Those were supposed to be SPECIAL Offers? 🔴 World of Tanks Daily Deals Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Daily Deals Review – Special Offers and Sales which I believe are not much of a deal, or maybe I was just unlucky with my Daily Offer Cards. World of Tanks sales on Premium time, vehicles, boosters, currency packs, and customizations.
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Oh boy, I do not know if it is just me with my offers, but this time I did not get much of an offers out there. 😀

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– Some special offers instead! 😛
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  1. Come on, please tell me you got something good/juicy and it is worth waiting tomorrows offer?!?
    Much Love DezNation.

    • GLD Class1, Rammer Class1, and V Stab Class1? 1.8m credits. Isn’t that the exact same price as getting them individually? (Common Card)
      10 Garage Slots for 1.2m credits, 120k credits per. Might be good enough to warrant a grab. (Common Card)
      Matilda BP with 100% crew? $13.32 CAD (Common Card)
      Day of the Dead style, 1,500 gold, 10x Large Repair Kits, and 10x Auto Fire Extinguishers? $18.90 CAD. Shows that it is slashed down from $25.65 CAD. (Gold Deal Card)

      Best one out of the four I got, is probably the garage slots since you can’t normally get them with credits.

    • WG should have called this the scam event. On my NA and EU accounts every deal was nothing but a scam.

    • I have a lot of good losses because I never spend even 1 cent in this game!

    • I got 1000 gold for €4,27 but in the premium shop they have the same amount for €4,25. Isn’t this a scam? They called them “great deals” by the way…

    • Jon .knallpistol

      They are trying to kill the game, but us idiotic players are keeping it alive.

  2. It’s their business strategy. They make these offers special but actually they are not and sometimes even more expensive. This can catch the people who are not that concerned with small amounts of money and do not calculate the prices. It’s quite disrespectful to consumers, especially those who trust them. But I mean they already sold Type59 again, so they don’t really have a baseline when they can profit

  3. So its the usual WG crap rip-off……..what a surprise.

  4. This is borderline false advertising

  5. I just want skin or premium tank for good price, but wargaming adds to this think like 2000 gold and 1000 000 credits and one slot in the garage and other shit what I dont want and then says it cost 40 euros, thats perfect

  6. Those so-called “offers” are pure bullshit lol

  7. You seem surprised at this piss take from WG Dez. Nothing surprises me with these guys anymore, and to be honest, I would not have been surprised if these “special deals” were MORE expensive than the usual price.

  8. I just got shit deals

  9. got 1000 gold for 4,27 eur, and in the shop 1000 gold is worth 4,25, deal of the deals 🙂

  10. so glad i stopped playing because of shit like this.. have fun you all

  11. tornike khojashvili

    Greedynes in battlepass was last step. I stop playing this game.

  12. The first thing they did learn at School : George Orwell 1984 ! and they live the style 🙂

  13. Exactly why I don’t play anymore…………

  14. With how little WG cares about players I’m suprised the deals arent actually more expensive. Literally knew this event was absolute bull when i saw my deals yesterday

    • There was a post on the WoT reddit showing 1000 gold being sold for a little more in the deal than in the premium shop.

  15. If this is all they can offer…shame on you WG.

  16. I got 4 yesterday which were complete rubbish. No real savings at all. This is a horrible scam.

  17. I got daily common offer for 35 pieces of food (for crew) for the price of 700,00 credits. Same amount like in game. LOL

  18. I bet WG are doing this as a part of some weird survey to find out how many idiots are ready to give them the same amount of money while being happier for thinking it was discounted

  19. Maybe WG thinks that the regular gold offers are already a fantastic deal? 😀

  20. This seems to be a JOKE … or …
    Probably someone thinks that most players are younger than 7 and that father forgot his credit card this morning at home!
    This is an incredible attempt at fraud and it is not clear how it is possible for such a large company to play with its reputation!!!

  21. I am more suprised at people who actually spend money for Pixels they do not own that will be power crept and no fun to use, especially from such a company with a long history of scummy tactics towards its ” Customers”……. Seems like WOT and WOWs are compeating with each other to see who can be more scummy King Kong Voice over being their latest Scam.

