THIS Tank used to be a storage container (War Thunder KA-MI Gameplay)

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THIS Tank used to be a storage container ( KA-MI Gameplay)



  2. Oh nice, commie.

  3. now I just want a Phly anime emblem lmao

  4. KA-MI is a joke.

  5. Ayy it floats… in the shallow water.?

  6. Any tank is amphibious if you can hold your breath

  7. Hey Phly, as always, thanks for the entertainment 🙂
    Time for a real challenge that will crack your… ballony-sandwich-balls ^^
    *Your mission: bomb a helicopter (while it is flying) with a prop plane (not younger than 1945)*

    Objective 1: Get into a high tier game and get some SP
    Objective 2: Respawn in a prop plane (1930’s to `45) and equip with bombs (< 50 kg each - choose whatever you like) Objective 3: be sneaky breaky and bomb enemy helicopters while they are in the air (!), with your plane (either classic as death from above or by run and gun using bombs as ramming objects) *Attempt #08* - Keep up the nice content!

  8. If this bounces a rould i will eat my hat

  9. Can you please not put the Phly decal on so largely. It’s annoying/distracting.

  10. I actually never had any issues with the Ka-Mi.

  11. Feddy von Wigglestein


  12. 13:50 Packet loss is a hell of a drug

  13. The armor is as thick as kami (hair)

  14. It fucking floats!

  15. Flying tank at 13.56.

  16. And phly, take out the most powerfull jap tank in lowest BR

  17. From the second it takes off your inside, its a cage you see, you know your eyeballs freeze up at that altitude at twenty thousand feet the electrics keep you alive the cables the wires then the flak comes in thick and heavy you wont get out, not when it dives at three hundred knots. Theres a beast deep inside you it will not die it will fight back

  18. Idk if it was a bug but I found out accidentally the first tank you get in the USA the LV… something floats in the water, but I did that around a year ago

  19. KA MI HA MI HA

  20. Make a video with tripaloski music ??

  21. Ka-MI-HA-MI-Haaaaaaaaaa

  22. It looks like the Japanese found the mangled shell of a Humvee and also saw a blurry picture of one and decided it was a tank.

  23. Phly can you play next yak 9t pls!!!!

  24. Ka-Mi

    Light tank: Fast, agile, everything the Ka-Mi isnt xD

  25. Take out the capitalist auto loader T54E1 attempt #3

  26. Its kinda nice to see that Phly limited himself as to not completely harass potential new players, cheers to you!

  27. It’s stonk butt amphibious what want to become a tank

  28. Nice to see this tier getting love!

  29. KA-MI hame ha

  30. What was it called again? “Com-mie”?


  31. Ooh now I know where they got the “white tiger” from white tiger from

  32. It floats. Phly you’re on the dirt ramp. Drives forward and drinks like a rock. Lmao

  33. The front looks like a tiger and the turret looks like its french

  34. I started playing war thunder last month when it was released on xbox, I bought the m4a5 and the cobra king, did I buy the right premium tanks?

  35. Or as Squire put it: “Ooooh dear…”


  37. i always thought you and polecats voice where a little similar

  38. Well, maybe he prefers the lower tiers because everything above 6.7 is garbage and everything above 8.0 is *total* garbage right now? I know I do.

  39. so what about that IS heavy tank series?

  40. Fat body tiny head

  41. *tank that look like a container
    *enemy tank pass through it without knowing it a tank

    SNEAK 99999

  42. No, the next generations are the XM-1 players

  43. The second best armored tank in the game after the Russian milk trucks, so spacious and no armor, and in WarThunder no armor is the best armor

  44. I thought it was gta 5 at first

  45. lao yin bi

  46. CHALLANGE. attempt 11. Kill a plane with a smoke round.

  47. it’s an origami tank!!!

  48. “Don’t kill me man!”
    *Procedes to kill him.*

  49. can we have the amphibious version in ships

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