This Weirdest Heavy Tank

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Source: Spookston

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The Soviet Mk-IX Valentine medium tank in War Thunder is a very strange and rare vehicle. It’s supposed to support infantry, but its armor isn’t very strong, it doesn’t have a coax MG, and it is quite slow. Its armament is very strong, but that’s the only thing it has going for it.

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The Weirdest Heavy Tank


  1. Click this link and use my code SPOOKSTON to get 25% off your first payment for That’s 25% your first month or your first year, depending on the subscription you choose #ad

  2. can i be ur pookie :3

  3. You should play the new object 292 but with HE rounds

  4. Plz play strv m/40 L

  5. @thodorisevangelakos

    “Herr Fuchs” how are german mains real bro

  6. Obj 292 NOW

  7. hey Spook what do you think about revisiting GHPC?

  8. Yhe, i shall ask again for chieftan vid tho.

  9. @princesspupcake1269

    Pretty unrelated, but do you think US should get a premium King Tiger at some point in the future? We only ever captured one, numbered 332, and it never actually saw combat (on our side)… but it was perfectly in-tact and fully functional. Besides, 90% of the prototype/one-off vehicles in the game either never saw combat, or were total failures (*COUGH*XP-50*COUGH*) so historical accuracy be damned!

  10. Day 34 of asking spookston for the IS2 (1944)

  11. Can you pls play the BF109Z

  12. The Valentine is an infantry tank, whose engine was built to produce noise, not power.

  13. I used to play WT allot before they put in the French and the VAL-9 was a killing machine, take that in first so your team dies and gives away all the positions set the CC to 2 and shoot on the move to mop half of them up the brawl with what’s left before taking the CRU-3 in to get the party started when they are on the second rate tanks was all a good laugh hardy a loss and most games were a good 5-15kill run if they didn’t have too many pumas. Aah fuck I miss those days.

  14. please Spookston, play with a Leopard 1

  15. Day 1 of asking spookston to play zachlam tager.

  16. Hey Spookston play with Hori production for me It’s kinda beast at 7.7 and also 8.0.

  17. I rly rly rly want to see Spookston playing AMX 30 Super (twelfth attempt 😀 )

  18. Day 15 of asking Spookston to play the Csaba

  19. Day one of asking Spookston to play the M103

  20. Kan you play the KV1

  21. @premierbudouci5067

    I did not forgot to ask for the soviet T-28 gameplay

  22. @houjisaifeddine5524

    day 113 : you should try the jagdtiger sometime. it’s extremly slow, doesn’t have a turret, gets uptiers all the time, and most importantly, you’ll have to play with german teams. the very definition of suffering.

  23. Video 129 of asking to play the Sturer Emil

  24. Day 100*0+1 of asking to play the Sd.Kfz 251/22

  25. Day 176 of asking this man to play play the IT-1

  26. @melonenkrieger4503

    leo cmon

  27. M3A3 Bradley, for some Gulf War vibes.

    Attempt 129

  28. I went british as my main.
    Why.. just why.
    Im at 9.3/10 with no willpower left. 😂

  29. try 137 can you make a video about the centauro 105 It is an italian light tank that is really fast so I guess it fits your playstyle

  30. Video/Attempt 201 at asking Spookston to do a video on the XM-803

  31. day 57 of asking spookston to play the Jpz 4-5

  32. @domantasmazukna435

    TRY 167 of BEGGING to play my favorite light tank Rooikat MTTD.

    Its insane fast, mobile, has great gun and bounces a lot of rounds while being paper thin
    PERFECT for our fellow rat person

  33. Day 79 of asking Spookston to play the AMX-50 Foch

  34. Spookston: If you can’t tell, I’m out of it
    17 kill match

  35. You should consider taking out the Crusader AA Mk1! It’s a blast in low tier 🙂 (attempt 150)

  36. Day 63 of asking Spookston to play the YaG10 29k

  37. day 156 asking for crusader 3

  38. Video 4 of asking Spookston to play the LAV-AD with Anti-Tank HEAT

  39. Video 11 of asking Spookston to play the DF 105

  40. Day number 16, kugelblitz, play, now.

  41. Day 5: Hey Spookston, I know you don’t enjoy playing top tier, however, I think you would have fun playing hull down (commander view) M3A3 Bradley with tow2bs

  42. @jozefhercegml.6224

    Spookston uses a sound effect for small tanks some kind of small motor, i really want to know what the original is

  43. Anyone else felt kind of off about that sponsor?

  44. I research all of the valentines in the British tech tree because I realized how braindead enemy players are when they face it for some reason

  45. dont even play warthunder but love watching this cute little furry play.

  46. @khahinmetameta7826

    If they had given this the Christie suspension instead of the A9/10 suspension it would have very good. But desperation and politics and post Dunkirk played havoc

  47. halo sounds crack me up everytime what a game lol

  48. Only the british would dream up a heavy tank with a dog shit engine and no armor.

  49. Day 26 of asking spookston to play the arl 44 tank destroyer

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