  22. Man i’am so glad i quit this game. Have been playing since 2010, so it was hard to walk away from all the progress i’ve made but damn it was a good choice.

  23. This game that I love is going straight down. Soon, in battles there will be only bots and players worse then bots.
    WG should change their decision makers and force them to play tier X for punishment.

  24. “One is just bad… one is worst…”
    Exactly what I thought yesterday after clicking those cards!
    WG gets even better ideas as times progresses, doesn’t it?
    – WTF?!!

  25. These offers are insulting.
    I got an amazing chance to buy one of the best bundles ever – 30 big medkits for the suberb low price of 600k credits

  26. This is, among the many other reasons, why I stopped playing years ago….

  27. HY DEZ, wake up my friend, WG only want to got money from imbecils.They r think we r retards,capichi???

  28. WG style…. Who’s surprised? 😂🤷 The most greedy development company right behind EA, Ubisoft & Activision Blizzard….

  29. Markus Deininger

    Deal: 4,05mio Credits, 180 Prem-days, 300% Crew EP 1h (10x), 100% EXP 1h (30x)….78,3€ (discounted from 93,75€)…….calculated 95,1€ total, get it for 78,3€ not bad, but Xmas was way better deal.

    Btw, they are offering the Micro-Maus for juuust 90€ now, 14% discount tag on it….just FU, WG. Not even as a collector, fuckers!

  30. scam WOT ?

  31. Wow. this is just bad.

  32. I got a “deal” for 5x Large repair kits, 5x Large medkits & 5x Extinguishers for 750 gold. These items are worth 300k credits combined. Conveniently, you can convert 750 gold into 300k credits as well… They literally offered me to save some of my time converting my gold into credits and then buy these consumables at max price for me (instead of on a discount). This is a 1-1 conversion from gold to consumables with nothing saved… Ridiculous concept…

  33. Celestino Natale

    I feel lied to even though I haven’t even purchased aynthing.

  34. Patata Caliente

    This is a typical WG stunt. You have to laugh about it so as not to cry.

  35. Once a scam, always a scam. GG boyz.

  36. WG’s new scam. I got 1 card with 10 garage slot for 1.200.000 credit, is it worth it?

  37. This is called game breaking!!!

  38. got 15 credit booster 1h, 15 free exp 300%, 15 crew 300% exp, 15 100% combat exp for 5500 gold

  39. hey, didnt play wot for nearly 2 months now, but had to try this out, my 2nd offer was awesome: stabs, vents and rammer, all class 1, one time all for 1.8m credits… check this out man, its just the regular price without any discount at all… dont know why but i didnt buy it..

  40. Greedy WG and stupid people,…match made in haven

  41. I just got following deals : 1000 gold for 4.27€ (normaly 4.25€), 100k credit + 1D premium for 500gold, Flora camo for 430k credit, sakura storm+650k cred+1k gold+Larg1staid(10)+auto fire ex.(15) only for 16.20€… so nothing good.

  42. Oliver Gjerløw

    Video idea: play bc 155 58 as a spotting tank.

  43. They offered me 55 consumables (food from every nation) for 1.1M credits…. that’s the same price it costs me in game with no discounts. They also offered me 3 type 2 equipment for 700k credits… also the same as the normal in-game price. This is a waste of time so far.

  44. when do u ppl get it everything from WG is close to fraud … from playing game with mm and rng to “deals” … only for New Year they were generous but that was last year … we shell see this year how will it be

  45. I think the best deal I got was the 103B Hel camo, 700k credits, 1500 gold and 3 days of prem for 32,13€. Otherwise garbage

  46. A just got a juicy offer: 500 k credits for 1250 gold, thx wg

  47. I was offered to buy moon cammo and sakura cammo for like 13-17 euro or whatever. Yea, no thanks.

  48. The biggest muppets is WG themselves. DezGamez you go Brother

  49. The title offers fits. You’d have to be pretty special to think this is a deal…

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