This was a nice MEME

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Source: Circon

📺Twitch! https://discord./vnVP5FK


  1. My lord Circon hath blessed us with a third upload. Truly, this is a day of days.

    Also A+ gameplay as per the usual Circ, always happy to see your matches.

    (P.S, enjoy my twitch prime sub you magnificent bearded boi)

  2. Keep the memes flowing my man, good to have you back!

  3. nice to see you back on here!

  4. glad to see videos again, 0:46 how is called that 12sec eye mod?

  5. More Bassotto content. Love it!

  6. *obi-wan voice* “Circon? That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.”

  7. im just happy Circon is back 🤍

  8. Great to have you back circon. You are my favourite WoT youtuber just because of the MEMES .

  9. And that engagement of the arty is why I stopped playing WoT. Stopped fully aimed in and miss two times in a row because of BS RNG.

  10. Unterschicht_Investor

    Man, i’m glad you’re back on youtube!

  11. The love hate relationship between circon and world of tanks is the biggest meme.

  12. ITS ALIVE! Welcome back my man.

  13. I don’t know if you can read this comment, but your voice in WoT is the sole reason that kept me playing this cancer game for ages! XD When WG put you in I was fangirling soooo much! Missed ya lots.

  14. circon content is the pepsi cherry we all need in our lives:D

  15. Hummel took pity and gave him a better shot

  16. Where hath you been my lord, tis I, the old guard!

  17. so nice to see you uploading again

  18. I thought my phone was broken while watching the video and nothing came out of the speakers in the first minute


  20. Why are all of your videos demonitized? That really sucks.

  21. Jesus Circon!? Did you just freeze yourself over the last year and a half?! What are you eating? You’ve got younger!!??!?!?!?!??!?!
    Although your eyes look like you haven’t slept for the last 3 days…

  22. I’m sorry Circon, I know it’s wrong…
    Id Have died laughing if the Hummel went down to G1 and the other two found it xP

  23. Glad to have you back!

  24. Jandre Labuschagne

    So glad to see you back circ!

  25. This tank seems fun. What is the alpha?

    I might take a look at the game again. Haven’t played in like 7 months now

  26. he protecc

  27. Good to see you back buddy we missed you just seen you posted

  28. Haven’t played WOT in many years now, and I barely recognise it now…

  29. 1 shot 1 arty kill

  30. Good to see ya back uploading Circon! Lately ive been watching a bunch of your stream highlights from years ago and the really funny ones like your “Participating in World of Artillery” video from way back when!

  31. Beautiful 4K damage, casual as you like

  32. The meme lord once again proved that hes back and aint going nowhere 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  33. Would have been funny if the game kept trolling you until the E25 caught up and snatched the kill or the arta reloaded as karma for your little trick. Haha

  34. Man, Circon is just on a roll!

  35. He has returned!

  36. Bad RNG you got shooting arty was WOT punishing you for the cheeky pinging wrong location

  37. 4 shots to kill the arty! Learn to aim n00b.

  38. “Never saw the enemy Type 64″… Wait, you bounced on it?


  40. We missed you Circon. I hope you’ve been well and really enjoy seeing your content again.

  41. Bro good to know you are still playing. Haven’t seen your video in years. Wish all the best for ya. Maybe try some other games because WOT is really not doing so good.

  42. Love the vids

  43. Glad ur back

  44. Almost karma for sending them the wrong way. I did the same for my only Pools medal!

  45. I find your map marker setup interesting. Does it show whether a tank is currently spotted or not? Or is that a map feature that you don’t need or use?

  46. Wait circon and on youtube !!?

  47. That false ping was big brain work to get to the arty first .. then rng nearly said nope.

  48. the man is back! you think you’ll put any war thunder content on here or just WoT?

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