This TERRIFYING Weapon System…but i suck with it (War Thunder Anti Air Gameplay)

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This TERRIFYING Weapon System…but i suck with it ( Gameplay)


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  1. When a plane is going head on when your in the m 16 you have to make sure you arn’t firing around his fuselage because the aming retical is in between the four guns

  2. yeah, this thing is freaking infantry LAWNMOWER in company of hero game 😀

  3. Psychedelic Buffalo

    Know How U Feel Brotha. 😀

  4. is somebody gunna tell him he’s mispronouncing discord

  5. Hotrod from transformers the last knight, had this amv as his alt mode in ww2 in the story of the movie, exept it had a mounted 76mm short barrel. Orange and black for the win.

  6. Take the wirbelwind out on a top tier tank hunt attempt 12…

  7. Phly knows about the Neon Void, Nice!

  8. I joined 😀

  9. Oh My Gosh… phly, you always manage to cracked me up.

  10. Who else are triggered by how phly pronounces discord

  11. the M13 is insane at 1.3 because it can basically one shot most tanks it runs into

  12. Ground m2 50cal are slower then in the air its historicly right

  13. Show them the mighty m4a4(SA50)

  14. Alright, so now legit question… Apart from the fact that soon as i enter the discord channel i have to stare at the rule section for 10 mins, why does the only online moderator have the communist symbols in his name, which in rule 11 have been specifically banned from the server? You ask for no politics in the server and you’re greeted with that before you even enter through the door… I could understand if it was April fools but that’s like 18 days too late…

  15. I smell salt

  16. ASU-85 for loving the unloved

  17. CaptainCommandoYT

    phly you don’t suck with them its just the ground 50 calls have less travel time than the air ones so grount 50 calls go slower than air 50 calls

  18. Use zis 34……

  19. CaptainCommandoYT

    how this worked irl it was left top fires first after that top righ after that down left and after that down right and this would go on like a loop

  20. CaptainCommandoYT

    btw phly these were ment to be close anti airs and not long range anti air

  21. CaptainCommandoYT

    btw these things were not ment to be by themselves there would be at least 10 of those in a battle shooting down planes

  22. you need a little more practice to be good with it i use it alot

  23. M19 or M42 and american spitfire combo?

  24. Hands down my favourite AA platform, has rescued many a game for me after a bad start.

  25. Anyone else annoyed how he says Discord as “disk-cord” instead of “diss-cord”?

  26. What’s wrong with racism on your discord? 😎

  27. this vehicule is no match for *RUSSIAN BIAS!* (ussr anthem playes)

  28. di scord

  29. Cmon phlee we shoot down planes all the time with a single top mounted .50, step it up brah

  30. Lorenzo Boccaccia

    ranging the gun at 700mt helps a lot, just saying

  31. NATTHANA Saikamol

    Why are Russian tank happy?

    Bcuz they have no depression……

    I’m sry

  32. i know it’s called discord, but it’s pronounces disscord

  33. use the russian 14.5mm spaa, it’s the best spaa before rank 5

  34. FlijDilly, series concept:
    Ace-ing “Skill Matters”/”God Mode” (ie. 5x S.M. and/or G.M.) in a game in as low a BR vehicle as possible, in each nation, without dying… Thoughts?
    Possibly stretchable to Air Battles also?

  35. what means 50 cals?

  36. Lol you can’t use M16 Gmc I Use That I kill plane Total 45 use that but kinda Is very hard Because German Cannon from plane Easily can knock out The Crew For Advice You should Hide behind rock

  37. Spanish phlee <3

  38. Yeah finally u play m16 mgmc

  39. lol I get like 5 plane kills with this a game

  40. Seth_Gaming P01N3R

    When he said the T-34-57s are assholes at this BR im just yeah ik

    I own one

  41. Try BTR – 152, it’s just floppy gorgeous!

  42. nice bombs,………no bombs…..

  43. СУКА БИЯДЬ ЕБАЛ ! No SU76M vid on this channel ! Please do one !
    Try 3

  44. make another video on the T-34/100

  45. That intro got me sad cuz this is better than the m15

  46. Nice video phly. please try the british heavy fighter. the whirlwind 😀

  47. 飛龍_求婚ってww

  48. Phly you are not a good anty air gunner. But at least you can be a plaine indentifire

  49. hasykira hafizah maknun

    t 21 american tank

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