This Tanks Gun Is On Top Of The Tank | T92 ALIEN

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Source: PhlyDaily

This Tanks Is Above The Tank | ALIEN

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  2. I’m pretty sure Phly suffer major mental break down during making this video.

  3. Good morning from Germany

  4. This is one of the few tanks in it’s BR to be able to pen the jagdtiger but you have to shoot it’s front hull plate (shoot at the driver) and not the gun plate

  5. Still don’t know why this tank is in 6.3 ww2 Era

  6. I like this tank

  7. Leopold Riemhofer

    Oh scheine ein Panzer
    Oh no a tank

  8. 17:38 🙂

  9. Entertaining video, but oh my god it is fucking annoying to get an ad every 4 minutes!

  10. Gee wish I had over 34k gold eagles

  11. Epic “Everybody” transition

  12. Phly, did you ever touched and holded space? those are the secondary guns in tanks

  13. Supawit Tirasopee

    Happy to hear intro song again

  14. Tell me you do drugs without telling me you do drugs.
    Phly: 23:32

  15. I hate HEATFS.
    I just can’t kill people with it.
    The distribution of shrapnel inside the enemy tank is extremely random in that round.
    Sometimes you get only gunner and driver somehow and nothing else, and sometimes it just makes everything orange and get you killed.
    APDS on the other hand, if you know where to shoot, these is absolutely no way you can’t one shot people.
    I’d rely on APDS man.

  16. Hey poly can you please tell me if your wife was playing war thunder today because I saw a r3t20 with you sticker on it and your wife’s name as the user name

  17. When is the B 52 going to get added it was made in 1955

  18. “This thing blocks a whole lot”

    *hovers over the engine*
    I mean, he’s not wrong…

  19. F4U is gone 🙂 🙂

  20. Somebody please tell me, how on Earth is this game works? How is that possible like every time, if I shoot the enemy for like 3 times, damaging half of it’s crew and modules, and it’s still able to shoot on me, and kill me with oneshot? While if I get one shot, and not die immediatley, I need like 30 seconds of repair and crew replenishment, to be able to fire back… And of course, the meantime I get destroyed. This is stupid. I try to play good this game, and I started to get some decent battles, but it feels like RNG is flipping a coin all time and decides if you die, or you can kill the enemy

  21. Phly😀 im A big fan,I watch any new video and,im asking you to do polish leopard😎

  22. That T-34 shot coming from the sky!!! So fucking funny!

  23. when is there going to be a new war thunder movie

  24. Ok Phly. You showed up on radar. when the Enemy Spawn ist marked red (the zone you are not allowed in) you are spotted afaik.

  25. Yayyy im in a PhlyDaily Video 🙂

  26. What about trying the Me 262 ‘Jabo’?

  27. M56 and this thing are still my favorite vehicles. With a good flank, half the enemy team is going back to hanger.

  28. Firstly what device do you use and how do you get these tanks because there not in my premium and how do you get the maus

  29. Garrison Outdoors and Gaming


  30. Δημητρης Γιαννακοπουλο

    2020: No armor is best armor
    2021: commander armor is best armor

  31. Oh god I just watched some of this video at 1,75 speed and i actually enjoyed it

  32. 15:00 The shell touched the gear? And bc of that blew up?

  33. Phly! You need to start doing challenges again! Start out with Tiger II APCR only, and only shooting at angled armour! Make APCR Great Again!

  34. Phly prett much oneshooting every tank with the T92 heat.
    Me shooting RU251 in the turret, RU251 drives away, me shooting the engine, RU251 stops, me shooting the RU251s ammo rack, ammo blacks out and disappears, Me getting hullbrocken by a BMP1 shooting the rock beside me with the missile.

    Are we playing the same game?

  35. 16:27 I want, need to see replay on that shot. Isnt t3485 shell flying pretty straight? Then that shell was shot from pretty far? Did you see the height that was coming from ? Veery far.. Or i just dont understand the game maybe..

  36. This is one of my favorite tanks man and I think you killed me last weekend in a early P-51

  37. Day 96: can you play the 75/34 M43?

  38. Please check out Wallerdog

  39. Most tank guns are in the top half of the tanks

  40. Anyone wanna bring back the series where phly is playing both tanks and planes, I can go first: the 10.5cm Tiger II and the Arado 234 B! 😀

  41. Nethanel Van Doesburg

    My 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son love watch phly as well, cause he makes all the funny noises….

  42. why play king tiger instead of this thing

  43. I would love maps that had dynamic lighting. Example: Game starts off dark but then slowly brings out the sun as the game progresses as well as starting off at a sunset and descending into darkness.

  44. Tiger II still gets on fire when you shoot the transmission?? WHAT’S THIS GAME?

  45. idk if you need to hear this today but papa Phly your videos are always so wholesome and soothing you’re a great youtuber

  46. “The battle is over… AAAAAA” then cut. I spit out my drink in the moment 😀

  47. Me when Phly is Daily

  48. Day 17: play the crusader aa mk. 2 to become invincible

  49. When is phlydaily and dollar plays collab happening?

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