Thunder Show: Nuclear Maus

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Source: War . Official channel.

're making show together with you, our players!

Some pilots, captains, and tankers are happy get a single frag, while this episode is full players who want all the enemies to themselves, and preferably at once! Why don't we see what such greed can lead you to?

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  1. This should get put on netflix

  2. I should record my 19 kill maus games huh

  3. How can i equip planes in tank RB? i can only see tanks in my preset.

  4. *enough ground battles*

    proceeds to show another ground battle

  5. should we appreciate the fact that the maus has the ukraine flag cover all around it?
    (I’m not trying to offense anyone during this period but I just think it’s nice)

  6. Can you get rid to of the pilot knocked out death in arcade, it’s really annoying getting oneshotted while using your best plane.

  7. 23 hours

  8. Gaijin, why not add the iconic ship Schleswig-Holstein to the game? For example, this famous ship would do well as a Premium.

  9. I cant find the churchill crocodile flamethrower.

  10. The Maus is not that good in its br. If it goes 7.3 it would be really good. At 7.7 there are some tanks that have APFSDS and all of the tanks have HEATFS and these can penetrate its armor easily.

  11. Gaijin stop avoiding discusions abaout a Yugoslav tech tree!!!

  12. please let my family go

  13. pretty cool tho

  14. Can I have a answer why do you’ll have it to where we need teams for tournaments I wanna know especially for this one with the E100 me and my friends tried making a team but we can’t we also can’t get the maus or sturm tiger(not enough time for us to get it but we don’t really care) I just wants answer on why there are teams required?

  15. Hi Gajin group, I have a question, when will some new Italian antiaircraft come into the game in BR 5.3 6.0 or 4.0

  16. Problem is a planes in ground battles

  17. Few days ago my wing got shot of in bomber my plane flips outta control and i swap to gunner 1 tap plane that shot wing off n regain control and land but idk how to make clip or send em

  18. Thank you Gaijin, really for giving us the vibes back with the old legendary menumusic :’) thanks again

  19. lazy greedy useless devs

  20. Day 3 of asking gaijin to add a jatkosota bt 42 skin (500 ge)

  21. i hate wean theres a tir3 in tir2 server

  22. like why is theres a tir 3 in a weak tir2 server

  23. I never ever saw a Maus with an ugly painting like that

  24. Will the harrier gr1 (gbr) ever get flares that it had historically? Or at least put it at 9.7

  25. Bring back the bm13

  26. How do I submit videos to try and get features

  27. The Maus: kills an entire enemy team
    Gaijin: calls it a little Mausy


  29. Gaijin your servers not work

  30. I love your game <3

  31. I’m a go play warthonder now


  33. honestly gaijin…. you should give this to us as a gift….. or a badd ass top tier tank or plane, just for putting up with your constant Servr issues.. ddos attacks. and over all huge issues.. not cool trying to enjoy the game anymore.

  34. Day 26 of asking for MiG-25 Foxbat in war thunder

  35. Managed to nab the maus last night

  36. Gaijin make a plane the has guns pointing straight up there was an ace who used a plane that had upwards facing guns

  37. How do I send in a replay captured on console? I’ve captured a few good moments that I’d have liked to send in but I’m unsure how

  38. It’s me Russian cat

    War thunder loves me because I was minding my own business and I got glinted then a bomber landed on the spawn I was at and my teammate died but I left without a scratch

  39. randomly aborted battles, which were then lost, on the grounds that we have too many casualties, even though you are only on the second team in the game. so please..!

  40. Dive bombing is not skill plz remove airplanes from ground battles

    Air mode exist for a reason there is no reason to make tank players suffer becouse air players need more easy ways to get money

  41. Why is WMA 8.3 with gen 3 thermals like why

  42. Enough with the ground battles

    Shows ground battle

    We all know that war thunder is bias to ground

  43. Wow, 14 kills? 14 kills?!?! That is soooooooo, ok
    Common, its not bad but there are way better videos than this

  44. Maybe i should send replays where i have 22 kills… Once i had 20 or 21 and the team still managed to lose

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