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  2. I played the beta the game is really nice

  3. The Ai crew really give you accurate information, you just have to listen to them.

  4. I feel like the “simulator” title gets thrown around far too easily these days. This looks more like an older version of ArmA (ArmA II), which although the infantry component of that is very much a simulator, the armoured component is not (it is simply there as a supplementary component for the purpose of combined arms (aka: the form of modern warfare)); which seems like this is just the ArmA II armoured component alone with perhaps slightly more attention to detail because the games existence requires it — Honestly, I feel like this game will become instantly obsolete the second they release the new ArmA IV. Actually, I’d still argue that ArmA as it currently is, is a superior armoured warfare simulator.

    But, this is just from what I have seen on this GAME, perhaps if I try it things might appear differently; but the reason I have not purchased it is because it doesn’t seem like a simulator at all.

    • As a former tank crewman and gamer, seems a lot like a sim to me.

      Now, if you only consider it sim only if you control only 1 station in the tank, then I get what you’re saying

    • @Thomas Linville As a current commander and instructor, I’d disagree that it resembles a sim in any way, shape, or form [from what I have seen]. It simply seems like a game; a slightly more vehicle centric interpretation of ArmA; but omitting the overall tactical and theatre level picture (or more specifically, the over all environment in which AFVs operate in) which is critically required to be considered a simulator, and which in my opinion makes it less of a “tank simulator” than any version of ArmA.

      Reference ArmA: It simulates infantry movements to a satisfactory level, and although there are newer games that do a better job of individual movements, ArmA is still king of successfully implementing the over all ballespace making it an infantry centric simulator; but because it is so successful in its implementation of the battlespace, it is also a reasonable AFV simulator; infact the commercial version of ArmA is a better AFV simulator than VBS of which is an adopted AFV simulator by various militaries and is literally a dumbed down and heavily reduced version of ArmA.

      Reference DCS World: This simulates the aircraft, but like ArmA, it also accuratly simulates the environment in which these aircraft operate within. Even the Combined Arms module, although the vehicles also operate under a hit-point based system to determine their destruction, the fact that DCS integrates the entire battlespace makes the Combined Arms module a more feasible simulator than GHPC.

      The reality of armoured warfare as a simulation is that very few people would be interested in it, because it is boring and it takes a long time to get anything done. People think they want a real AFV simulator because they have not been exposed to the reality of it and it is much more boring that they dream of; and for a lot of people claming “simulator”, this is because it fits their uninformed an inexperienced pre-conceptions of what such things should look like. As I am positive you can testify to, the reality is a lot more waiting, a lot more communicating, and a lot more of doing fuck all.

      It is a more realistic game, but it is still a game. I hope I explaind my thoughts and personal opinion coherently enough to get the point accross. It is great that people enjoy this game, but I do not think people should consider it a simulator at all. If however I am incorrect in anyway, do share because my opinion is based upon what I have seem from YouTube, perhaps there are environments which are more simulator like and I just have not yet seen any of it; or perhaps it is similar to DCS in the aspect that some servers cannot simulate anything because the server is created by someone that has no idea what they are supposed to simulate so they just put random shit everywhere and it becomes a big yippy shoot, making it only a simulator to people that have no idea, while actually been able to achieve simulator status by a competent server designer.

  5. Dude have you tried hell let loose yet? That game is fantastic!

  6. I still ain’t buyin it til’ they add a strf 9040

  7. dude gonna break that game too, as he did to the german tree on war thunder . YOU HAVE DESTROYD GERMAN TREE, ARE YOUR PROUD!!

  8. play the ikv 103 at 11.0

  9. Happy New Year everybody🥳❤️I have a feeling this is gonna be a good one

  10. Just some dude chillin

    Holy phuck I’ve been watching for 7 years

  11. New warthunder updating looking fire!

  12. That WAS thermals. It’s how they actually are.

  13. Why did you repost it ?

  14. Phly first mission in this video be like rookie US tank crews in WW3 West Germany colorized

  15. Jacob Cooper pritchard

    u would love hell let loose

  16. Hey phly, are you able to make a vid for the Mars 15 for France? Also it was my birthday 2 days ago and congrats on 10 years on YouTube!

  17. Wish we had that mouse joystick aiming in war thunder. Would stop the stupid pixel aiming.

  18. Not like you’d know what realistic is, just sitting in front of a computer screen all day.

  19. Play the American ah1 plane with 8 mini gun pods

  20. On your 10th anniversary can we get a best moments video throughout the years?

  21. In the t55 sight there is a stadiametric rangefinder on the bottom right, to use it you line up the tracks of the tank with the bottom line and measure the range by looking at where the top of the turret lines up with the top line which is curved. You then line up the sight with the range of the specific round like in war thunder. I may be overcomplicating it in writing but it’s fairly simple in practice.

  22. This game is supposedly going to have multiplayer by the end of the year. I really enjoy this game every time I play. Friends will make it more enjoyable. Really recommend this game to anyone

  23. YouTube videos are hitting different even so I‘m drunk as fuck but the north of germany is Build different

  24. Would love more of this phlyy

  25. the voicelines sell it for me

  26. Spacing 25m in a wide open field…Smart….Said no tanker ever.

  27. It’s crazy to me that you’ve been posting for 10 years and I just discovered the channel a month ago. Love your content.

  28. Bad ass game

  29. You’re right about CAS spam. I’m a Ger 6.7 tanks player, almost 2500 kills in the Tiger II H alone. I swear 90% of my deaths are from airplane bombs.

  30. Just letting you know there IS a setting that makes the aiming a bit more like warthunder which is easier for me

  31. I really enjoy watching gameplay of this title. Phly you should definitely play more of this on your channel

  32. Why don’t you play world of warships on your channel?

  33. Please do more of this!

  34. I am a US army tank commander and I can say this game is as accurate as it gets down to every little detail.

  35. This isnt war thunder <_>

  36. This game singlehandedly fixed Warthunder’s top tier problem of being too casual.

  37. Feminfs me of battlefield

  38. Tornado IDS video???

  39. Phly’s crew is definitely getting court martialed for repeatedly ignoring their commander…

  40. So phly, the F4E is coming to dcs, would love to see more sim content on the channel plus dcs is just eye candy


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  41. It is how regular range finder work.

  42. Wow, this looks much better since i played it last time.

  43. On that tank where you had to match the two imagines. My dad had an old rangefinder he used for bow hunting. It uses the same concept. You would make the image as clear as possible. Then there was a tape that had the range on the side. Very crude but it still works amazingly!

  44. stoppini alexandre

    Why is the Vilbrequin intro song here XD at 1:15

  45. What an instance action! I’m going to check that baby

  46. Instant points for no aircrafts in the game to ruin a round.

  47. I doubt the armour and apfsds penetration is modelled correctly

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