This Vehicle is from 2005 & Has 1200mm Of PEN ( Khrizantema-S War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily


This from 2005 & Has 00mm Of PEN ( Khrizantema-S War Thunder)



  1. When I can finally play a vehicle as young as me

  2. I guess that the missile model in the hangar hasnt been added yet thats why it looks like its detonating at distance

  3. Crossrider Bankai

    Wow 😲

    Also Community: Yeah, Leclerc, Challenger 2F, M1A2, C1 Ariete PSO, AH-1Z and Khrizantema-S are kinda lit ya know

  5. This tank have better pen then ADATS

  6. Wenn ich kommente bis du n opfer duopfer.

    Phly i swear i hear that sound everywhere i go maybe its in my head and i should go to the hospital but i love it

  7. me playing my Leopard 2k: *Chugels* i am in danger.

  8. Bacon And egg sandwich

    That radar button is ASMR

  9. OMG Phly yo uare shooting with left side ark that’s why you are hiting only left side of the tank 😛 <3

  10. The explosion on HE shells is meant to disperse circumferentially while ATGMs are supposed to focus the explosion inwards to melt the copper lining.

  11. Phly, do a lingerie try on haul.

  12. phly please do a Ju 87d5 vid with dollar (attempt 80)

  13. I really wish warthunder YouTubers would brush up on their knowledge of the vehicles/arms before they start talking about them

  14. Vanilla Ghillie

    High tier was already horrifically unbalanced and now we have this. Fantastic

  15. Finally something that can pen the LEOPARD2A5

  16. In Bulgarian Khrizantema is Chrysanthemum and since Russ use weird reworked version of our lang most of the words stay similiar .

  17. Leonard Ovchinikov

    Wait… is it the first Russian ground vehicle which is not soviet?


  18. Try super fast drive by

  19. thechampion awesome

    This thing is also younger than me 😀

  20. I see this totally balance

  21. Sometime finding your self singing at work 😀 Dırı dııt dırıdımmm 😀

  22. Its not often that video games can teach us real life skills but Gaijin have allowed Phly to perfect his Russian accent over the years. Thank you Gaijin <3

  23. Thé rocket behind the mirage IIIC is not for take off assistance but to provide extra thrust while accelerating to Mach 2

  24. Its brought in for all inept players , remember the KA(totalnoob)50 release ;).

  25. 1200 mm pen BMP is still safe from it

  26. Lucky wit 100 k

  27. Lucky wit 1000 k

  28. I Russia it is not allowed to have <5° gun depression.

  29. could we get the mig 29 supersonic jet i think it could be cool to have in war thunder.

  30. 10:31 Elon Musk’s kid when his new update finishes downloading

  31. When phlopy wopy has6,9mil GE’S


  32. i wonder if this is just a directly better version of the british Stormer AA

  33. Soon There will be vehicles that didn’t even exist when War Thunder was created. Think about that for a second.

  34. Im sad that i didnt join war thunder in like 2012, 2013 cause im never gonna get all the veichles, i think

  35. The soundtrack phly sung sounded epic than the one played in the game

  36. VSSR - VR Socialist Soviet Republic

    That vehicle is ugly.

  37. 200 Abonennten ohne Video Challenge!

    Gaijin has to give us 2x lions and silver per match

  38. They made the hsvt have 1 sec reload and more gun depression

  39. guess im playing a vehicle that’s 1 year older than me in a game that was originally about WW2

  40. Monostripe Zebra

    9:38 WTF was that?!?

  41. Yo phly can you put to get her like a sweaty try hard montage. You can make a regular video. Then put out like a 3-5 min long clap compilation as well, thanks.

  42. 10:56 you mean HEGM?

  43. And its russian…. BIG suprise. And USA tanks still potato, no changes, no update, no ” okay players, russian tanks are op, so take the new op usa madafaka russian killer” again ru gets new tank😒 what a suprise… Yeey..

  44. Dude i could lowkey relate to phly about the Background music😂 its annoying and i could just hear it randomly when im doing somehing else

  45. _Hree-zan-tee-ma_ I believe. Also, I haven’t played this in like six years and now all of a sudden there are vehicles that _I’m_ older than. Huh?!


    No cap If found myself hearing it and having war thunder nightmares and 1000 yard stare

  47. Can you 1 Video Speak German

  48. HOT 3 – 1250 pen

  49. The difference between projectiles and missiles is that they have different dimensions the rocket explodes earlier than necessary and that this causes not enough damage.

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