This Weird Tank.. – Renault G1 – World of Tanks

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  1. Boom

  2. Really like this new streamer, will definitely subscribe with my amazon prime.

  3. I though I had seen everything in WOT but a sidescraping lefH? trololololol

  4. There was a tier 6 variant that was planned but WG never finished the tank, the G1L the hull was similar to the G1R but everything else was different.

  5. you’re not doing a Paris talk video ?

  6. I completely blanked out on that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Gareth Fairclough


  8. Please do another old man voice video. We so need a sequel!

  9. Derp gun is best gun

  10. Bruh I three marked and honestly I love it more then the other derps because it has really good shell velocity for a derp gun

  11. Hoe was het in Parijs, Circon?

  12. dubhead spartan

    Fun fact: the frontal pen on the 30.01 H at 17:20, with the angle he was at, was almost exactly a 50/50 chance with HE. 53 mm of pen vs 50 mm of armor slightly angled. fun times for all parties involved. had the same look on my face as circon when that happened lmao

    • Complete punching bags like that VK is what you get when developers are Russians still butthurt about Germans.

  13. this derp gun has a pretty good velocity compared to pz4 and m4

    • True, but it takes velocity in exchange for RoF, gun handling, gun depression, speed. Pz4 reloads almost two seconds faster, and has AP rounds when you want to overmatch funny angles.

  14. Ibrahim Mamdouh

    How do I get circon’s reticle and the pen thingy?

  15. 0:36 Circon becomes gollum

  16. I got some tier 8 swedish medium replays comming up soon! : )

    • could you ask wargaming to give you a redeem code for the t127 like quicky baby does for the NA server?

  17. The one dislike is the leFH18B2 player. Suck dick clickers!

  18. 5:25 “I am a fucking god”. Well, you’re not half bad at World of Tanks either.

  19. AbraFukken Kadabra

    O dam a 2fer

  20. 0:36 excuse me?

  21. Owner Of All Deathly Hallows

    I learnt to always scream at my screen before shooting for a guaranteed hit.

  22. I love that as good as you really are, that you will post these tier replays. Great work with some really crap tanks.

  23. New crew skill: “Umbrella”. Decrease arty damage and stun.

  24. G1 R is great memes, 3 marked on console

  25. that tier 5 derp has the highest shell velocity

  26. WG ruined this map and Fjords

  27. Lol first battle… stop baiting your teamm8’s in

  28. Love that aiming Circle, NOT even 1/2 map and its larger then 20 foot(length of tank) spread angle is about 4.77, Which is allot more then .43 per 100m…the circle should be about 1.7m round and hit every time.. I still think the .43 is DOUBLED, .43 on Each side of the center..Which is .86, and a 3.4m at that range and still off by 1/2..

  29. AND that is the Heavy french BDR g1 B… Worse guns then the medium Ren G1..

  30. Fun fact: This tank sidearmor behind the tracks is only 10mm because it has 50mm spaced armor as cover and in some places is 50+20mm spaced armor.

  31. 8:47 That’s exactly why I love Circone ?

  32. Nice tamayoshi ododo’s medal there circon

  33. J. The Happy Wyvern

    Good to see Circon is trying out some French Golf

  34. I´m rly thinking about making a Sixth sense sound of that 0:35 :DDD

  35. I loved the G1 vid you posted ages ago and wished you did more in this meme tank. Good stuff Circon!

  36. the furry cookie

    play the tier 6 french wheel tank

  37. That ricochet off the suddenly unspotted BDR G1 R at 5:00 was pretty cool.

  38. When did you turn into a foulmouthed winer Circon? the evil evil arty won’t let me seal club the puppies!!

  39. Kelly Constenius

    Sniping with a derp gun. yea!!

  40. I hope they put in the G1 L soon, I love this tank but sometimes it feels like driving cardboard powered by a rubber band…

  41. More like the unholy trinity….

  42. French tank=Wierd tank:)

  43. I am blaming this replay on the G1 R that got 4 kills in the El Halluf game.

  44. You can get nation blueprints if you have the whole nationed researched. Wargaming did it on purpose forcing us to use our free xp.

  45. The G1R is very much like the M4. as far as gun play goes…the turret tumor is its down fall.. but the 105mm just is so fun.

  46. West Coast Warriors Archive

    How does this thing with the 105 howitzer compare to the m4 sherman?

  47. Fucking leclarc is back man, way togo circ

  48. 0:35 A rare Circon mating call

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