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Source: OddBawZ

The M56 Scorpion in Thunder US Tank Destroyer with a 90mm cannon. Well… it's cheeky to call it a Tank Destroyer because it's basically a Tractor with a Danger Stick on top.

The M56 is designed for being dropped into via parachute. As such, it's got literally no armor at all since the crew just sit on it like a cursed Harley Davidson. The gun wobbles like jelly, the suspension is worse and the hand cranked turret rotates slower than the Sun around your Mum.

The redeeming feature is it's pretty nimble. Not fast! But it's nimble. Just hope that whoever you're facing has a broken space bar… or you'll be back in the hanger faster than a bi-plane in a top tier jet match.

Fun… just not for me! 🙂




  1. Thank you Oddbawz! This means a lot, sorry that it was a suffer fest, I always played it like an Asu-57 with HEATFS, it’s quite a ratty tank that requires incredibly passive gameplay, but in the right circumstances, it is quite a menace 🙂

  2. imagine taking a 90mm HEAT-FS to your face, what a gigachad !


  4. Oddbawz is the only person who could laugh off missing out on two nukes in a row

  5. Day 1 of asking for a video on the big boy T95

  6. Meanwhile spookston like this gremlin vehicle-

  7. Why does the British voice keep calling me a w4&nk3r ?

  8. Day one of asking you to play the M56 again, but in a full squad of them

  9. if you are one of those PS that nuke…well your just a PS.

  10. “This tank ruined my life!”
    “Watch me get two nukes with this horrible tank!”

  11. can you please play the ikv 72 i personally think its a hidden gem

  12. I love the m56

  13. The pain I felt with those nukes 😭 the only nuke I’ve ever called in the enemy decapped one of the points and I couldn’t drop the bomb in time. I wish there was some grace period, where if you’re up in the air unless you get shot down and the bomb can’t go off, it lets the game extend. Like a sudden death almost.

  14. Hey Oddbawz!! Please play the T-64B one of these days.

  15. If you want to play a great light tank, you really should play the Char 25T in its current state. It’s an absolute monster.

  16. Usa was the first nation I played the the m56 was the first to treat me well as a noob. I never understood the hate because for me it worked very well and I tried it time and again over the years to see if it changed but it always worked great for me effortlessly despite my skills dramatically improving in all aspects of the game.
    Perhaps I have a bugged version of the tank lol

  17. New sub… love your channel, brother. 🇺🇲🤙

  18. Okay odd, thanks for everything ur doing for us, actually making our days better, now pls for us, treat urself and play the tiger 2

  19. Day 3 of asking u to play the asu 85

  20. Stupid tank with non existent suspension

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