This Tank Was Legendary! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

T110E4 was once a LEGENDARY tank in of Tanks but has fallen gathering dust in my garage – but is it worth revisiting in 2022?


  1. Mailand hs

  2. nice video

  3. Angry T110E4 smashing underaged tanks colorized

  4. Almost everyone shoots gold at me regardless of the tier, I carry gold but rarely shoot it. I would shoot gold more but I am always chasing credits so I try to be thrifty. A good example of that is I have the E4 unlocked along with a few other tier 10 tanks but I don’t have enough funds to buy any of them.

  5. QB now in the acceptance stage of WoT being pay to win…

  6. Try full apcr with cuple HE, to do 10k.

  7. It’s fine the Lorr secured the win, the progetto definitely could’ve won if the lorr didn’t exist

  8. enjoyed the vid

  9. I remember the episode “lambs to the slaughter”. That was a good one.

  10. Thank u sooo much qb, i asked if u could play this on stream and, thank u sooo muchhh. Ive been struggling after buying it and having so much fun with the t30, im starting to regret the e4😅

  11. So was this game…

  12. Bet you could get 10K in a proper T95 game…

  13. This man deserves his 10k 🙁

  14. awesome game! So sad it isn’t the magical 10K game yet.

  15. Hey… There are so many 9k battles recently, QB… This is the SECOND 9k dmg video in this week!!!

  16. I used the Lowe allot and you never want to fight this TD tier 10 ever cause your paper . You got no armor vs 9 and tens or this will happen to you all the time 3:45. Lowe is a support tank vs 9 and 10.

  17. WOT “WAS” cool too!

  18. Oh wow this game is still Alive almost forgot about it since i decided to have FUN in a game and uninstaled it

  19. Easily the worst name on YouTube

  20. I’m not trying to rub it in but I saw how close you got to 10k and it made want to play the 60tp and I literally got 10.3k damage on the first game 😂 you’ll get it soon enough quickybaby.

  21. 7:39 that’s the creepiest “gotcha” I’ve heard from this crew voice…

  22. I have played wot on and off for 6 years now, completely free to play, and just got my first tier 10 tank… the T110E4!

  23. Glad you never got the 10k 🤣

  24. Ill say this and in not the biggest QB fan but you are a team player and try to win over damage like me so you dont get those 10k games so easily . That is a good thing and rare nowadays in wot .

  25. QB when’s that Cobra review coming?

  26. I’m surprised people still play this game in light of the Russian belligerent war on Ukraine!. I don’t want to give Wargaming a Ruble.

  27. Michael Aylesworth

    The E4 is currently OP on console, where it still has 850 alpha and basically the same Armour as an E3 since they just buffed its cupola. Though the Su-152 TARAN is waaaaaaaay worse than the E4 is

  28. Look boys and girls, its new video from Intuition Baby!

  29. T110E4 used to be a T11 heavy tank😁

  30. I’m pretty sure, once you’ll achieve the 10k dam, you will just do it again and again and again.
    Also, fully share your point of view about the game end.

  31. Another video of QB making T110E4 a beast not to be reckon with . Goat

  32. You want the 10k damage mark. For me…. I want the 5k damage mark. As someone that is a subpar player, it is something I aim for. I do not care about my wine ratio. I find that if I focus on that, I have matches that are not enjoyable for me.

  33. I know its been a while since you’ve played the 705A but id like to know your opinion quickybaby

  34. When I play with t110e4 my aiming is so bad, almost 80% of my shots going to the outside of the aiming circle

  35. Nearly coming soon mate

  36. 8:58 🙂

  37. Gold ammo spam – the reason why I stopped playing WoT….

  38. As I’m watching this video I decide to play my T110E4 on console, it still has 850 alpha and I hit a 1060 damage HE shell on a leopard pta

  39. QB had me on my toes to cap

  40. 3300 wn8 and still cant 3 mark tanks , nice

  41. Can we have a “Before it was nerfed” on this tank?

  42. Average Stegosaurus
  43. Average Stegosaurus

    When you hit 10k dmg don’t spoil it in the title

  44. The T110E4 was my first tier X last year. I was playing it a lot recently because of the heavy E4 matchmaking. You don’t feel so bad about running it when the game has 2/side.

    It does still rock and roll when you ambush people around corners. Occasionally, you get some bounces.

  45. I love the E4 but it’s terrible.

    Also as nifty as the new equipment is and the field mods are, every tank has access to them, so it’s really not a “buff” to a singular tank when every tank also gets them.

  46. Could you also do a video about the e5 i am kinda grinding fot it (free to play) and i want to know if its usefull

  47. Noooooo!! Lol man! I was so hoping you would get the 10k! If anyone deserved it you do! 🙁 lol can’t wait for when the upload finally comes like saying: “FINALLY I DID IT MY HIGHEST DMG GAME LESSSS GOOOOO!” XD

  48. Watch quickybaby get 15k dmg now the very next battle hehe

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