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  1. Day 3 of asking Phly to play and suffer with 2s3m

  2. If this gun had a discarding sabot round this thing would eat everyones ass, but yeah great tank just not a great reload.

  3. Its been a long time since you posted some leo 1 content (Day2)

  4. The Object 268 has a shell that weights 48kg and ist 760 m/s, so its heavier and faster.

  5. whats a 100lb?

  6. You should try playing the M36B2 with it’s heatfs

  7. that intro brings back memories, LOVE IT

  8. How do I get the T30 if I can?

  9. This video shows that the war thunder is not repetitive boring game like the world of tanks

  10. fyi i used to be known as the god of t30 for a good reason.
    also fyi, the HE shell on T30 is more effective and also has a higher muzzle velocity (probably because its lighter)

  11. Dihann Van Niekerk


  12. As a T29 main, the T29 and T30 are VERY good

  13. imagine how buff the loaders were

  14. wish i was playing when this tank was obtainable =( looks so fun and memey

  15. War Thunder players want new maps with nice graphics.
    Gaijin: Put snow in the old maps.

  16. Lmao, it took so long because the projectile was 100lbs, and then the charge was 50 lbs. and your in a confined space. But to note, there was the T30E1 that had a semi auto loader, and took it from 2 rounds a min to 4

  17. You have to take it slow with her

  18. When will you stream on twitch again

  19. I love the intro idea like the og days

  20. phly do a vid on the ratel 20 pls

  21. This vehicle also has 6 shell in the first order rack, imagine the reload when that’s empty…

  22. i love this tank, but the reload time is the biggest scam on earth 😢

  23. To feed Africa? AFRICA???

  24. Well the IS3 AND 4 is so biased oh wait any Russian tank, which we all know a simple baby drone flown by a cell phone with a hand grenade and take out the Russian tanks thanks to the Ukraine war.

  25. The nostalgia of the intro please keep the intro

  26. I didn’t get it through an event but I only paid like $25 for it on the market a year or 2 ago. Was the 1st premium I bought when I came over to WT from WoT, specifically because it was my all time favorite in WoT.

  27. I would pay real money to have him teach me how to play this game the way he plays. This man is a war thunder God.

  28. I really love to use the T30. The massive cannon punches through pretty much anything

  29. U can face 5.7 germany nixe killing that whit a tiger

  30. day 24 asking Phly to play air sim again

  31. Welcome to 7.0 and 6.0 league for USA tech treee🥲

  32. Unpopular Opinion: All 6.7 Heavies are not that good and I rather just play the M18 and T92 instead.

  33. 4:08 i would be already dead? how the fuck did you push to there and no one killed from hull front???

  34. Hans the soldier

    its not that its is3 turret strong its just that 199mm of pen on that gun

  35. Actually it’s not the biggest so she’ll ingame. The Obj. 268 has a shell with 48,96kg 🙂 can you play it once in a video? Love you ❤

  36. Phly: i can load 100lb projectile and the 200lb of gunpowder in less than half a minute with his feet lmao. Thats over 100kg being put into the breach in a tiny cramped room

  37. how do you get that amazing graphics????!

  38. Best intro music he ever had

  39. The FV4005 has a 72kg HESH round.. takes 39 seconds to reload..
    Edit: velocity is 716 m/s. yea, it’s slow

  40. Yuup nothing has changed obviously 7:50 extremely frustrating volumetric is still there. You’d think that it would go through and it can, but nope there is some overlapping armor, need some extra algorithm and calculation.
    WarThunder be like: can’t calculate, sorry, ricochet.

  41. and im just sitting here wishing he played the T-34 and not the Premium version that 99.9% of people dont even want or care about.

  42. Day 33 of asking for you to play anny of these tanks (basically the same) the italian m14/40, m15/42, m14/41, m13/40, the 2 I always use are m14/41 and the m15/42 with the APBC

  43. Phly could you play the super Pershing pleeeasseee



  46. Sorin RadoiMcFadden

    T30, TDirty

  47. This gameplay remind me why I stopped playing this game.

  48. I could never play a tank with low pen and an insane reload like this lol.

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