Thunder Show: Desert Monster

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Source: Thunder. Official channel.

We’re the show together with you, our players!

If you never stop halfway to victory, if you’re a firm believer that your rounds will pierce the sky—or if you’d love it to be true—this episode is for you. To infinity and beyond!

WT Live —



  1. great episode!

  2. nothing to do with this episode, but just wondering if there are any plans to introduce submarines to the game. just remembered that update a few years back where there were subs, and wondering if there was any new news or plans for it.

  3. i got a unexpected kill with a bomb but my HDD stopped working so all of my games are gone😭😭😭
    my engine was damaged so i dropped the bomb to reduce weight and got a kill with it

  4. Yes i love this

  5. m22 best tank in WT period… So many fun times I’ve had in this tank

  6. Can you pls add the Bob Semple again

  7. Love the game, Warthunder. Keep it going. P.s. bringing in the Blackhawk helicopter would be great 🙂

  8. So it seems, that one can shoot with APDS through the brick walls on the Rhine map but not through a window, I can even see my enemy behind, in Hürtgen forest…

  9. Can you make a video about the Fiat G.55 Silurante

  10. Thanuthong Kleffner

    can i have ge pls

  11. Anyone else find it amusing when a enemy fighter is attacking you and you are a bomber. Enemy fighter crashes into your wing and dies, you are fine. Haha take that fighter.

  12. Hey, just got the majestic P61 Black Widow, but my most common problem is in the turret. Every time I want to protect my back I have to wait for the turret to turn around. Caused me to be sendt back to the hangar multiple time. Maybe something to look into

  13. You don’t watch the emails anyways…

  14. Probably the only good thing in this channel is Trailer and shorts but dammit the meme guy escaped basement @WarThunder Official Channel any chance of getting him back?

  15. I love playing the british. Only having AP rounds has improvedy aim significently. It is also the simplest way to destroy your target, because you are launching a literal rock into someones face. Brits have returned to monke.

  16. how do you upload clips because i have a really cool clip

  17. Will there be a finnish bmp-2 #2

  18. Those M18s have perfectly illustrated the important concept known as gaggling

  19. U Cannot Defeat My Shmeat

    1:46 sure hope they learned a lesson in spacing

  20. Emergency Broadcast System

    guess theyre running out of clips

  21. Are submarines going to come to war thunder

  22. 0:44 most normal bombing run in Ohio 💀


  23. Gaijin my 3 year old plays a lot of War Thunder with me in the test drive or custom battles and loves especially fire trucks.
    If you could make a fire fighting T-34 it would be brilliant.
    Sounds like you are considering it.

  24. how a get golden falkon

  25. Meanwhile my APFSDS gets stopped by a tree trunk

  26. polish tech tree when ?????

  27. The Coffee and Cocaine Show

    Fix the economy

  28. The thumbnail got me killed

  29. Please change narrator voice to better

  30. FREE GE

  31. hey, gaijin please remove repair cost , it doesn’t give you money but gives poor players headache.

  32. You guys should do an African update

  33. Hey I sent a video of a replay 2 weeks ago but it hasn’t been on the thunder show yet so how long does it usually take that a replay is shown in thunder show video or did I do something wrong?

  34. Slovenian countryball

    best game ever, and you should add some failure to vinchles when they are used too much

  35. can we start having new modes and maps instead of constant vehicles? We would like to have better modes for Top tier that are not meant for wwll conflicts. thanks

  36. What is the quickest way to get to the jet era? I have been trying for about 2 years by now, and I am only tier 3 on the tech tree.

  37. i submitted a possible clip for thundershow, does anyone know when the next thundershow will be out?

  38. Day 1 of asking gaijin to Collab with GUP

  39. You should add F-22F

  40. I have a question, how do i play mixed battles? I’m trying to find it but i can’t see it

  41. I think you guys should fire the guys behind matchmaking…

  42. How they shoot the tank with in front machine gun?

  43. A6M2/3 model Zero’s do not compress but will wing rip. The do not exceed speed “356 knots/660 kmh/409 mph” comes up in IAS. That’s fast. They should start compressing/wing rip at 320 knots. A6M5 Zero’s are worse. Why do Japanese turn fighters not perform the way they did historically in sim.

    Also when does the F6F5 get it’s extra 200hp? The Hellcat in game was the F6F3 then you changed the model to the F6F5 but it still doesn’t have the extra 200hp the F5 model had.

  44. what is boring is seeing an M22 doing that ….. still It has been seen on here so many times it is boring, and if you are new, it has been seen so many times before, do your research on the Thunder Show……

  45. The po2 clip was not really something impressive this shows how careful gaijin pick thier clips

  46. Q: What is the guy who does The Shooting Range’s favorite german ww2 tank? (also, in response to my last comment on the shooting range, eats imaginary brick )

  47. that first one was stupid and everyone suicide bombs all the time its nothing special

  48. How so I send a replay from PS4?

  49. ware is the email addres?

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