Those will Change The Game! | World of Tanks Equipment 2.0 Review

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of Tanks New Equipment 2.0, New Equipment Units. World of Tanks Sandbox Server – New Equipment Test. World of Tanks Equipment Setups / Builds. of Tanks 268 V4 Gameplay. of Tanks 2020 Anniversary Rewards.

Chapters in the video:
00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – Battle Introduction
01:17 – New Slots
03:07 – One idea to out
04:52 – Changes to equipment and classes
08:30 – Changes to new types of equipment
13:45 – Conclusion

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  1. Can’t wait, already know what build I’m going to use on my mains.

  2. So again premium players have a big advantage. These things will be more costly and free to play players Wil have it hard to replace all their modules.

  3. I like the combined equipment system and I would like to see more variation an ideas, for example shell velocity equipment. The various effects by class is bs tho, why would you further discoruage heavies to use low noise exhaust system when it is already an unpopular choise for them? Makes no sense.

  4. Is all this instead of the changes to crew? I thought that some radical crew re-work was on the cards for this year…


    Not tryna be a hater on dez but I would despise the idea of wg forcing u to pick survivabillity for heavies etc

  6. Turbocharger + improved rotation mechanism + rammer = solid 268 v4

    • Turbocharger/commanders vision system + vents + optics = EBR

      Omg now the choices are much stronger even that one with toolbox and stuff …
      Now it feels , we will have a dilema putting equipment on our tanks xD

  7. I like the changes to the equipment, but I totally dislike the bonus categories, because what is a amx 50 100 for example supposed to do with a survivability slot? In the first version the bonuses were adapted to the vehicle role, which was way besser in my oppinion

  8. Why bother to play World of MILKING MONEY… World of BOTs… A$$HOLE game
    WoT was more fun to play in v7.3 (year 2012-2013)!
    Now its cheaters game. WG manipulated RNG and other invisible stats to make this game bias to payers… Community contributors have “special treatment”, can’t see whats wrong with game, what is rigged. They can see only whats good in new thing whitin game… No criticizm for bad things in game.
    I understand why Jingles is quit position of community contributor… He has BACKBONE…

  9. I hate the changes. Only being able to put binoculars on tds will be very painful for free to play players and tanks with garbage viewrange (looking At you IS,T150,LTG).

  10. Imagine if Improved hardening decreased premium ammo penetration by 10% :p

  11. i just do not like that they making bond equipment more stronger

  12. A man has fallen into the river in lego city

    I still don’t like the fact that tier 1-3 can’t have all 3 consumable slots.

  13. Răzvan Partebună

    I will wait for the kiss 😀

  14. Looks nice… Did you guys notice how tracks now have more hp? Like when he hit the tortoise in the track it wasn’t even tracked… Just damaged the track a bit

  15. What I would like is more slots and the ability to make different builds for a tank that you can change before battles.

  16. With only 1 shot the meta won’t change at all. Most heavy tanks won’t change from the rammer vents optics setup

  17. No i dont like the categorized mandatory bs idea its fine like the second iteration you can still do the crazy theory crafting you previously did just without the bonuses for the correct slot of use

  18. Looks like we have a new type of rammer…it’s called Obj. 268 4 😉

  19. David Mihailović

    They should make special slots based on the worst tank characteristics, for example, Maus has a BAD mobillity, and its special slots have to be mobillity slots. Then there will be less too OP builds.

  20. I like that idea with only 1 categorized slots. It makes the tanks not OP just by equipement and youre not binded to a certain playstyle becasue 2 of those categorys are set by WG.

  21. This looks vetter than the preious version. We are getting there… Still a while to go…. Well done for another aweaome video!

  22. The way they introducing this says me they dont give a damn f*k about their own game… Basicly they put things in at total random, not even looking at your tank stats(basicly now you cant know exactly how long enemy reloads, how far they see or how good their camo is)

    • DugThatOutMyself

      You can know if you learn the new system, it would just be more varied.
      Also most players don`t know anyway and good players will adapt accordingly anyway.

  23. About 120 tanks in the garage
    Be still my heart, I just cant wait to see how fucked this will make me, with either massive overstock of unusable items, or a bloody ginormous price for new kit
    I may take a break, until I see whether the game becomes unplayable with which tanks at at certain tiers (cough – v4 )

  24. How about one super-slot – You always get the better Bonus – one vehicle-type-slot and one universal? This will give more opportunities and still restrict.

  25. No one talking about that ammo rack at 9:13?

  26. Can we still demount/remount camo nets and Binos for free?
    As a free to play player this is a real advantage when binos are 500k!
    If not this is going to cost us all a shed load of credits/gold!

