This Underrated Premium has Hidden Skills! | World of Tanks AMX CDA 105, Best Premium Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks AMX CDA 105 (AMX Canon d'assaut 105), 8 Premium French Tank Destroyer Gameplay. World of Tanks 3rd Marking AMX CDA 105, Underrated Premium Tank Destroyer.

Today I am going to show you 2 battles which happened in my yesterdays stream where I tried to get on a tier 8 french premium tank destroyer AMX Canon d'assaut 105. The firepower of this is actually quite which is often overlooked and is kinda underrated.

What do you think?



  1. AMX CDA 105 definitely is not the easiest tank to play with, as it doesn’t forget too many mistakes and you have to be careful, but this shell velocity on base APCR, penetration and dispersion(if working as intended) are actually something which gets overlooked A LOT about this tank… Combine this with the mobility and you have quite a solid package…
    What tanks in your opinion are the most underrated? What in your eyes are amazing, but majority thinks they stink.
    Have a good one, legends, stay safe!

    • Here is a challenge for you. I have found the most illegal TD in game. “Challenger with max Terrain resistance!”. Race to the hill in mines or scout hill on Cliff. 17pdr only has like 0.25 dispersion. It has better terrain resistance than tier 10 LT except EBR. Full crew spot range goes to 448mm with out optics.

    • Its the french version of the german Kanonen 105. Their stats are almost the same. But the CDA will bounce shots every now and then. I really like the Kanonen, so I would probably like this too.

    • I always enjoyed Panther 8.8. Yes, it’s made out of paper but the gun is pleasure to use.

    • KV-13, one of my favourite tank. Decent alpha, mobility, and excellent armour for its tier.

    • I like it as well. I have not 3 marKed any tanKs yet more 2 marK Kind of guy.

  2. I love this tank it’s a big e25

  3. Does it demand skills then 😀 ,,, was a blast of a ending on the stream.

  4. Yes its underrated , better than Strv S1 and WZ 11 120 FT

  5. lol, stay safe buddy!

  6. iyouxin showed a very powerful setup when you want to play this one like a agressive stealth td.

  7. I think it performs below what the tank stats suggest it should. A slightly quicker reload would make a huge difference.

  8. Dez can you do us a favor and leave some tanks for us to farm please xD

  9. When you are using the tanks gun depression the front armor can be pretty trolly (for the enemies)

  10. Michael Navarrete

    One of my favorite TD in WoT :D.

    A great camo, decent penetration and my favorite thing, “Magic Armor” :D.

    I know sounds weird, but I have taken deadly shots from tanks like JgPz E100 or T95 and those shots simply ricochet jsjs ^^

    Great Video Dez :D.

  11. This is just a Tier 8 E25
    Speed, armor, gun and its handling , camo …

  12. Face reveal Dez please

  13. This tank is crazy in wotb

  14. I’m horrible with the turretless tanks or destroyers, whatever

  15. Great Video as always! Could you perhaps make a ramming Build for Obj. 268V4 or a max Accuracy/DPM Build for K-91?

  16. Have it and enjoy playing games with it.

  17. i’ve been seeing a lot more of these recently actually

  18. connor olson-carsons

    Hits pretty hard…good tank…but flips super easy. Super troll armour.

  19. IIRC it was buffed, though it could use a bit more perhaps to concealment.

  20. the rounds in this are so fast it’s almost as simple as point and shoot

  21. Thanks for being you Dez, hope youre doing good and thanks for yet another entertaining and informative vid! Best of luck and stay safe!

  22. The hitpoints can be frustrating but i love my cda a lot.

  23. ⛔️LIVE CAM & [S]E[X] - CHECK PROFILE⛔️

    He always make me laugh or makes me enjoy the rest of the day tWAV


    He always make me laugh or makes me enjoy the rest of the day wLAL

  25. Yeah, I loved this tank when I played it

  26. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    You can’t go wrong with a french tank, don’t try this with Canadian Jagd Panzer!

  27. I’d say it’s an average sniping TD. People expect TS-5s and Turtles but this is not that kind of tank. You sit, you shout and you reposition when needed. Also armor in unrelieable but can bouce because of the weird angles. I like it, AC48 was my favourite TD before it got the autoloader and this tank reminds me of that good old times. Not OP, but people just write it of as it’s a true sniper.

  28. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Typical French gun, frustrating as hell.

  29. Sigurdur Bjarnason

    Congratz dez on that 3rd mark. Greetings from Iceland

  30. I do not have it, I like my WZ-120-1G FT so I mabe need to get that too…. 🙂

  31. hooray!! finally an AMX CDA 105 video from Dez 😀 😀

    my favorite tier 8 premium TD, its gun is just oh so reliable. This tank has a German friend, that although weaker armor, but just as deadly, Kanonenjagdpanzer 105.

    Would love to see that video too 😀 😀

  32. DezGamez .. do you ever respond to people you don’t know whom comment on your channel?

  33. Farming is right. The matchmaker loves premium tanks.

  34. i thought i recognize that tank hull from Blitz

  35. Turretless tanks sucks in this game.

  36. Unfortunately, the gun is so accurate i cant hit shit

  37. I enjoy this one. Nice gun. Mobility is great to grab positions early or for when you need to displace in a hurry. Have even bounced some amazing hits, seriously frustrating some red tank players.

  38. Hm this tank feels like an e25 at Tier 8. But the the gun feels for me very trollish.

  39. youtube isleftyshit

    Lowe player is your average t8 prem player.

  40. Love mine, it is my experience maker. I have my French 8 skill crew in it. Kind of sucks that the Commander has 13 skills to acquire I believe. It takes forever to get to eight skills.

    The tank has a great gun good armor and mobility

  41. I got this tank when it released, havent regretted it the shell volocity and the troll armor really works for me the other day a jgpz bounced me with heat not a crit but a bounce love this thing

  42. well u had only 15 min to leave, so you needed that mark in the game LUL

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