This tank will increase your Win %

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World of Tanks, Best Tech Tree Tanks – VZ-55. World of Tanks VZ-55, Tier 10 Czech Heavy .

I have received a lot of questions about VZ-55, what do I think about it and overall, which heavy tanks are the best in the tech tree in World of Tanks… VZ-55 is always of the first ones which comes to mind.

What do you think?


  1. As far as tech tree tanks go, this is definitely one of the best… But which are your favorite?

  2. Sorry but you can’t outskill weighted rng. Unless your a streamer of course. You, skill, and wallst have preferential rng. Yes fan boys, it’s true

  3. Daki gets those “not even 8k” when does 7k, “not even 11k” when he does 10k. I even saw a “not even 13k” hahahaha.

  4. Perhaps it will increase your win rate ONLY if you have a good team.

  5. Vz 55 is still crazy OP. If AMX can be nerfed, Vz should have been nerfed a long time ago. Apart from the penetration, its is a Jpz E 100 that goes 50km, has better gun handling and has a turret… wtf? Having 2 shells is actually more flexible then having 1 Imo and dpm is comparable even though Vz is an autoloader. Prime example of WG not knowing what they’re doing. Dont mean to be negative, I just think that people should not forget that Vz is still definitely gamebreaking.

    Edit: if people have low winrates, its because Vz is not that beginner friendly. Obj. 268 v4 got nerfed, E3 got nerfed, progetto got nerfed twice, AMX got nerfed twice etc etc. This tank was insane since it’s release, there is no good excuse for bad winrates if u know what ur doing. Just look at 3rd mark expectations, Imo a good indicator of how powerful a tank can be, 4.8k. That alone makes it the most OP tech tree heavy tank in the game right now

  6. They said this about the Kranvagn too, even before the nerfs was like 47%

    I have an average of 54.45% across the board

  7. Am I the only one using single shot gun on VZ?

  8. the vz55 reloads the entire magazine and unloads faster than the rinoceronte can load its first shell and fire its 2nd. just so you u know.

  9. Mario García Cajade

    why are you using bounty turbo when it has a mobility slot… it literally only gives 2.5% engine power (which you don’t need) over using a normal turbo, and you’d save a bounty equip and 2.7 million credits…

  10. BZ-176:Hahahahahaha:)

  11. Yup soon you will need 7 crew skill crew and a bazillion crew xp to get them.

  12. A Good Beginner Tank is IS4 the armor forgive many mistakes. Sidescrape is awsome with is4.

  13. I just don’t win much in this tank. I like it but something just isn’t agreeing with me.

    I haven’t played it much since I got it. Should try it again.

  14. I was in that first game on the enemy team (T55A) and I was just watching in horror how everytime you fired, my teams HP went down by 1k. After that game I did a VZ55 game myself and got 7k damage. It’s a DPM monster. Well played!

  15. Now we need a video about a tank that will decrease your Win%

  16. Not if WG has decided it’s never going to be on the winning team irrespective of what you do.

  17. all my faverite tanks nerf just .pls dont make any things about this tanks. or my last favrite tank will go same other nerf tanks

  18. Need you to stqrt doing lots of chieftan & 279e videos.
    The more you do the higher chance of the tank being nerfed

  19. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Players: Nerf VZ 55 please

    Wargaming: Nerf Progetto 65 ? Okay we’re on it

    Players: smh …

  20. IF you get a proper team… whey you’re on the losing side on a 15-0 team, like we get these days,… nothing will save our WR 😉

  21. xaxaxa yaaaa for new p2p players no maters what his drive,that tank mast to play whit all expremental equipment,food ,big ripers and still gona bounced clean shoots becose WG decides whether you will hit or not. Nothing depends on the player when shooting, I have seen that many times.

  22. get the IS6-B i have 60% wins in it and i have 400 battles in it

  23. I love the weezed55

  24. vz is a good tank ,but its not very good for the game !!! its true you can get it for free but if you take one from vz ,your game is over !!!!

  25. Caernarvon is a great win rate booster from the tech tree.

  26. I hate the t9 already…

  27. I always Suggest when Asked, IS7 First…. Gives you a Good feel for the Game, and How to Use the Armor all the Way thru the Entire Line, what the Gun’s will be Like, Heavy Game Play, Etc…. I always Recommend at the FIRST Chance you Get, use the 122mm in that Line, because after that the Line becomes Very Similar to Use, The Reloads get Shorter, the Accuracy get’s Better, and the Pen and Damage at the Lower Tiers makes MOST Think Twice about Coming After you on a Reload… You get to know the Heavy Lanes on the Maps and the Tanks you’re going to be Facing thru your Time in Tanks, the IS7 is a reasonably Mobile Heavy Tank with Good Armor and the 130mm Gun will show WHY you need to be Open to Carrying the 2 Key Shells, but you’ll Learn When to Use them and When it’s Fine Not to… The IS7 is Overall, a Fairly Forgiving Tank and will be Usable in Nearly Every Game you Play…

