Thunder Show — Fwd: Incoming

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

We're making the show together with you, our players!

This episode is about accepting your fate. You can't control everything in battle. You never know when an insane SAM will bump into you around a corner or where a seemingly confident shot will actually land. Still, there's no point in giving up too soon: victory might be closer than you think.

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  1. When can we have turrets on aircraft not auto rotate

  2. Hey just have a few questions where the hell is the French navy and where is Poland I feel like there should be another country soon and we need another Navy and maybe the Chinese or the Sweden Navy but they really weren’t big or really involved World War II but they did release Israel so I can be surprised

  3. A question i want to ask as im new to the game
    How do i get new vechicles?

  4. Do you have to send in the videos on the first day after the last thunder show was uploaded? Because it takes time to edit the videos, right?

  5. That Random Furball

    All i can think is just: “when the AA gun gets a melee kill”

  6. Fwd = front wheel drive?

  7. Can you add norway to war thunder

  8. does this for Xbox

  9. Can you add realistic crew animation and not disappearing crew because when crew get hit they don’t have blood show up and , they don’t react something and when they dies they vanishing magically , can you also add hangar to battle map because you only can fix some parts not all of them

  10. You should Bring back the old narrator. His voice was perfect for narrating.

  11. British bomber please put this bomber in the game on the British side he 111 h3 rank 1

  12. What happened to the old narrator?

  13. Anchovy Peixe de Peruca


  14. Add agent orange and napalm to the Vietnam map

  15. Will y’all release the maus again? It would be really cool

  16. i sent a replay of me guessing a shot and killing a bulldog from 1.5km away with the AVRE while he was moving and behind a building now did that not make it in :l

  17. Hello is there a way to restart your account?

  18. Cmon add this 5th 12,3br jets!

  19. Fix the mf game

  20. No one
    Brazilian players username: 2:11

  21. Will the il-102 ever come to war thunder?

  22. “You can’t control everything in Battle” especially not as late WWII Vehicles, where ATGMs and 10,5cm Heat Shells ruin your Day

  23. Gaijin I’m just asking really small favor but could u give me a premium acct it’s pretty hard to grind for silver lions and I don’t think I can afford to lay 100+ buck for a acct I’m just asking but pls

  24. Man, some people are really sobbing in the comments because somebody elses clip got in

  25. SEAD missiles when

  26. such a trash game… nothing like ending a match with less SL than you started with

  27. Accepting faith, just admit your game is miserable

  28. gunslinger_lucky tanki junky

    Are you sure its a challenger 2? That looks like a T72 in my thermals.

  29. day 28 of asking u to add the b36 peacemaker

  30. NormalityTotallity

    If you have no ammo, be the ammo! ~ Pokemon21

  31. I dont mind seeing aircraft videos, AS LONG AS its on aircraft mode, not on TANK mode/GROUND forces. Pathetic idea to implement aircraft vs tanks


  33. 0:41 Ironic.

  34. Are we going to get the object 760?

  35. black mountain biking

    How come somone driving into a heli gets in but me shooting through 4 windows in a ground realistic doesn’t get in

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