Thunder Show: Hunting Giants

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

We’re making the show together with you, our players!

Today we’re going see some combat wit (ain’t that a frequent sight?), a pest invasion and one of the most thrilling duels of this January!

WT Live —

Subtitles are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish.



  1. *Like Si Te Gusta War Thunder*

  2. they like salamanders 👌🏻

  3. I love the subtle 40k reference

  4. what about thunderwar´s clip?

  5. Them: 50kgs a maus, me: ‘hits’ a 1000kg on a rooikat lolol

  6. Garrett Urbaczewski

    New game modes or overhauls to current ones when? And a proper co-op mode when?

  7. Why is the aphe so weak pls fix it u can’t even kill a aa tank

  8. I was playing with a friend in the T26E5 and he was in a Panzer III next to me, then a I-15 kamikazed both of us

  9. Emergency Broadcast System

    So a 50kg bomb can kill a maus but a 1000lb bomb can’t kill any Russian heavy tank?

  10. mf introduced WoT arty to War Thunder

  11. can i get an award for the blindest player in warthunder

  12. We need this show for Enlisted as well

  13. Repairs cost are to high, gaijin should lower them, I’m having a vary hard time trying to farm silver lions in realistic battles but with some veichle like the american t34 or the p51h to regain the lost lions you have to get at least 2 kill and an assist. I think that gaijin will lose many players because of this problems inn fact my friend are doing so. hope this problem will be fixed : )

  14. Can you tell us all the canadian units?

  15. delete the rocky canyons map plaese im begging you

  16. GAIJIN – Can i PLEASE have my soul back?!?!?!?!

  17. I think you guys should add a Ukrainian tech tree

  18. Tanks only when?

  19. Rizal Fadhilah Gustaf

    imma send my replays to thunder show and lets see if i can win some GE lmao

  20. 3:13
    Make custom skins visible.

  21. How do you submit these

  22. Sturmtiger artillery

  23. I submitted a double kill in my swordfish about a year ago (killed a Maus and a T92) kinda surprised I didn’t get on the show with it.

    • And then a highly maneuverable fighter bombs a stationary target like 30ft off the ground and he gets featured. Thunder Show is low key a joke

  24. Vulcan lives

  25. Wtf. When i try to use those 50 gram bombs they can’t kill a t34

  26. bro woke up and chose violence 1:53

  27. that bomber is the definition of why are you hitting yourself

  28. how to enjoy ground battles?

  29. that sturmtiger skin actually looks insane

  30. Gotta love the salamanders

  31. Gaijin explaining why my 5000kg bomb 5ft away a Maus didn’t even took his cannon but a 50kg bomb ammo racks a Maus (they will not do it)

  32. Are they going to add back the sturmtiger every anniversary?

  33. Love this show!

  34. You want to know something that would be useless but really nice. If console players could have custom vehicle skins

  35. You need to accept Thinderwars video

  36. Nah killing 3 m22 in Russian bias tonk is not really a skill

  37. Wanna see how to land the A21 without wings safely?

  38. Can you make your game not such a pain to grind I did like 50+ battles with the 38t and still haven’t unlocked the stug 3 llll

  39. I did same thing with biplane

  40. Its good for gaijin to show a cheater on Thundershow. Ashton has been shown to use an addon/overlay that can calculate range. I guess Gaijin just loves to support cheater content

  41. i just wanna say i still really enjoy these videos, I’m sure a lot of people who are happy with them don’t bother commenting but i wanna say these are super fun keep up the good work

  42. *sighs* im poor and i can’t get even any good shot’s, i die and i die a *LOT*

  43. So WarThunder are Salamander fans. Interesting…

  44. really pay to kill game, nerf accounts when not pay, rigged game, lies to players, remember my words gaijin take your money and lies to all players

  45. I really thought that was a P1000 RATTE on the thumbnail till I watched the whole video and take a look back at the thumbnail 👍

  46. nitendo switch ? 🤑

  47. oddajcie mi dusze

  48. FIX THE SANTAL INSTEAD OF MAKING VIDEOS !!!! If you were in B2B, you’d be out of business, you amateurs !!!

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