This Vehicle Breaks the Armour Meta

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Source: The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

Thank you @3616Yimie for making the thumbnail :3

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  1. The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

    I don’t think the AMX-10M is OP but it does feel very odd that it get’s to fight WW2 vehicles and completely dunk on them.
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  2. Le Tutel

  3. Cas players that say ‘deal with it, git gud at spaa’ should not have voting rights

  4. i have a feeling if u can cut that barrel off i think the misile will still be able to launch properly lmao

  5. its not a shell, its because its an atgm

  6. Anti-spookston YouTuber

  7. hey I love that guy (f22 face on ) as well , it’s such a comedic way to show world politics

  8. Diet coke asmr

  9. The only way you could possibly make that statement at 3:20 is if you are not at all familiar with AA.

  10. Nice to see that Iron is also a Habitual Linecrosser enjoyer.

  11. I legit laughed out loud when you said “Loader, baguette that man.”

  12. 3:21 You have this opinion because you’re a pretty bad player. You chose a poor position; you could have positioned yourself near the on-ramp for some hard cover after shooting. The warning signs on the map alone were very clear, but you died and immediately went off to inflate your mission score in planes, proudly telling people to learn to play AA after showing an embarrassing display of your tank gameplay. You are using three individual overkill bomb drops on an M41A1 and later on a stationary T26E5 in the video, so you showed you cannot play cas properly either, a remarkable feat considering how easy CAS is to play. Ironically, playing AA requires more skill and thought than what you demonstrate in these videos. You set out to make a video about the AMX-10M, but you showed cuts of tank gameplay followed by continuous CAS gameplay. At least stick to the vehicle you’re reviewing.

    The AMX-10M shouldn’t be 7.3, but it is at this BR because the armor meta hasn’t been a thing for a few years now. BR 6.7 before VIDAR / 6.3 was decompressed, and that shed some breathing space, but if the new BR changes go live, we will see 4.7 being decompressed and everything else shafted. Soon, we will see the reserve tier get decompressed while everything else is squeezed together. Instead, the armor meta right now should be called the survivability meta because HEAT, AP, and HESH are massively underperforming. Heavy tanks like the Maus (at least understandably) and Tiger II survive more than they should if they aren’t at a perfect angle for HEAT-FS. Funnily enough, lower br internally massive heavy tanks like M6 get obliterated with overperforming APHE damage, especially APHEBC, which also overperforms massively in damage but also UFO slope modifiers, unlike higher br heavy tanks versus HEAT-FS which can survive a shot or more. Half of the game’s problems can be fixed with a 0.7 or 0.3 matchmaking spread.

  13. I jumped on one of those like a raft in a type93 and i stayed on

  14. I’ve discovered a new war thunder content creator

    i’m very happy about it.

    • The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

      Awwww 😀.
      May I suggest you have a look at my back catalog as I’ve been making WT videos for seven years.
      It’s going to be a little while before my next war Thunder upload

    • @The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs I for sure will my guy, u make very good stuff if this video is an example of ur content, them im for sure watching it.

  15. 1:17 “let the real panzer do the work here”

    >gets shot instantly and almost dies as gunner its dead and the guy that shot you didn’t had anymore ammo on the ready rack as it took him forever to shoot back xD

    What a way to start

  16. I would probably love it if the gun was mounted higher up and it had good gun depression (basically a missile Dicker Max).

  17. That Coca cola ASMR gave us all an eargasem 2:46

  18. That broken Shield thing is the “I shot someone in their Spawn while Spawn Protection was still active. Here I am, shoot me.” Indicator lol

  19. There was no armour meta in the first place.

  20. 3:25 spookton would be crying rn 😂😂😂

  21. not every tank has a heavy machine gun on the roof and some of the ones that do don’t have good ones. don’t be an idiot or something idk

  22. Amazing vid dude

  23. And then Nerf the FV4005…..

    • The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

      I thinks that’s in a good spot already.
      Giant low armour vechile with a long reload time between shots

  24. God you sound old when you complain about zoomers

  25. Never thought I’d be so happy to see a round f-16 and a round harrier.


    Thanks for the soda ASMR mate !

