This Vehicle Removes Depression (War Thunder)

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This Removes Depression (War Thunder)


  1. M1 ambrams made in the 70s, M1A2 in the 80s

  2. damn at 2:51 your video look like kamui in Naruto (made by obito and Kakashi ) 😀

  3. “You are not a clown, you are the entire circus”

  4. easily one of your best videos thus far! Hilarious m8 😉 Keep up the good work m8

  5. Karelia is the worst map in WT GRB.

  6. This is the funniest video you’ve posted in a while, I was dying the entire time! I don’t know if you’ll see this but I’ve been a pretty consistent viewer since 2013, thanks for the lols

  7. Patchouli Knowledge

    the moment he smack that snapshot pic of R3
    there is only 2 R3 and 3 of them is Fiat

  8. 2:27 is the physical embodiment of pain.

  9. It had 6099 likes so i was 6100

  10. Elonmusk2020 liked this video

  11. a little like the cybertruck!

  12. You have to use the Strv 103-0 to Teabag dead players!

  13. Italy has best AA, prove me wrong

  14. Tesla cyber truck

  15. The real “speed booster” in the R3, is the gun itself. It’s great at helping you get up steep hills as well. It can serve as a high speed stabilizer, when fired in the opposite direction of the force against it, and……the R3 floats. The gun actually works as a motor……kinda. You are, however, limited on your ammo, so try these things in AB or a custom match.

  16. I will risk my tank to kill this vichle if I see one.

  17. Welcome to Mariokart in War Thunder

  18. Call me old but this Italian Cybertruck sounds like a car from the Jetsons cartoon when it’s at top speed

  19. It do so by giving it to dozens of other people, please stop playing this tank and the Italian light tank tree in its globality

  20. Technically Phly didn’t kill anyone, all he did was just provide valuable information for the arty boys.

  21. Ply: I’m not going to kill anyone
    Deadly Bt 7 rolls by
    Ply: blasts it with 20mm

  22. My favorite vehicle in war thunder

  23. Philydaily is a BULLL~~~ SHIT!
    I tried to play like this guy in Aircraft battle, but then my plane started to lose control, and screen turned to black as i couldn’t move anything

  24. just looks like a cyber truck

  25. I love that you included a brand new meme the google translate one ❤️

  26. Did anyone else think the cars engine sounded like the Jetson’s spaceship?

  27. Maaaaan seriously you are the best i want to be friends😂😂😂

  28. Espresso supresso depresso!

  29. Tesla Truck with a gun on top

  30. Incomprehensible Idiot

    This video is clickbait and is misleading because it done everything of the opposite in this video… disliked!!!

  31. Video idea!
    The Tea Stock Syndrome: play Chieftain Mk10, full stock. Facing Leos and T55AMs all the time with APDS rounds. Sometimes up BRed to 10.0.

  32. 2:31

    7 yrs old me using Photo Booth

  33. Phly: This vehicle removes depression

    Me: You’re right, you can’t be depressed if you’re dead!

  34. Run American 5.0, that includes as many M4A3E2’s as you want, M4A2(76)W, and any aircraft you want. I thinks it’s super balanced and I usually win with this set up

  35. Best italian Anti-All vehicle

  36. Air-e-thinty venty fahk ess

    The flip was fucking hilarious, waited so long for that to happen lmao.

  37. I Really wish I could like Warthunder, seems so fun when Phly plays it, but as an inexperienced player I ground myself up to I think the first KV-1 and T-34 and some games I make a small mistake and lose credits, I can understand losing credits at top tier but I had to uninstall because progress was too slow with a steep learning curve to playing well

  38. Alfredo Reinaldo Lobo das Neves

    Let’s-a Go!

  39. 6:32 So who says it needs two to tango?

  40. could you give me some tips? I am pretty bad using tier 2 vehicles like pz 4 f1 and stuh 42 g but I cant seem to get a kill since the stuh is higher br than any of my other tanks

  41. TheRoyalGallade [TRG]


  42. Its engine sounds like The Jetsons’ ufo.
    It also looks like a mouse droid from star wars.

  43. Why is the Italian flag in war thunder looking like the Irish, is me or fly is colourblind?

  44. The engine sounds like an angry teapot

  45. Phly can you play France 8.0

  46. Rendi orgogliosi noi italiani

  47. Play the t64-b, only rocket Challenge #20

  48. Koca yrkli bir insan


  49. Attempt #2
    Chinese M8 LAC
    It has a crazy 12.7mm at BR 1.0

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