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Source: QuickyBaby

Last Sunday while playing World of Tanks I told my stream that I thought the T-43 sucked – they didn’t agree and here’s what happened!


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  1. I really liked the T-43. It wasn’t a fantastic tank in anyway; it was just pretty decent all around. And such breath of fresh air after the long and frustrating grind with the T-34-85.

    • T-34-85 is a great tank, only 0.5 second more reload and a tad less mobility. I keep both tanks primary and i 3 marcked both.

      The t43 is still a bad tank with its stock gun in tier 8. 126mm is not good at tier 8

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. While I enjoy games that aren’t played in OP tanks you can’t just show a game where you were top tier and claim the tank is good. Everyone can see from the first shot you take the flavour of the entire line CRITICAL DMG TO AMMO RACK and I would add also FUEL TANKS. If you play russian mediums allways carry a fire extinguisher and a large repair kit. Maybe even the equipment that improves ammo rack.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

  5. 10:20 looks straight out of a movie 2 russian tanks on the assault

  6. kv-13 is great too

  7. It’s Russian did you forget there bias

  8. I had an easy time grinding the T-43… it didn’t excel at any one thing, just great all around versatile medium. I didn’t know what to think of it going in, but it played well.

  9. Did you know a hezer in real life could kill an IS 2 that not going to happen in the game

  10. Last time I went to this position, got zero spotting damage, and got absolutely bombed into oblivion by their only arty.

  11. The right situation in WoT = “pressing the 2 key”🤣👍

  12. This literally my favorate tier 7

    I don’t load the gold, i aced it 2 times while playi g 45 battles, made a lot of credits,
    and i can sidescrape against heavies. I have nice alpha and great gun handling. This with good mobility makes this 👌

  13. it is good

  14. I’ve had really good games in this tank. Not sure why. I believe that I’m at 65% win ratio after more than 100 games. On paper it shouldn’t be that good.

  15. I got T34-85M for free

  16. I HATED this tank. When i finally reached the T-44 I sold it and never touched it again. One great game with it does not mean it’s fun or good. And I had some 3000 dmg games with it in tier 8 matchmaking. But even then, I was suffering.

  17. I miss the 100mm on the T-43 that’s when it was fun to play!!

  18. 2:21 I don’t agree. I really like the amx m4 54 with the 130mm gun. I don’t want to say that it’s the easiest tank to play with, because it’s not. I have played it much for the last 2 months now. I have actually obj 260 and amx m4 54 as favorites tanks on tier 10 now.

  19. @QuickyBaby happy birthday mate! My birthday is in three days so thats cool to know we have close birthdays.

  20. That game is DogShit and you just got lucky there crybaby. This game is a rigged piece of shit.

  21. That’s because it does suck qb. Aside from the A44 it’s one of the worst tier 7 meds in the game. Panther is better,vk 3002 is better, t20, Leo, t34/100. Pretty much all tier 7 meds are better than the t43. It’s just useless. The only reason it can be useful is being top tier.

  22. I had same thoughts about it, I was like, damn this DPM is cool, mobility is OK and all T7 noobs are bouncing off, nice tank

  23. Happy Birthday Whipper Snapper.
    I’m currently grinding the T-43. I got it a few years ago, and sucked in it, so much so that I put it away & left it. A few months ago now, I bought the T-34-85M, and play it quite a bit with a mate playing his, and learnt a lot about playing it. So much so, that I’ve pulled the T-43 back out, and I’m now enjoying it. Even though the tiers are different, the play style is similar. Another tank that’s similar to play is the KV-13. A tank I totally enjoyed, and kept, until they refreshed the tech tree a couple of years ago, and it became a special sale tank. I haven’t rebaught it, as I couldn’t be bothered with regrinding it to elite it again.
    Another great video QB. Again, Happy Birthday.

  24. I think its still better then original kv-13 on tier 7 😅


  26. I always had a good results in T-43.

  27. almost fell asleep with the t7 video

  28. happy B-day QB, gotta say the videos get better while we’re all getting older.

  29. fire_demon me like explosions

    Happy Birthday

  30. It’s late but happy birthday

  31. The T-43 is one of my favorite tanks. I do really well every time I play it and it reminds me of the KV-13. I absolutely hated the T-34-85 due to the awful gun handling, but the T-43 just hits different. I can somehow bounce a shit ton of shells and the DPM is great!

  32. Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  33. Vse najboljše za 34ti rojstni dan!

  34. I would say, the player made it work. It’s not that it is a bad tank, but the power creep made it mediocre.

  35. Happy birthday, QuickyBaby, I love your channel and personality! I hope the channel will continue to evolve for the better and I hope you keep up the awesome job! I cannot wait to graduate and start a proper job to become an active subscriber and supporter of the channel!

  36. Happy birthday QuickyBaby.

  37. 3:05 T-34-85M was more or less given out to everyone one when they buffed it. As they had a marathon with daily missions that were so easy even bots did it “most missions only had a win demand, no top 10 spots”. It went from barely 3K on EU as it was trash before, to 300 000 in more or less a few days. It destroyed tier 6 MM… And it still keeps doing it years later, even with rentals.

  38. The t43 needs the first 100mm of the t44 which is the same gun the kv85 kv3 and IS can use.

  39. Dennis John Mendoza

    Happy Birthday idol quicky baby✌

  40. Can you fuck off with this?
    Seriously the T-43 is bad, it is just well rounded, we don’t need people playing the thing and expecting it to be good and dragging down their teams.

  41. I had a pretty great game in this tank a while ago. 2.7k damage, 7 kills, 1.1k blocked, 1.4k assist and 5 tanks spotted. 1585 base XP, Mastery badge, 4 battle heroes medals. One of my proudest moments in the game for sure. As well I’m F2P and iirc I didn’t use any gold ammo.

  42. Historically the T43 was a failure, and was pulled as the T34/85 was still superior. The M program was a modernization project in the 1960’s on various vehicles.

  43. Happy Birthday Will

  44. Kristoffer Johansson

    Ah, T-43 is one of my go to tanks. It is a great city brawler when you can flank enemies and angle the front. DPM is ok but aim time is bad so keep close.

  45. Even a broke clock is correct 2 times a day unless it is a 24 hr clock!

  46. Oru's and Or nots

    It’s not egotistical to tell the truth. It IS the player that can make any tank shine. I consider myself pretty decent but often times when you have a good game,I know I would have been to aggressive in the same situation.

  47. how are T5s supposed to deal with VZ44s?

  48. A knowledgeable player can milk the best out of any tank.
    This tank needs an exceptional player to make work.

  49. Not gonna lie, when the score hit 3 > 8 and if I was driving that T-43, I would have drowned my tank while in the mid. Not going to waste my time in a battle that has low chances to be a victory.

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