This Year’s Well Deserved Reward in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks releases a well deserved reward each year in November and this year I think it’s the Aufklarungspanzer Panther!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Type 64 has 2.300 dpm on tier 6. No comment.
    Old afk wasn’t as bad if you were a good player. But this one… I also sold my super hellcat. Bush wanker tanks suck massive PP

  2. Another tank for the cult of speed 😀

  3. QB: i will put gun rammer + vents + optics

    me: turbo + HP increase + optics/vents and maybe use fuel in consumables… “i live my life 1/4 of a mile at a time… nothing else mathers…”

  4. Hey QB… Do you die your hair?

  5. Please…. nooooo!

  6. It’s nice to get old trash from World of tanks…..the problem the newer tanks they all hit harder the alpha has increased in the game. Even HE spamming lights will wipe this relic out…..

  7. Can’t wait to get my hands on this Chad of a tank. The only thing that I would like better as a reward is the old school chaffee

  8. Cool. A free garage slot…

  9. Speak it like “Oufclarongspunzer Punter”.

  10. I much rather have the t8 version already in the files. I used to love the fast firing 7.5mm

  11. I’m 2 weeks from being a 6 year member instead of 5, every year I’m reminded by that especially when I have a friend that’s 2 weeks the other way round 🙁

  12. The Well Deserved Garage Slot!

  13. Where ist the old long gun 🙇

  14. If the Awful Panther goes into the game with current stats I personally think it won’t be viable. Lower pen doesn’t really matter to much given the MM Change but the nerf to. The DPM turns this tanks into a BigChungus of A light tank that is only really good in a sniping role with bad cammo comparitivly vs other Tier 7 LTs or as a meme. Tank for Ramming.

    Personally I disagree with these changes as the AFK Panther should play as a Harasser/psudo medium.

    Luckily for me though I have this tank on Console as when it was. Removed from the TT and replaced by the SP1C it was given premium status with no change in stats and when the Tier 10 LTs. Came. In it also. Got the change from Plus 3 to +2 MM

    Which basically means you can get top tier matches where you may have less health than the avg medium at 950 vs 1200 but your DPM is insane and combined with VR and Ramming ability it makes the tank Insanly fun while not being overpowerd as pretty much anything can kill is especially 152mm Derp HE.due to. The weak turret

  15. But if it would be for money oo then the stats would be much better wright wg cmon buff the pen and top speed atleast

  16. They ruined this tank. Its nothing to look forward to. Prepare to be disappointed. They should have just changed the match making for it and replaced it with the sp1c.

  17. I hate the fact that you can recognize this is going to be a free tank by how bland they made it from something interesting that it used to be, because if this was a premium tank, you bet your ass they would go out of their way to make it interesting.

  18. The real Aufklärunspanzer was better :3

  19. You should try playing with a touchpad

  20. Why most German tank have worst MM?,

  21. So, they nerfed all the redeeming qualities in a rather terrible tank and then give it as well deserved reward …. Like getting coal for christmas.

  22. No, quickybaby, that is not how the old match-up worked. When you played a light tier 4,5,6,7 or 8 (because 9 and 10 did not exist) you got into a *battle* tier 2 to 4 tiers higher than your own.

    So with tier 4 lights you could face tier 8’s. Pretty regularly.

    Now if you were to play a tier 8, that would max out at 8+4 = 12. Which is the highest battle tier. Because regular tanks would get a battle tier that’s 0,1 or 2 tiers higher than their own tier.

    For example, battle tier 11: that would see tier 10 tanks who rolled 1 tier higher and level 9 tanks who rolled two tiers higher. And of course tier 7 or 8 lights (who rolled 4/3 tiers higher).

    While it does sound awful, it usually was for the people who played tier 4 lights facing tier 8’s. The latter tier lights, especially with good crews, were plenty capable. Lights have seen atrocious nerfs.

    Oh and before the lights got to tier 8, you had only three lights (the Chaffee, the VK2801 and T-50) at tier 5. And those would see up to tier 10 tanks in battle. That was worse.

  23. I loved the awfulpanther but it was rubbish compared to most other lights, I just rolled it out for the lols and try to get at least one ram kill a session. Not a massive fan of its replacement even though I have a mark of excellent on it, shows how bad a tank is if a potato like me has marks on it

  24. “irrelevant of” …lol

  25. Hey QB, CVS at Tier VII?

  26. Hans Peter Wunderlich

    haha=D yeah thats my desire in this game: absorbing kv2 shells like a boss =D nice kind of measurement

  27. Hi QB, I just reinstalled the game.
    I’m not sure you feeling the same way, but I feel it is completely new and unfamiliar to me. The last game I played was in 2019, not too long ago ha! But some of my mate disappeared 5years ago. Time flying. Kinda sad.

  28. Chiggy Von Richthofen

    I hope it will be the Aufkl Pz., I miss him so mush.

  29. Russian bias crap from WG again… Bet it wouldn’t go into the game like this if it was Russian !!!

  30. Ok but wrong gun! With 105 mm He Howitzer it was an evil enemy in the old times ! 😉

  31. I thought CVS was tier 8-10

  32. I love how even Will is calling himself Quackybaby instead of Quickybaby

  33. Were the WTE100 they stole, better free German tank to give back…….


  35. Me: Sees title of QBs video. Can’t be any worse than the A46. Err I better watch the video.

  36. May i know when this well deserve reward thingies cab get ?

  37. We’ve had the AufulPanther on console for ages. Fun tank. The nerfs aren’t going to be too bad. Especially if it’s free. Why so much complaining?

  38. Jagdpanzer E. OneHundred

    Just buff the top speed to 60, and buff DPM to at least 1700

  39. I speak for Deutschland aka Germany… You did well pronouncing it 👍

  40. POS sns wg

  41. Noobzerhech5lers Channel

    This thing was awful being in a tier x match wit the 5cm kwk L60
    Its think the statstics of this tank are horrendous because of the grind with it.
    you had all the worst guns
    Kwk 7.5 Short l24, 30mm gun mk103, kwk 5cm L42; L60
    The Last gun 7.5 konisch was nice and the 10.5cm L28 was ok

  42. Remember fondly the ramming and the konisch gun. It was special and fun. One of my favorites. And then they took it away. They could have given it back unaltered. Hope to get it back for free.

  43. PLEASE be the AFK Panther. PLEASE

  44. Giorgi Shavgulidze

    I have been playing WoT for 4 years can I get it?

  45. QB went from chill statistic reading to “I drank 5 Coffes and did coke befor recording this. Also I eate way to many sweets” I kinda like it 😛

  46. give this tank a derp gun and it would make more sense imo

  47. When is QB:s charity stream?

  48. great content, thanks QB

  49. Use the force QB! Use the force.

  50. This year’s well-deserved award is the M24E2 Super Chaffee

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