THIS was a HYPER CARRY – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Delta038 is going show you the definition of a hyper carry in World of Tanks!



  1. is it still hot and dry there?

  2. Love the camo pattern on the tank.

  3. 2:35
    I’m a bit sad QB didn’t mention this : a very rare display of teamwork with a stranger, tanking the shots from the TVP to keep the Strv K in the game.
    What an elegant move !

  4. I miss this map….we dont have it on console any more.

  5. Aleksandar Vitanovic

    Realy quicky sad that isnt worlth it to spend all shells and kill last tank for 13 kills whith laast for medal???/ wtf man????

  6. Last I checked, this has the best win ratio of any t9 med tank

  7. “mais” doesn’t mean neither “with” nor “without” but “but”

  8. 9:15 – 9:45 His platoon mate basically told him he was the most handsome man on Earth and that he would suck him if he manages to get 13 kills xD

  9. What a ridiculous tank

  10. The Kpz 50 t is definitely one of the best tanks at tier 9.
    I hate playing ranked but decided to slog my way through it a while ago when they announced that you could buy tier 9 tanks for bonds.

    Great game by Delta. A bit funny as well considering his platoon mate was using the Kunze Panzer which is another tier 9 German reward tank.

  11. that skin is so sick.

  12. Always thought the Kampf Pz. 50t was overpowered. This more than cements my thoughts about it.

  13. Sorry, but the fake Faydin’s ruined it for me

  14. Medals should have a multiplier effect on the credits you earn. The reward system is broken when it comes to these kinds of games !

  15. Complaints Department

    Sorry but if I was that M12 and saw him purposefully missing and wasting ammo, I would’ve just drove and drowned myself. Force him to either finish me or fail. Cheesing medals is just as classless and tasteless as suiciding.

  16. The kind of players we need and long for in our team

  17. Mii Mii Mii “artificial”…. He got the medal and that is that!

  18. RNG without random, premium ammo as a credit drain and a matchmaker for premium tanks.

  19. the french was saying that if delta reached 13 kills he would put his houlala in his mouth, complicated to stay polite lmao

  20. Awesome game.

    Mais is the equivalent of but in french

  21. if i am that arty and i see him firing off to go for that last round medal?
    i drive for the water

  22. I don’t have a mod to move out of sniper mod but i do have a habit of using the shift key as I shoot to move out of sniper view quickly which looks similar to what he is doing. as my replays look very similar

  23. 863 timestamp 50-51 seconds bug? Above to the left of minimap

  24. Welcome back QB! hope ya had a great time on vacation you definitely deserved it 100%

  25. its all about rng!!..he hits every shot! and ridiculous is, he not even use stabilizers!then he bounce many shots…thats even more suspicios!
    WOT is like a Gambling Machine nothing else!
    but his second shot on the su was very suspicios too! how he knows that he can shot the enemy at this tiny spot?
    Tundra Aim Mod? he preaimed at a spot, that were covered with trees! so how he knows that the su would drive back and he will see the enemy there?
    and then he faked the fadins medal!
    not worthy battle to show us!

  26. His game play was very good, but I do not consider the end of this battle a legit Fadin’s Medal. There are so many people who DO get a Fadin’s Medal that artificially create it through burning off all their ammo at the end. I have no respect for people who inflate their Fadin’s Medal count in this manner. Personally, I have a Fadin’s Medal or two, but I did EARN it by the proper process of working through all my ammo on enemy vehicles and just happened to kill the last enemy with my last round… People who do that, legit, I have a lot of respect for…

  27. Honestly, I do it myself a lot, shooting and zooming out, idk why tho

  28. His classmate tells him that he will blow him if he does 13.
    It’s verlan, a slang that reverses the syllables

  29. I do the same thing when i’m about to take pretty much every shot. just feels like that bit more of effort to quickscope and microadjust to weakspots on the fly is so much more rewarding

  30. No tone

  31. This game proves that you are not very well rewarded for a great game. Us average Joes lucky to make 20k credits 1000 XP

  32. the best tier9 tank for me.

  33. What a stupid enemy team…

  34. sick skin as well

  35. Was really hoping arty could drown himself after he saw what the guy was doing. LOL

  36. awesome battle, but that was one situation where I’d have forgiven the SPG from drowning when he saw what delta was doing


  38. Idk if anyone noticed there are a text “863” play only like 1 frame at 0:50

  39. No, there is no system to get out of snipe mode. Its trigger discipline. If you have no more rounds to fire, while the tank reloads you get more intel of the current situation.

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