This Teammate Surprised Me in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today something that doesn’t usually happen in World of occurs – a teammate went well above the call of duty!



  1. Average Stegosaurus

    4/4 I’ve gotten defense on this map & 4/4 times I’ve lost. The one time I managed to take that little forrest nest, the enemies capped our base.

  2. Is wot worth getting into still

  3. Hans David A. Torda

    Now that’s a Hero, mate.

  4. Stopped playing WoT over a year ago, yet I still watch QB’s videos. That goes to show how good he is at making an entertaining video.

  5. My settings (maybe yours too).
    Disable Ally chat.
    Acept only private messages from friends list.
    Block Platoon invitations.
    Disable Accept friend request.
    Activate the Addon that renames all the players as Bot1-14
    Play Like every1 is a bot and you are in a single player game.
    Enjoy the 1 vs 15 Simulator named World of Tanks.

  6. Ricardo Bigliazzi

    Nice game, nice push! Best regards from Brazil (Svendler -> NA Server)

  7. There were a few times where I got in between an enemy and a teammate getting pounded, to save them. My heavy armor blocked shots to them, or they would have for sure died.

  8. Wot Addict Global

    “Hello everyone, this is Voldemort, and welcome back to one of my videos that took me 100+ games to get, because I am a bullshit channel, and I only show good content and deceive others”

    Yup; seems about right.

  9. wish me luck QB, i got sick this morning and couldnt make it to my first soccer game this season 🙁

  10. I wish Console had the AMBT Auto-reloader in the game

  11. We need more of those people

  12. an auto re-loader. surprise surprise.

  13. The KV-2 was not a bad player. He has 8 years of playing WOT and 2 marks of excellence so he definitely knew what he was doing.

  14. if only we had this in ranked

  15. the only word i say to my team…. “f you all”

  16. First time watching a QuickyBaby video in a long time. Glad that the comments aren’t filled with hate because his wife is Belarusian!

  17. I remember a game where i was M-V-Y and you were an Obj. 260 in Westfield, at the start of the game you said “Fast boys wanna take the corner?”, and you were pointing out to our team Vz. 55 that wasnt interested. I though that it would be fun to join someone in to taking the superior corner to allow our team to shoot the guys pushing us from the default ridgeline. I randomly realised that not many players talk like that in World Of Tanks, and somewhat somehow i had a thought that it might have been you, after having watched your streams for multiple years. So i quickly opened your stream and saw it was you, closed the stream and kept playing. Sadly it didn’t end well… But it was fun.

  18. For consoles most of the time crushing disappointment, very rare u get help

  19. I miss seeing the old platoons of a tier 10 with a KV-2 and seeing the KV-2 do 1000 dmg to a WT auf E100.

  20. It’s a funny thing but I watch a lot of YT WoT content and I see quite a bit of derogatory comments about QB but none of them celebrate the positive side of a team game like this. That and plenty of good insight into the game is why I’m here.

  21. Kv2 enthusiasts, what does everyone run as their equipment? Personally I run vents, parallax and improved rotation with the big derp gun.

    • I’m a kv2R enthusiast so close enough. I use bounty rammer, bounty aiming sys, and bounty vents with vent directive and food. I also have a 5.5 skill crew for it too. 🙂

  22. That’s what teammates should do in that scenario when instead of pressing forward to block the enemy so your teammate can slap that juicy(word), instead most of the people press backwards. That move alone define what teamwork really is

  23. Well then QB, i say: a KV2 video coming up i quess? 😎

  24. I always seem to help others while playing…..but usually I die in the process….ahhhh the martyr…lol

  25. Napoleon Bonerpant

    Lol he said the made up word undoubtably instead of undoubtedly again

  26. I love the positivity that QB has been displaying on his YT ❤

  27. World of Tanks: one of the most toxic player base in all of gaming. Frankly, teammates surprise me when they don’t fill chat with insults and raging comments.

  28. Hey qb how do feel about us console plebs having a td with 950 alpha?

  29. WisconsinCRHunter

    Makes me want to role out my kv2 from doing the training crap at start of the game a couple weeks ago

  30. Salute his 8 years of service!

  31. Mitchell Crawford

    Almost feel like there should be some way to commend people, who aren’t in your platoon or friends list, so good team play is rewarded. A system where they will get some kind of rewards occasionally for keeping this rating high

  32. I came back to the game and played on a map I didn’t knew. I wasn’t sure what to do in my medium tank, so I followed another medium tank platoon around and did what they did. We communicated a lot and it was very effective. After the game they thanked me. Awesome experience.

  33. wait since when did the KV-2 has a thousand Hit point ?!?!?!?!?! I haven’t played this game since like 2015 omg lol

  34. one of the funny making in the game was like this !

  35. why didn’t you platoon with the kv-2

  36. I have played this game since beta and over the years can get real salty at people. Every so often you have guys like this come through and actually do something to help instead of being just for themselves. These are really good feel-good moments, but don’t tell anyone that I said that.

  37. When I communicate with team mates they are usually blind and can’t see the chat

  38. maybe it is time for 1440p? 🙂

  39. His name is pronounced “Lucky 2 key”! Because you’re always lucky when you fire gold rounds!

  40. Lets see that again VS Tier X!!

  41. AMBT is such a good tank. Glad I picked it up

  42. imagine the Pantera on pc like blitz, 3.3-3.6s reload and a 3s intraclip but if its pc based it would be 2.5s with 240dps

  43. i just realised how to make the mm quicker, connect all the global servers as one….

  44. My best game was an ad hoc platoon of us two v. seven. I was doing arty missions, and he was doing spotting missions. With the synergy rolling, we dispatched all 7 using spotting mechanics, bushing and combined attacks. Amazing day that I won’t forget any time soon.

  45. Congrats to him. Tier VI heavy tanks in Tier VIII matchmaking isreally difficult to play. 👍

  46. See it very often, not sure jf many dosent know about it sounds correct ^^

  47. Great teamwork ! GG Lucky2key 😉

  48. We all know that the KV-2 is the best tier 8 tank in the game

  49. As Jingles says; the KV-2, the best tier 8 heavy tank

  50. A set is ? Do not know crew not shown and tank equipment missing again poor game show for this U tuber spammer on how to kill under under dogs with poorest setup then him…….

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