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  1. Its possible to land the drone at the heli base, that’s how slow it flies.

  2. how are you so good at aiming with tanks

  3. “Should choppers get invincibility?” *a few minutes later*
    “Invincibility, that’s cheating!”

  4. time phlys? lets get him up to 2 mil subs

  5. Man what is yor crazy rng matchup?
    Everyone else facing the Bias at this BR is usually getting a Ka-50 on his ass after 1-2 kills.

  6. theres a reason why I now strictly only play wheeled italian vehicles, why would I wanna play a tracked vehicle when its on par/WORSE than the wheeled vehicles when it comes to armor protection? no italian top tier vehicle has armor worth sacrificing the speed of wheels for.

  7. Wait Laura is pregnant again?! :0

  8. Day 5 of asking phly to play the rooivalk a long range beast with missiles better than the hellfires

  9. Rafael Chavenco Longo

    Hey phly! Nice vid, today’s my birthday, and unfortunatelly im celebrating It Alone… This vid Just made me forget the pain of celebrating this fatidic day alone, thanks for making my bday better!

  10. Italy suffers lol

  11. Any recommendations on how to learn how to properly fly a plane on PlayStation in war thunder because I can drive the tank and do somewhat good. I just really struggle with flying.

  12. “Pure cheating”? he literally just spawned and you except to insta kill him?

  13. So the cv 90120 is superior? That has better pen, faster speed and no armor. No armor best armor right?

  14. “AAAh, are you alive?”

    -Phlydaily, 2023

  15. It’s not that it’s nerfed… it’s that everyone else got buffed making it’s armor irrelevant lol

  16. That “ay cabron” at 11:43 got me by surprise NGL i laughed

  17. tizanik and 1900 others

    Is basically a Leopard but with a worse armor 🙁 why is gaijin nerfing Italian “mbts”

  18. the day i started playing was the day i decided to play italy and grind top tier do i regret it no bc i have prob become the most deadliest killer on the battlefield from the agressive nature you have to play italy in order to do decent its truely a master piece to learn how to play the game and get 10k games back to back

  19. STILL LIKE IT FOR SOME REASON 😛 and i main planes

  20. Thx for this video is so paintfull being italian e knows what we all knows cool looking tank, but weak and SUPER NERFED, top tier is just pain when i want use my own nation, at least give us our battleships

  21. This is why you just play the OTOMATIC

  22. hay cabron. I will like to see one video were you only speak or try to speak spanish.

  23. Gaijin nerfing Italian top tier after the entire 4 people who play it (me included) get a slightly higher than average KD in the Ariete

  24. The biggest weakspot in tanks is usually the player.

  25. Hey can you give me tips to play war thunder tank battles

  26. 19:05 Has anyone ever made a video of a MQ-1 drone versus a Po-2?

  27. Please phly the I-16 type 10

  28. man every time I play this thing nowadays, I get phucked six ways from sundown :/

  29. Intro was outta pocket

  30. Wake up babe, new episode of PhlyDaily lore dropped

  31. “I’m just gonna sit on his face”

    – Phly circa 2023

  32. Ariete is 10.7
    T-80UK is also 10.7 but better

  33. IRL the Ariete is really cool conceptually, notice that there’s no source for the steel/composite armor and remember that the Italian developers built the tank under the pretense that it would have applique composite armor. However, why would the devs make this tank 10.7 given the stats they provided it. They could have had the baseline Ariete without applique at 9.7 with RHAe inbetween the min/max of the challenger mk 2 but without increased CE protection and then added the PSO (buffed) at 10.7. Shame because like I said the Ariete is actually pretty cool.

  34. With such title i’ve expected to see abrams in this video but ariete will do, fair enough.

  35. Like the Leclerc already…

  36. why do you say random words in spanish xd?

  37. I was planning to eventually grind out Italy for the Ariettes, they’re one of the most sexy moderb MBT’s but since gaijin nerfed them into oblivion, I’ll stick with Germany, Russia and UK if I’m feeling masochistic.

  38. It’s not cheating you are invulnerable for a few seconds when you spawn in the base so you can react to base raping, that’s what you have been doing.

  39. You have that in every multiplayer game, spawn point protection.

  40. 11:42 caught me off guard, never heard you said that before lmao

  41. This tank in 2023 still doesn’t have its proper armor.
    It doesn’t have composite on its hull, when all sources, official website from the builder company included, says basically the opposite…
    And of course, even the armor thickness are ridiculously wrong.

  42. Wannachat Phetchun

    Type 10 is the new ariete!! Good round but now armor.

  43. Everything not Russian is a weak spot.

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