Thunder Show: Double Double Kill

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

We're making the show together with you, our players!

This 's fighters don't seem know what “sensible” means, like at all. The enemy's out of sights? Or maybe a couple ranks above you? Or maybe even turned your vehicle into a colander already? Nah, they're not getting away anyway!

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  1. The nice sun set 1

    This is something for me

  2. Bombs Skips? now thats new!

  3. me submitting me getting kills at top tier with a br 2.7 spaa, against mbt’s and not getting on

  4. If you bring another chinese bias thing that would be weird to fight normal tanks with, then you also have to bring other tanks. I’m talking about the KF51 when will it be added?!
    And when you add it don’t dare to change one thing about it! Like you dismounted the PUMA rockets saying it would be too op but on the other hand you having the BMP-2M which is the most annoying thing in a battle due to it’s rockets!


  6. Leo 2AV buff when?

  7. The tanks on the thumbnail looks like conjoined twins for some reason…

  8. how much GE they get?

  9. What are you doing about Cheaters ?

  10. please do some fails in thunder show

  11. Q:will there will be more modern vehicle like 4th gen fighter,tanks, helicopter and possibly naval vessels?

  12. Please fix the spawns, Its easy to spawn camp there for the enemy

  13. C’est un anglais assez accessible pourtant ?

  14. Please add a premium British phantom or tornado

  15. Crash your plane into a plane for free Eagles thats like most GB I play

  16. How to get good in war thunder

  17. The Hellcat basically preformed skip-bombing. This was a technique used in the Pacific theatre a lot by allied medium bombers and fighters. Come in low, drop the bomb, the momentum skips the bomb along the water and it impacts the side of the ship. I didn’t realize that the physics in the game would allow this technique, so I haven’t bothered trying it. I’m actually kind of impressed.

  18. Hello there I was wondering if it would be possible to change some think on the Chi RI 2 that if I only habe 3 crew left that one stays in the main turet one sill drives and the last one stays in the hill gun. That not 2 of the 3 go in the turet and one drives I would really like it to youse the hull gun and Mein gun and be still able to drive whit 3 crew. Hope fully this is understandable thank.

  19. The Shadow Sovereign

    You guys make some great videos… now, let’s go find some great MODERATORS for this game!
    You know, Moderator’s that actually do their job and not ignore complaints about TEAM KILLING.
    Team killing: It’s ruining the game.
    YOUR MODERATORS= ‘Virtual-Micro Tyrants’.. by discouraging people NOT to report the players who are ruining the game for everyone else.

  20. HunterZ The Lunatic

    3rd Day of Asking Gaijin to add in Jas 39 Gripen to war thunder.

  21. Will you add the f-35 at some point?

  22. I got a chi-ha-lg kill on a g.91 but the next day a new patch was released so all of my replays were wiped :((

  23. day 31 of asking u to add b36 peacemaker

  24. I was using a kv2 earlier yesterday and when i shot a pz4 it hit and killed a plane who happened to be very close to the ground

  25. I wanna ask a question why does my tanks just morphs to a pile of glitch things

  26. I wonder when Canada is coming war thunder or if it even is at all

  27. PSD-delikanlı patates

    I killed 6 enemy tanks with one 500lb bomb (dropped from p39N) and then in same minute i shoot down 2 enemy planes. I sended the replay to you guys. Come on share it next week.

  28. Thunder show= nuke nuke>skill

  29. War thunder official Whre is the old Narrator i missed pls tell me!

  30. It’s give me pain.

  31. with kv2, I already killed 3 enemies with only ammo he

  32. Bloody bake beans!

    Will you be adding a new Ukraine map to war thunder?

  33. Wart hunter can we plz leak more top secret military files

  34. This video confirms my deeply-held belief that the Puma belongs at the same BR as the PUMA.

  35. Local drug seller

    So we are going to encourage kamikaze kills to stop nukes?

  36. How can I win something here

  37. What a chad the PE-8

  38. Yeah, people really have to learn that there are key players in war thunder, to really win a match, you have to find that player, they may not be the best in the beginning, but you will see who it is after a tiny while, as they will still be fighting against you

  39. You should have not posted the pe8 the worst thing to do is shoot down someones nuke

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