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Sophisticated Type 60 ATM


  1. 16:51

  2. This is a good kitty cat tank

  3. I will forever be amazed by the strength of the driver’s viewport on the Tiger I. It rivals Stallinium in pure strength

  4. In wotb it’s the worst tier 8 tank in the game

  5. Let’s cancel this bigot, he said the “I” Word

  6. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    phly what is up with you today🥴

  7. So many of those kills were Tigers through the front plate.
    The heritage of the pz.IV is carried on I see.

  8. I have reserched t-26e1-1 and t-25 and i have to say that thoose tanks being stock is a nighmare to play

  9. Yo phly you know you can get rid of the icons in the down right corner by just pressing Alt + Z, and pressing the cog wheel, after select HUD and there you’ll find options to make the icons disappear

  10. Why does phly sound like he has down sindrome sometim🔥

  11. Moritz Liebhäuser

    But then there comes Moritz with his Tiger 2 H and killed the tank because of a hull break…

  12. And those .68 percenters are all phucking Phoreigners

  13. I like how tiger players don’t angle at all and get shot by anything (even with crusader) from front.

  14. Wtf im kiling easly this tank in ewery german batlle

  15. Make more T-34 videos!!! Play🇷🇺^_^

  16. T20’s a pretty good premium too, once got a triple ace with it without even having to try

    Mind you back then it was 5.3 (it might even have been 5.0 (?))

  17. Why I never get my prepare BR -_-

  18. PLZ PLAY THE FV4202. Your last video was 4 years ago!!!

  19. I think that game have something weird. Sometimes, even 200 mm penetration Soviet tanks can’t penetrate a Tiger. But 160mm guy penetrates it easily. How is it possible. Soviet tree players will get it.

  20. nerf gajin XD

  21. WARNING: This video content HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE moment !

  22. For real tho this tank is phucking underrated

  23. Almost angry at how easy phly gets it…

  24. Absolute brain dead tiger players though. 80% of these kills consisted of tigers. M82 shot loves tigers

  25. M48A2 moving to 6.7 Germany Suffers

  26. Good video, Phly, but maybe less singing next time? I mean, much less.

  27. Plz realise he was downtierd 0.7br the first 2 games.

  28. i love how the Name of one preset is BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT

  29. That’s approximately the amount of kills I’ve gotten since the start of the year in total…

  30. Ofc, 3/4 is down-tier…yesterday me at 5.7 and 6.0, 1/10 was down-tier…

  31. T25: I fear no man but that thing (hills) scares me

  32. 130 tankers were hurt in the recording of this video

  33. I swear tiger players are some of the dumbest people i’ve ever fought, which makes it extra annoying when you die to one.

  34. Why is everyone you verse so brain dead

  35. T25 Terminator

  36. Its confusing because the Gaijin categorised it wrong as a medium tank meanwhile the T25 project came about as a result of the need for a 90mm tank destroyer. Wargaming have it at tier 7 as a tank destroyer.

    T20 is also fairly decent.

  37. dan the silent hunter

    Looks like a t20 for some reason

  38. phly please stop singing. ur videos were much better without it before

  39. Day 1: Phly pls play the SdKfz.221 (s.Pz.B.41) again😁

  40. Bernardo Maffessoni

    Now, thats game!

  41. Your situational awareness is insane I am still try to see what you are seeing lol It almost like your doing a magic trick in front of me :0

  42. phyl is making more song after the tigor plushie ad

  43. Much impressive

  44. Loll right b4 I saw this vid i yoinked one of those across the Sands of sinai with the SU 100Y

  45. Saw you in a match 5 seconds ago. Didnt know you were lvl 34

  46. Phly play every armament present from the bucaneer s.2 not many just 47

  47. Hello my good sir can u do a sabaton complication

  48. damn it phly i love you, now i gotta play warthunder again after a 3 month break, u always bring me back, love ya!

  49. Alex Rubio Alcerreca

    U know what the war thunder rules are phly?
    Phly: 16:50

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