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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Stredny going to be playing a that frankly shouldn’t exist in World of Tanks the FCM 36 Pak 40!



  1. The tanks that really should not be in the game are the wheelchairs, they broke the game, not this slow bathtub…

  2. It’s not one tank, this entire game is toxic. I uninstalled months ago and don’t miss it. WG cares only about cash in their pocket, the game is so unbalanced now there are very few fun games.

  3. And most of those he killed had been playing for 1 hour maybe? Do WG think they had fun? Do WG think they’ll continue playing? Or just uninstall….

  4. It’s the guy’s third game in the tank and that’s not even their first ace!

  5. At 3 mins 50 he actually amoracked both tanks he killed in succession

  6. I got two consecutive games on my one where I got a double ace tanker, 9 kills over 4000 damage, and some other fun stuff 😀

    Though I will say that I haven’t played the game in my ‘Frenchtoasterkampfwagen’ in about a year and a half, due to just getting sick of it (and just feeling sick about playing it because of how stupid it is…)

  7. As many others QB. What do you think about players with panzer V/IV spaming full gold at tier 5? For me it’s not fair for new players ir even for anyone. Gold should not be allowed at low tier ir only 10 shells

  8. realy,many shit tanks in this shit game shuld’t exist so who care for 3 tier shit tank

  9. He deserved to lose so badly for going valley. Could hacve been capped out so hard, and gave up almost the entire map control.

  10. @Quickybaby You call this the most disgusting tank in the game? Have you not played the Tier III American Artillery the Sexton I? 8s reload, will pretty much detroy anything of it’s own tier with one penertrating shell. I’ve bounced 4 shots from a Hetzers derp cannon in it for 1k blocked damage

  11. Just goes to show.. Wargaming only care about the cash … Don’t want to give refunds to nerfed Veh… Don’t want to down grade Premium … Money hungry C&%$s

  12. They cant nerf premium vehicles bought with real money, theyre gonna be sued in a court of law endlessly.

  13. So now we all know who will be responsible for the nerfing/removal of this tank – Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Moaning-baby! This doesn’t happen to often: Well done Stredny..

  14. Jullian J. Weskier

    Am i the only one that got ticked that he didnt cap as well?

  15. Pompous.

  16. When I want to seal club at tier 3 after getting frustrated with matchmaking, I break out the locus.

  17. how many of these i would see today if i play tier3 ?

  18. Most of the tier x reward tanks are game breaking with their gold spam (because they all do it).

    Get the Chieftain and obj 279 into tier 11.

  19. If this is the worst tank, I guess the PzIIJ isn’t the worst tank in the game anymore!
    I can play it now much more often with less conscience issues 😀

  20. One good balance for this vehicle would be to buff the speed on soft terrain but lower the view range

  21. May be the tank is broken in a very few games, but mostly you don’t have fun games with it, because it is just too slow. And I think, the few times someone has a great game like this guy, I don’t care, that a tank like this is broken on low tiers. It’s much more funny to have meme tanks like this, than not having them. 😉 Nice video btw QB! 🙂

  22. 4:11 that sound…

  23. lol he triple ammoracked

  24. Give me a Kv2 any day.

  25. QB its a Tier 3 Vehicle??? who cares only stat-padders who are crap at anything over Tier 6 play regular at low tier 3 or 4 ~ this very old Premium TD has only View range going for it, its awkward slow turns like a tractor and gets slaughtered if a enemy in a LT or MT same Tier gets remotely close to it (in a City map example) .. and Btw QB (crybaby remember lol) IF WG negatively nerfs ANY Premium Vehicles it simply F*cks up future WG WOT Premium Vehicle Sales very negativity as Trust in Premiums you/we buy for cash is badly affected ~ buy the must have expensive Premium today ~ next year its Nerfed = Screw you WG wallet closed! .. like a stuck record at times QB

  26. When people spend money and BUY a vehicle they pay for it like it is . If wargaming nerfs it they owe you a refund and they are NOTgoing to do that.
    I got one in a bundle and rarely win because matchmaker puts you on weakest team so that even if you kill 7 to10 they will flank you or circle you. You cant run or even pivot very fast.
    If the enemy had brought it couple of tanks down the river road and rushed him or even spotted him he would have been dead early on.

  27. Tanks like this is why not many new players continue playing this game. Low tiers are full of great players in overpowered tanks, leaving no chance for new players to enjoy the game

  28. Its not a horrible T 3 td. Its a GREAT T3 TD. Slow as a TOG but quick shooter.

  29. Wargaming should nerf premium tanks too, you could get back your money as ingame gold.

  30. Tbh. The enemy team are displaying utter shit battle awareness, running out into the PLAIN open right under the nose of ANY would-be TD in ANY of the WELL KNOWN TD positions, and all that while entirely disregaring the WIDELY AVAILABLE cover across the entire map. A Tier 3 Marder wouldn’t have fared any less successfully when fighting an enemy team just BEGGING to getting picked off one after another. You are getting somewhat myopic in your recent “rants”.

  31. And I thought I had to feel bad with my LeFH18B2 😉

  32. Tier V French premium spg, and e25 shutt them off.

  33. Dont be jealous,QB😆

  34. Change my mind: UE-57 is still more fun.

  35. Ebr’s are worse.

  36. I wish you oould make some updated guides about the older tech tree 7-10 tanks , especially since so many new features can be customized .
    Love your content btw ,keep it up mate.

  37. Total toxic vehicle. On Minen ist super bad. Sit and farm.

  38. its like one of those mutant tanks where they simply took a hull of a random tank, slapped a random turret on there and added a “decent” gun

  39. Well no one went lake road red need to die so your wrong Baby raging quicky nerfer you play the same on your tanks games, watch someone nerf your games, with full load outs…….

  40. just for the notice, my max view range (read spotting range) used to be 550m with that duck hunting tower at old days (when view range used to be square) not very fair opponent for newbies…

  41. if they chance statistics on prem tanks law says that they have to give that money back.. that’s why they don’t do anything for old prem tanks

  42. When they remove the toxic clan war reward tanks from random battles they can remove this tank as well. Tanks like the Chieftain should not be allowed in random battles as they are toxic as well.

  43. if this happened in the year 2011-2012 it will get a raiseinai medal. One of the tanks capable enough to get that ultra rare medal

  44. This tank kills almost every tank with 3 shots

  45. I run full premium load out on my FCM

  46. Pz. V/IV is an even worse festering boil.

  47. Time to dust it off 😀

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