    After that, I suggest the Obj277 because it’s in the Same Line, so most of the Grind Work is Done, the Tanks are Still Similar, but the Mobility now goes Up, the Guns get somewhat more Accurate, the Armor goes Down somewhat but the Turrets are Good and Now instead of Blocking with your Face, you can start using Hull Down Tactics… The Mobility gives you some Taste for Medium Tanks but gives you some Armor to Work With that the Medium Tanks don’t Generally Have and you still have a Big Gun to Play with…. You Lose some Damage Output in the Kick in the Teeth Aspect, but your Reload Drops some so Potential DPM Takes Over… You also start to use HEAT if I recall instead of APCR, so now you get to Learn When to use Ammo Types, and What Ammo does What, or Doesn’t… You also start to be able to Use MORE of the Map with the Versatility of it’s Mobility…

    Finally, I Recommend that they do the Obj705A, for the Very Same Reason as the 277 since again it’s in the Same Line, More Researched Modules, the Game Play Shifts to the Super Heavy Style of Play…. Mobility Drops, but the Armor goes Up, the Guns get Bigger… You Lose Gun Depression, but after Playing thru the First 2 Segments of the Line, you’re starting to get a Feel for How to Use the Tanks, and what Tanks you’re going to be Facing, Where they’re going to Be…. You don’t have the Mobility of the First 2 Lines, but you’re now a Super Heavy, you’re going to go thru Making it’s Armor Work and Positioning… The Obj705 is a GREAT Tank in this Line, you have an Option of the 277’s Gun OR the IS7’s Gun at Tier 9, you just need to Decide if you wanna run HEAT or APCR, or do like I do, Run what ya Feel Like that Day because BOTH Guns are Good Guns… After going thru this WHOLE Line, they should have a Good Idea of what Tanks can Do, what they Can’t Do, Where they Should Be in any Given Situation, How to make Good Use of their Armor and Terrain to Supplement a Lack Of it in Places, and When to Use the 2 Key and When it’s Fine NOT to… The Entire Line is Very User Friendly to Start Playing in the Mid Tiers, and will make Most of the Rest of the Tank Grinds more Comfortable to Play Thru… It’s not a Russian Bias Thing, it’s an Ease of Use Thing, the Line has no Gimmicks to Figure Out, just Guns, Armor, Mobility, Positioning, it’s Simple and Straight Forward, All 3 Segments….

    After this, you should be able to Play Thru Most Lines Fairly Well… The Gimmick Tanks are just that, Gimmicks, Extra Moving Parts that need Figured Out to make Work Well in any Given Situation and while Not being Un Fun to Play, they make the Learning Process Harder and should be Avoided until WELL into the Game… But this is just my Take on it, what do I know… lol

  28. Bogdan Raul Zbinca

    not true at all…the win will be increased only when the sh*t company named WG wants. Last 30 days ,in 800 battles they didn’t alowed me to increase 0,03% on my win rate…so this article is not right Dez

  29. Why does my VZ55 need to be within 100m to hit – Not hit weak points, hit the enemy tank at all? Oh, wait. You’re using food. Never mind.

  30. The best way to increase win rate is to not to play!!

  31. Yea right. I played it now and straight away died with 0 damage vs STB1 and 268/4 hull down. Stop bullshitting players with these kinds of videos.

  32. No such thing as “THE” best tank. There will always be another that is better in a given situation, so yeah, among the best, one of the best. About as close as can be cut realistically.

  33. I watched this and went to get my first ace in this tank, 6,6k dmg and top gun 🙂

  34. Is this a joke man? from 58% wins i had with this it is now down to 49% and keeps going down, the canon is doing crazy trolling, armor is like i’m playing with medium, not to mention the mm

  35. World of Tanks for ever

    Vz is bad

  36. LIES, every time i play this tank i get put on tomato teams.

  37. For me vz isnt that good as it cant even hit the side of a barn from less that 100m. I always hit either 1/2 or 0/2

  38. Compare this to the Rhinoceronte. Its effective dpm is nearly double, it’s turret is actually bulletproof, mobility better and the gun handling is comparable.

    The gun depression is the only downside but It’s still pretty damn good.

    Plus the rhino only has 3 crew which is going to be an additional problem after the update.

  39. Too bad it has 306 armor pen on gold ammo and cannot pen shit

  40. yeah no, I got like 60% winrate per 100 battle on my stb 1 compared to my vz 55 (vz is like 42%)

  41. 03:10 WTF did that shot hit??? Are you using Reticule mod?

  42. Best tank is always the one I’m not sitting in at the time. Never fails. One more shot, armour better suited for the map, etc… It’s like effing Pokemon where you Gotta Catch ‘Em All. Not like I’d actually NEED anything other than Rino and 60TP and a bit of luck with the map choice. And there we go again…

  43. Barnabás Várvölgyi

    I have stopped playing WoT 4 years ago, but i still enjoy watching you man. Keep up the awesome work!

  44. Wtf is this bullshit. Nobody even plays this tank anymore . Armor can’t be trusted if get greedy for a second shot you pay the price

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