isn’t “bbrrrrttttt”, I think you need to give him back to the stork to take him back to maintenance.

  41. Day 19: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  42. Can confirm i get weird lags with 3080 no problem with my old 1070

  43. Is there a detailed explanation how the match making works for this game. I got fed up with the game and Uninstalled it because I kept going up against higher level tanks, majority of the time head to head penetration is impossible. And to make things worse it was rare for me to get into a match with lower level tanks to get those free kills smfh.

  44. The semi automatic meatball machine gun launcher platform or SAMMFLP

  45. Макар Артеменко

    I know this sound from the beginning of the video. This is the sound of the company commander berating the soldiers for not being able to control the tank after training

  46. Like the intro

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