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  1. Bt-7: WTF boooooommmmmm huahahahaha ah hahaha

  2. Depression?
    Naw, low muzzle velocity!

  3. Hey Phly I challenge you to use a large caliber vehicle to shoot down a plane but the vehicle that you choose needs to be a tank destroyer

  4. Narly dude

  5. MANSO VIDEOOOOO very Epic

  6. Centauro Romor Next Plssssssss

  7. 2:20
    That sounds great lmao

  8. Hey phly since the SIDAM 25 is amphibious you should play it as a boat AA

  9. Nice Video! I have a Idea of a Challenge for the next one^^ How about playing the german SdKfz. 234/2 Puma and (t)roll with it 8 wheels arround all the time while trying to shoot enemys… You never allowed to stop your vehicle!! (out of repairtime ^^)

  10. French derp pls.

  11. Oh ja ja

  12. Omfg i loved the oof! ?

  13. airfields in fleet seem broken, like you cant take off after landing at one

  14. Can I have that sound pack?

  15. Challenge: be a judge between life and death by riding Aufklärungspanzer 38 (Sd.Kfz. 140) paired with sexy SCHNELL-bomber Do-17 E-1. If you go full cheeki breeki and take down a chaika with the Do-17, Putin himself will bake you a cake ! (I have connections…)

  16. God I want your AA sound as my ringtone.

  17. Is-2????

  18. Oh yeah great video

  19. rweeeewww jawohl

  20. Don’t blow your intro’s out of proportion

    Padum tss

  21. Phly I know you probs won’t read this but I think it would be interesting if you played war thunder and used art of war tactics

  22. @ 14:26 You could have shot the guy through the window. Your shell drops a lot. XD

  23. lol you make it sound like you haven´t played this tank before 😀

  24. Ya’ll remember when Phly said he loved the Pz.IV F2? I would love to see a video on it…

  25. Release the mobile phone ringer!

  26. Go top tier with this thing

  27. Christiaan Vlok van Onselen

    Man this comedy is amazing

  28. The saltiest Aussie

    Has anyone else noticed that the is6 in arcade is like a bt7 speed wise and a wall of stalinium on the armour like it reaches top spead real bloody quick front and back it’s top speed is like a panther if not faster but phly do the is6 attempt 126+

  29. Where is the sound mod. we need.

  30. You have to play on April fool’s day using only your epic sound pack ?

  31. Phly play as the Armoured Car Mk.II AA for you AA video it is a jet killer at rank II

  32. Hey phly, where can I get the sound pack ? Lol

  33. Yes please play the french derp!

  34. My fat ass thought this was lasagna

  35. When Luftwaffe falls…
    A tank
    A shell


  37. O man I want that sound pack

  38. I love taking out IPS and M1 with this at 10.0

  39. Greetings from germany the homeland of the sturmpanzer2

  40. I want that phly vocal soundpack

  41. Play the french baguette launcher pls 😀

  42. That is just mean.

  43. Where can i buy this Phly Sound Pack??

  44. play this tank at high tier like last video you did

  45. How bout Jagdpanzer IV

  46. sound pack was EPIC much love phlee

  47. PhlyDaily soundmod when?

  48. Yeah I kill ipm 1 and t64 in custom using strumpanzer

  49. Stupid Mistakes Man

    can you record your videos in 1080p instead of 720p, looks terrible.

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