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Source: DOLLARplays

Japanese Type 87 RCV gameplay from Direct Hit update War Thunder.

War Thunder official website



Background: Backyard Salesman – Mac Taboel
La Belle Jolie – Trabant 33
Packs Savage Dogs – Dream Cave
Minyo San Kyoku – Doug Maxwell/ Zac Zinger
Blood in Water – Dream Cave

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  1. At first I was disappointed that type 87 lost it’s stabilizer after the first dev server, but after playing it myself… yeah , maybe it’s not needed lol

  2. Heh Dollar can you play tarkov please

  3. Ismet ama yıkık olan

    just use your fucking BINOCULARS

  4. That skyrim reference made me crack up xD

  5. Please keep using Smokey and the Bandit memes, you have got my southern mind at attention, Mr Bandit

  6. Gotta love the Alex Jones insert.

  7. @DOLLARplays will you still bring us Tarkov?

  8. 3:36 boy what the hell boy

  9. “… sounds German…”

    Another great video.

  10. Dollar play Rust, you can meet some Frendly people there 😉

  11. He protect
    He attack
    But importantly he speedy boi

  12. José Emilio Rangel Trejo

    Dollar, i hope you dont ignore me buy i took your advice, now hat i have an Nvida graphic card, i can use GeForce experience, thanks its pretty usefull

  13. My name is dollar

  14. I don’t understand why did 77 people disliked this video…… It was 👌

  15. 3:06thats me when im watching someone and not realizing where i was heading to . sometime i bomp to a car , motorcycle and most favorate is bus man that was the best part 🤣🤣

  16. 4:46

    Commamder: attention to the left

    Crew: never 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. For grown up pz 2 players

  18. I have been waiting for the day War Thunder adds another wheeled friend from the JGSDF known as the Type 87 RCV.

  19. Tip: press tab when repairing and press it again in 0.3 sec the number will decrease its almost like hack but its useful it only works on repairs if u already know dis just like da comment :3

  20. The new map is kind of good looking and big but at same time it has alot of crazy spots which makes you hate it

  21. The scene at made me laugh soo hard

  22. The funnier phlydaily

  23. How is an APFSDS machinegun facing Tiger 1 and 2’s???

  24. Sounds GerMaN. gachiBASS

  25. People hate the new map because it’s a nightmare for people in Tier 3..

    Most of the people are Free2Play.. aka people who don’t spend money.

  26. Sério que assisti essa porra por 15 minutos? Que porra tô fazendo da minha vida, caralho

  27. Sneak increased to Y E S

  28. Руслан Запорожец


  29. Beautiful

  30. Bro put clips in from Smokey and The Bandit … He deserves an Emmy and a Tiny and whatever else awards there are

  31. Been a while since I’ve seen your videos. I see that you are now at 200k plus subs good job man keep it up and still hilarious content 😆

  32. This is just the Dardo but faster and without atgms

  33. U remind me of Holy n Evil from Soviet Womble videos

  34. a bit gripping game 😀

  35. new mid tire cancer and soon the most hated vehicle…since its add it each map i play if the japanese are on opposite side not even 1 min since the start of the match and it kill 3-4 of my team mates already.


  37. White lightning F-150

    Nice Smokey and the Bandit clips

  38. RB26 sound yeah

  39. I like how you saw the ledge you put it on the brakes awesome

  40. Wow your editing is great and creative, best part was 10:00

  41. your channel is clickbait your supposed to play with dollars not warthunder play with dollars its in your name………

  42. One thing i want to say is the way DollarPlays plays war thunder makes it as if it’s a Horror game and tbh when we do play it especially on tight urban maps and when you’re alone, it’s literally like a horror game everywhere is danger and you can’t even take a break without the thought of being shot at. Even accidentally driving towards a wall will make us go “Shoot get to cover quickly!” Even tho there is no enemy to be seen.

  43. it’s the R3 all over again

  44. Yessssssssssssssssssss??

  45. Who’s the asian guy driving the truck?

  46. Movie level edits!

  47. You got my sub this is content I want to see fucking hilarious 😂

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