  27. Armor meta has been dead since the Israeli M-51’s came to 6.0

  28. Armor meta was gone before that was added.

  29. I was literally reading some guy’s rant about cas on the forums.

  30. people DONT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO FRANCE, we have great tanks, the ELC has heatfs with 350mm pen at 6.0 and you can snipe with it
    edit: armor meta is great but france needs all around BR changes, we have tanks that fight things they cant pen despite having 273mm pen, but because autoloader and speed the BR is high

    “How can you tell? It got no identification marks”-

  32. I’m pretty sure you’re not sponsored by coke, bruh why the weird ad

  33. Armour meta has been broken like… 5 years ago ? Oh… after seeing the introduction it seems you have been struck in 2016…

  34. That’s a tank!

  35. 1:56 bf1 reference?

  36. Oh a tank game
    *Looks inside*

  37. Bro casualy forgets that italy at 6.7 exist

  38. he sounds like if a 19th centry guy got a hold of a youtube channel and startted playing warthunder

  39. i think that this has the inverse problem of the LOSAT

    the LOSAT needs range to get good pen, which is unrealistic to rely on, and then on top of that, it doesnt have the ability to aim its turret or pods, so it has to rely on the hop-up of the missile, but at the same time, the hop-up can hurt your ability to hit closer targets

    either way, the LOSAT is just not viable for 10.3, especially when there are vehicles at 8.3 and lower that get more pen than it, and are more reliable than it, as well as more ammunition than it… and now you are saying that THIS is at 7.3??????

    and to top it all off, this can fire on the move, but the LOSAT needs to be perfectly still and out in the open to fire?

    war thunder really is just falling apart at this point, isnt it?

    its not fun to play against vehicles that can easily kill you regardless of how hard you try to avoid getting killed by them

    its really seeming like we need to do that whole “WW2, Vietnam era, Modern” distinction to make the game actually work, rather than the absolutely BS battle ranking system that exists so far (that is not at all based on the power of, presence or lack of, and protection of, certain features, which are pretty critical to surviving a hit, or getting a kill)

    so what i propose is that if we want to keep the BR system, we need to have a sort of “points” system where the more points you have, the higher in the tree it goes, and the less, the lower, and it will be purely based on the effectiveness of a system, and if it doesnt have that system, it wont get any points for that system
    so for instance, the mere presence of ERA can stop most shells, which will give you an advantage, and thus a bunch of points against a tank that doesnt
    the fire rate will give you a better chance of getting a kill after you knock out a critical system, especially when the other vehicle is trying to retreat, and your reload gives you the ability to deny it the getaway, but it cant do the same to you

    heres an example of the list (nonexhaustive, and flexible, just change the weights as need be or add systems)
    1. armor penetration – 1 point per mm of pen at each designated range (so 0m, 10m, 50m, etc. up to 1500 or greater)
    2. armor thickness – 1 point per mm of armor thickness (the game doesnt seem to care about the type, it counts them as “equivelants” to RHA/RHS) averaged over the armor plate per “side”
    3. angle of plate – logarithmic 1-1000 per degree of angle averaged over the entire armor plate (so if you have an invincible plate, with a flat spot that is a weak point, it will change the score based on how much of that flat spot is the rest of the “side” so the tiger 1 wont get a score of 1000 just for having an impenetrably angled plate below its 1 degree angled upper 102mm plate, or the same story for the british, or americans like the m3 lee)
    4. crew members – 10 points per crew member, 10 points per x distance apart/distance from operated weapon (so tanks that are effectively impossible to kill in one shot, or impossible to kill crew by hitting the visible part (PUMA/WALL-E), get a much higher score than ones that are basically impossible to survive a hit from anything in)
    5. ERA – 1 point per % of armor plate that is covered in ERA, 1 point per mm of effective protection (so if you have ERA that is basically worthless, you dont get shafted for having it, but you also are getting more armor than someone that doesnt have it at all)
    6. add-on armor – 1 point per mm of protection, 0.25 points per mm of HEAT/HE protection (to prevent cope cages from being useless, but still counted as protection)
    7. mobility – 1 point per unit of top speed, 1 point per unit of acceleration (or horsepower per ton), 1 point per degree of traverse per second, 1 point per degree of turret traverse per second (allows for the cumulative retaliation power of more mobile vehicles to be punished for having features that less mobile vehicles dont)
    8. Stabilizer – 1 point per unit of speed stabilized at (so if have a stabilizer, but it only works at 1mph, it basically doesnt count, but is still better than one that doesnt, given the way the game works, same story for ERA/cope cages)
    9. rangefinder – 1 points per 1/10ths of a second UNDER stock speed (will especially hurt people who have laser rangefinders over ones that are just faster rangefinders
    10. thermals – 2000 points (gives people the ability to see targets that may not be able to see them without it, and completely negates camouflages)