  27. Nice but who cares , game died long time ago

  28. I haven’t played in months when this came up on the suggested, honestly this hurts to watch, its like watching the principal from highschool fighting cancer. Its sad, its almost painful to watch, wasting away faster and faster as they try more and more desperate treatments.

  29. social3ngin33rin

    Boring changes.
    Improved config = OOOOOP
    Turbo charger = OOOP

  30. You like it aha super Dez, thisa 2.0 Equipment makes Strong Tanks more Stronger thats all…this is sh…

  31. I would let us have 2 slots with a bonus but we would have to be able to choose the typr of bonus. Not every td needs a firepower bonus – some for example would use camo or mobility better!

  32. I really don’t know what to make of these changes to the game….. I’m really on the fence with all and shall reserve judgement but only time will tell and it will either be a make or break for me on the game of which i will bring into question, should i continue playing?

  33. I know that equipment is more or less useless now, meaning that there is not much variation. But after so much time of this i don’t want this kind of change. I would rather prefer a simplification of the game instead of adding to the pile of shit. The maps need cleaning, as well regarding their numbers as well regarding the clutter on them, so are the rest. Equipment should really be removed altogether, as well as crew skills and shell types that are hardly different. The distinction should be just with the tanks. Remove a bunch of them and keep just one or two for each class. But all tanks should be distinct in regards to their role in the game. No more variation for the sake of it. Either something has a clear place in the game or not. So less overall variation regarding spotting system flaws, being lucky to get a map better suited for your tank, or tanks that can do everything. A light should spot, a heavy should be almost immortal, a medium should support, a TD should snipe and an arty should fire form the sky with some precision and a good heft but be totally blind while doing that.

  34. glad they reworked the double category slots, but what the damn hell did they do next? do you see a maus or Type 5 cruising around with all 3 survivability equipments? of which they can get the bonus values of one of them. i’d love to see impenetrable fortresses wo now get even less damage fron Arty, other players who shoot HE. sure, they’ll have to give up some of their firepower, but why do you need DPM if you don’t die?

  35. Imagine mediums become almost as fast as lights.

  36. Mechanism — Meck an iz em Logical english at it’s finest.

  37. Idk if its only me, but everytime i try to join the test server it says: “Faild to connect to the server”
    Any help is welcomed.

  38. seems it it will still make some vehicles op to me

  39. Can wargaming introduce a XVM winning chance into the matchmaker. If the battle your in is different by 10% you can opt out at start. I don’t run cheat modes but I have platooned with players that have and some games the win rate is 32% how is that fair regardless of the modules tank setup and crews….it’s a non game over in minutes…

  40. In my opinion having one mandatory slot doesn’t solve much, especially considering that vents is in 3 categories, but I like the idea to have one slot for the tank type, and one for it’s specialization. I still think that they should remove rammer from heavy and light tanks and give light tanks +10% dpm. This would bring some variety

  41. I really agree with your idea Dez it would be a thing to be able the increse survabilite on hevys fire power on tank destroyers and so on in a diffrent way or other.

  42. extractor excavator

    mandatory options are bad, why would I want wargaming to restrict what I can do? Isnt the new equipment supposed to give more options?

  43. If bond equipment gets buffed, then 2 slots are needed aswell. Also one slot f.e. on a medium tank sucks. You can’t boost your gun nor spotting.

  44. 0:50 – 1:48 total brawl. .

  45. i thought before that Obj. 268 V.4 was a slow tank..

  46. that Commander’s Vision System will detect Skorpion G easily when combined it with Binocular Optic because Skorpion G has only 505 concealment without chocolate and camo directives..with chocolate 517 and with directives and chocolate 530..that’s why wargaming need to buffed Skorpion G’s concealment..

  47. I’m a NO at this point on 2.0.

  48. DEZ !!! PLS DUDE !!! MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT THE VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher, 220 of pen with that gun with no bueno stats, sucks a loot, the tank is already slow like hell, and the armmor is not soo ok like seems to be….
    Looks like WG Listen to you, the VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher need some buff on the gun pen, just that will make the tank usefull, at least to 226. Pls dude! I bag you! Make a video about it.

  49. If equipment is mandatory why does it require a slot? Maybe instead of having it as mandatory, it should be part of the module upgrade research. i.e. every vehicle has to have a gun (mandatory) but you can research and buy better guns. Just a thought.

  50. 5:48 _A random Wild Trader appears_

    _You use Awesome Build_

    _It is highly effective_

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