This Tank SURPRISED Me in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

YOH tanks have arrived in World Tanks and the M-III-Y that I thought was just going to be a stepping stone is actually AWESOME!



  1. Honestly I would much rather play with the Caernarvon but this tank still is worth a mention.

  2. Free armor meta cancer powercreep

  3. For various reasons I decided to blitz this line, running premium time, boosters, and applying bonuses to it, and using fragments; meaning that I’ve unlocked the Tier 10. That I was grinding the hell out of the WZ-114 marathon was another contributing factor. However, I do intend to keep playing these tanks and mostly like them. The Tier 7 feels like the weak sister, but that’s a commentary on Tier 7 on the NA server.

  4. human from the solar system planet called earth

    I predicted it. It is good

  5. I dont like it cos it doesn’t have auto loader like in blitz.

  6. It’s so comfortable to play. Love!

  7. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    This tank is the best in the Yo Line easily. Bounced 3 shots from FV4005 hulled down and killed him, , nice

  8. This tank was surprisingly good, but the tier 9 was painful, it has 2 giant cupolas that get penned by everything. I have the tier 10 now and so far it’s pretty good.

  9. Barry Wojciechowski

    Wow…a tech tree tank that is OP?

  10. I haven’t even unlocked the t1 heavy yet.
    I just don’t enjoy American tanks as much as Soviet mediums and heavies

  11. 20000 exp to get this tank so far. watch this video before it. great!

  12. Outside of this tank and the tier 10 the line is horrifically bad. But I’m glad the tier 8 is good at least. IMO it is good. But not one of the best unless we’re talking tech tree. The caernavon is still leagues better . But this I would say I’d second best tech tree tier 8 heavy

  13. It is a autoloader in Blitz

  14. So lowkey op powercreep?

  15. Hi why dont u make avideo about clan , how to play in global map and how to earn fame point to achieve agood tier x tank

  16. 2:56 “… Bang with your opponents…”

  17. i started this line at T9, not a fan. i have not used it since the day after lauch.

  18. Why am I seeing illegal scummy account-selling ads before this vid?

  19. 2 weeks later, NERFED

  20. I’m just started down the line but i would say i like the pawlack at tier 6 once it has been tricked out. i seem to have good games in it.I’ve heard a few peeps say they like the tier 8 so looking forward to it. I like the E5 play style so if these higher tiers act like the 103 (with a little armor) and the E5 then it’s prob going to be enjoyable.

  21. tier 9 YO is awesome as well. so far am loving tier 8 and 9 YOs, I just hope I will like the 10 as well.

  22. Why would you drop vert stabs on a tank with 0.24 movement and traverse dispersion?

  23. Yep, going up the Yoh line but only at a fully researched Tier VII right now. Credits is my block. Once I get enough “cushion credits”, I’ll get the Tier VIII.

  24. It’s easily the best tank of the entire line.

  25. maybe this why he loves the cromwell, fast but not that fast (enough to displace himself), small caliber gun which means small damage BUUUT high rate of fire, dpm etc and being a flexible tank. tbh I’m also kinda like a semi QB when it comes to equipment choices and a likes of a tank.

  26. Tier 8 is the best tier in the game. Tier 10 is horrid

  27. 3092 dpm is not so rough either !!!

  28. Quicklybaby, the M III Y in wotb have a 3 shell autoloader. Please try world of tanks blitz!

  29. Pretty sad .. QB always be like … WITH A TURBO !!! EZ … WoT is boring again

  30. Yoh tanks are just OP

  31. Everyone can get it, but that doesnt mean its fun

  32. New phone made watching the video better!

  33. QB dabbling in a bit of Stardew I see

  34. so ur mum actually is a tank?

  35. Quickybaby in a nutshell: Hey this tank has terrible gun handling….ima use a turbo!…hey this tank only goes 20….IMA USE A TURBO!….Like dude…

  36. lol, QB is still in 2015, and lately has been going full retard by dropping rammers on tanks xD.
    But Id really like to hear his reasoning why he thinks vents are so important, and it makes everything better doesn’t really count as reason.
    From what I have seen, really good players run vents only for two reasons, 1. there just isnt anything else to run, 2. gun is bad(but never sacrificing stabs or rammer).

  37. Tried to buy this, bought the T32 instead by accident. LULZ

  38. Better stats than tier 8 Japan medium? This is unhealthy and OP. Remind me, how long it tasks to WG nerf new tanks? Two years?

  39. Oh wow. A QB video WITHOUT a single mention of Intuition? I’m srprised, to say the least 🙂

  40. This tank can get over 3000 dpm with the second 90mm, bond equipment, directives, cola, bia, and field mods. It is ridiculously high dpm.

  41. it looks like a fat t-34 🙂

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