    i could go on, but this is already SUPER long as it is

    this would likely give tanks like the Maus a fighting chance, while not making it invincible, because it has amazing armor, it has an amazing gun, but it doesnt really have anything else, and even its 75mm secondary gun is pretty underwhelmingly low-velocity and low-pen for where it would be put regardless, vehicles like the IS-6 would get the ability to fit where they can work with their armor and reload speed, but people wouldnt have an excuse to call it OP, etc. etc.


    I can’t get over the fact you waste all 3 bombs on one guy rather than using one per guy. I’m both happy, and annoyed at it lol. On one side, you could easily get 3 or more kills with those 3 bombs. On the other, it doesn’t ruin the fun of more than 1 player. I hate CAS but I play it because I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot. I despise helicopters and attack drones, but again, I use them because I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot. If gaijin removed helis and attack drones from ground RB, it would be a vast improvement. I’m ok with plane CAS, so long as they remove fire forget missiles, because not everyone has a good SAM vehicle to counter an A 10 or SU 25/35 that stays out of gun range, and are packed full of flair and chaff. For example, if I’m playing my German 9.3 lineup, my best SPAA is the Gepard, which can’t counter the helis and aircraft that stay out of my gun range, and they can all just see my tracers and move a tad. My best option is to guess where they will weave too, and shoot there. Seriously, the argument of “just be good at SPAA” is bullshit when no SPAA at your BR your playing can counter an A10, SU 25, MI 24, etc. that is launching missiles from 6-8km away while you are unable to do SHIT. I’m not saying remove the A10 or SU 25, I’m just saying we should move the to a higher BR. While the SU 25 doesn’t get fire forget, they get insanely good rockets that are essentially 250kg bombs, and are easy as hell to use due to the ballistics calculator. Its nearly impossible to counter with even a Gepard as they can fire at you from 3 km away and your best hope is that you get a lucky shot in, which won’t matter because the SU 25 is modeled as poorly as the Helicopters, as in, you can pump it full of rounds, and they will just continue flying like they are full of dead air, despite the insides of modern planes/helis being a mess of wires, hoses, circuitry, etc. that, if damaged, could cause a plane to lose control. Nope! If you shoot off the tail of a Heli, TOO BAD! He can still fly in a straight line, and even aim and fire all his missiles into you. FUN!

  41. why are you rushing in it, its a sniper

  42. theres no way this was done on purpose. Like seriously. It’s a quick reloading ATGM tank with 10.0-11.0 penetration.

  43. 1:25 Teammate helps repair you and you don’t thank him, disgraceful.

  44. mmmmm yes “learn to AA” when you have to die first to be AA unless you want to suffer by bringing AA out first.

    • The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

      I sometimes spoon as a AA first because they have a very low spawning cost. If you’re lucky you can get by with side shots

  45. To those who are saying this thing is broken…. try it. I had lost count of me saying “I wish I just took the AML 90 instead” mainly because its a hull mounted ATGM launcher (Most of it’s problem is because its a hull mounted ATGM launcher). The missile pen might be that high but I would say it’s useless to have that much pen when you only need half of that to reliably pen most vehicles in this BR. Aiming is clunky and very risky specially when sniping because of the fact that you have to expose yourself to aim and fire, the horizontal and vertical traverse is VERY limited pretty much nullifying the fact that it’s an ATGM launcher (Seriously, half of the time I wish this tank just fire a normal Heat instead of an ATGM) While it works at long range, you have to expose yourself in the open for a lot longer than usual as you need to guide your missle. While it might look like a broken vehicle, I lost count of how many times I raged and wished to have used a different vehicle instead.

    And please, just because it has insane Pen doesn’t mean its broken (Although in this case, the vehicle IS the problem)

    Seriously, I had more fun and success using the AuF1 and I think that tank is for shits and giggles

  46. Vivat Novus Orbis Multipolaris Ordo

    Now draw it as big tiddy anime girl.
    I dare you.

  47. You probably learned this but the shattered shield means someone shot into an enemy spawn or someone who just left it.

  48. Now i need to try france..

  49. Good god that coke filling at the start was sexy

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