This Tank ROCKS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. Wargaming massively buffed the twice last year and now it totally ROCKS in World of Tanks!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. So its OP now? Congrats WG

  2. Qb: Stb-1 is OP

    Yeah no Arty, Top Tier, Enemy Team is full of donkeys, EU server not as toxic/brutal like Asia server were Heat is standard ammo, RnG was on his favor and lastly MM was kind enough to pair with a bunch of Prog65, 430u,907 and 279e

  3. ❤❤❤

  4. Damn it now I’m going to have to work on this tank after I finish grinding the obj 140 and 430U

    • I don’t have any tier 10s yet… The pain is real trying to figure out what I want

    • @HDskunky I’ve got the IS-7 and Centurion AX but I dont enjoy playing them very much.

    • @HDskunky What do you want to do? Do you want to play randoms or play clan games? If randoms go for good random tanks: STB-1, 430U, Progetto. If you want to play clan games focus on meta tanks, 277(IS-7), 140, EBR.

  5. *Enemy team* we got him! He fired ! Go go go !
    *Quickybaby* There is no escape.

  6. Meanwhile the Centurion AX has been untouched since its been introduced into the game and you can really feel how powercreeped it is. It has to be one of the worst tier 10 mediums in the game as everything else can do what it does but better.

  7. I would like to have the STB-1, but I don’t even have a tier 1 Japanese tank, so it would require a lot of grinding and I don’t do grinds ANYMORE.

  8. 1. IMO, yours C5/1 has some different views of yours STB….
    2. You’re extremely lucky U didn’t get any from arta…

  9. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Finally a honest opinion. This tanks is really astonishing. Grille 15 is not a best, it is a shit. STB-1 Rocks, surelly now you expressed a honest opinion.

  10. no matter how good it is, something about it just doesn’t excite me.

  11. As a console player, I am jealous

  12. Hey Quickybaby can u please make a video on how to play the Indien Panzer.

  13. OSMS CEIIS LSIS Energy

    with regard to. alternatively, as regards

  14. It will get hit with the nerf bat.

  15. This is not “Sakura”.
    This is”Ume” idiot WG stuff

  16. red blotches is not IMHO a reasonable type of camouflage……..

  17. The start of the second game was stupidly lucky, the mutual bounce off the Lancen was fine but then the su130 literally missing such an easy shot and not being able to reload before you kill him is wayyy too damn lucky, also all those tanks could have ganged up on you but apparently they decided to do other dumb stuff. And how the literal feck didn’t you get blasted from TD’s in the middle is beyond my comprehension.

    If I was playing this tank I guarantee you 9/10 times all the bad shit would happen to me.

  18. STB-1 can be more awesome, because the hydropneumatic in reality not only can elevate/depress hull on front and back it’s also can do it side ways.

  19. ace tanker was probably someone from MAHOU playing on SA

  20. a little too greedy at the end for the spg

  21. “It’s got the depression”

  22. Honestly the tanks that have painful grind are the most worth it tier 10 tank

    This tanks are :

    Super Conqueror
    Skoda tier 10
    60 TP
    Progetto 65

  23. Centurion AX went to a corner and cries…

    • CAX is quite decent in my opinion. I haven’t played the buffed STB-1 much (was my 1st T10 tank) but CAX is well balanced and can do good if played correctly.

    • @Stubbari i would still prefer AX, even if the STB is better but at some point i will grind the chinese Line (i just have 4 T10 tanks yet)

    • @Storm Empire I would wait with the Chinese line until the 121 and WZ-120 get some love. Heavy line is OK though.

  24. feel like i am always grinding…casual player it will be a year. sigh.

  25. Maybe the UDES should have same buff?

  26. STB-1 has more DPM than Obj. 140! STB 3172 / Obj. 3033.

  27. Jules Lemuel Katada

    everytime i saw STB-1 on a ridge ill be like…. Nope

  28. Chi-To is actually not bad. I enjoy in playing it quiet a lot. Awesome DPM and gun handling in tier 6 makes it a pretty good mid-rang support tank. And if I’m not remembering wrong, Chi-To got the second highest HP pool among tier 6 tec-tree medium, so you can occasionally trade with you enemies.

  29. My max dmg ever is with stb1 7921

  30. Except the B-C looked like it wasn’t using the top gun.

  31. in regards to modules check tanks/gg module damage

  32. Best tier 10 tank in the game, driven by the most skilled player, in tier 8 games, and yet you chose to spam gold, as in so many other and recent videos. I’ve really liked your vids over the years QB, but that’s it – you’ve become blind to WG’s intentionally poor balancing and in-built pay-to-win game mechanics (a shameful monetization model) …and all you do is play to win, not to have fun or up the difficulty/challenge. I’ll hereby and sadly unsubscribe.

    • “Best tier 10 tank”, “most skilled player”. LUL

      On a more serious note. How do you know what’s fun for QB? Why would he up the difficulty/challenge if it’s not fun for him? Playing to win might be the most fun in this game. Not driving like a potato ruining your teammates games (what I assume is what you mean by “having fun).

      The game is constantly balanced and a more balanced state than it was. Couple of years ago we got multiple tank buffs/nerfs per patch. Now we rarely get any and if we do, those are well deserved.

      I don’t really mind pay to win mechanics as long as the game isn’t pay to win.

  33. How did someone spot you through the anonymizer?

  34. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    Is the IS-7 still viable?

  35. I do not know what server you play but the enemy teams played very poorly.

  36. Shooting gold mostly…

  37. The kills give a lot of exp… i think you didnt get the afe in the first one bc u only had 3 kills.
    P.s. I just got mine, and am getting fantastic results 🙂
    I loved the Type 61 (got my damage record in it), bit I’m liking this one much more

  38. SarahTheDutchRebel

    I loved the STB-1 since it came out. Don’t show them this! I don’t want wargaming to nerf it 😀

  39. Binos or Coated Optics on this one?

  40. Why just dont get your prem ammo on 1 quicky?

  41. meanwhile in WoTB: Turret gets buffed into 145mm, becomes the best hull down tank

  42. yeah i have the STB-1 and the leopard 1 and they are definitely a cut above they are awesome at what they specialize in

  43. 5:00 The calculus of war heh

  44. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    I stopped my grind of the Type4 and put my 4-skill crew into the JapMed grind. I have yet to regret that choice.

  45. Miloš Kuzmanović

    @quicky baby what is this on clif on post game status with premium and without premium acount the same amounght of silver credits is display 78000 ??????

  46. Please can anyone answer my question:
    Is the VII Panther/M10, 100% crew worth getting? Or is it better to get 7 days of premium? (tankrewards)

  47. Renegade Gunslinger

    Yet on console it STILL has yet to have these buffs and is the old STB-1. It’s unacceptable and ridiculous at this point

  48. i mean e25 wasn’t op until you said so.

  49. Whaaaaat??! This tank has armor? I always thought that this is paper tank, like bat chat or leo

  50. I think wargaming Messed it up once again with buffing a Tank, i dont think this Tank Needs 25 km/h Reverse Speed and also the 8 degrees of gun Depression when not using this mode where the tank has 14 degrees of gun Depression

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