Thunderbolt Unicum Guide/Review, Bullying Same-Tier Opponents

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I review the , a tier 6 in (), with replays of tier Windstorm and tier 6 Sacred Valley battles.

The Thunderbolt continues Wargaming’s recent trend of releasing premiums that are mechanically superior to non-premium peers. The Thunderbolt also comes with a fully-trained crew with “zero-skill” Brother in Arms, so you not only get BIA immediately but that BIA doesn’t affect the progression of additional skills.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb frontal hull armor (~155), better than most same-tier heavies, let alone mediums
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Excellent turret armor
+ Excellent gun handling, especially with VStab
– Lackluster acceleration
– Low silver penetration (128)
– Low alpha damage (115)
– Tall profile

? The tank’s strengths allow for a very comfortable playstyle. You can hull-down or you can brawl with hull angling while bleeding your opponents to death.

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab

Viewers have asked me to review various premium tanks that I don’t have in my garage. If you’re feeling generous and want to gift me a premium tank, let me know and in most cases I’ll be happy to review it.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

” full guide and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous of you), you can send me gold in-game, or you can donate via PayPal or by shopping on Amazon:



  1. Premiums are getting better and better. That’s an issue when premium ammo already breaks balancing, especially combined with premium account/tanks which allows more premium spam.

    Seems like Armored Warfare is also getting about as grindy as WoT at this point, luckily without premium ammo…so far. I dunno, seems like no decent developer/publisher is touching this genre. 😐

  2. I dont think the Thunderbolt is any better than the E8 Sherman. Its slower than the Jumbo even and the gun not that good. Its turret is not exactly that strong (the area under the mantles is actually pretty exposed. Its more like a combo of the E8 and Jumbo, and its pretty easily outplayed. Its not the idiot proof tank that the K GF or Defender are (tanks I also dont think are OP, while still being broken). I think the Thunderbolt is actually one of the better balanced premiums we’ve gotten recently. I think the thing that makes it seem worse is that its tier 6 and the quality of player at that tier is not nearly as good as it is at tier 8.

    I also disagree about the Liberte, as one of the more OP tier 8 premiums we’ve gotten. It too is slow, its gun is pretty horrendous (because its French and their guns are terrible for no reason), and outside of its upper and lower plates its armor isnt that strong and it has a large cupola. Its pretty much a French Tiger II (if the Tiger II werent power creeped. (crept?)).

  3. Robert Pettigrew

    I call it “Pay to advantage” I have no problem with equal ability prems but now new prems are improved (sometimes very improved) than a regular tank. Also this is vastly undervaluing older prem’s, for example try playing a IS-6 (even with prem) vs any of the new prem tanks. Hopefully the whole “Foch gate” will have an effect with WG will have some news on this at the Grand Finals.

  4. Maybe it’s still not worth because this game is dying because of greedy developers. Better spend time and money on other stuff. —-quit player with 2100wn8
    But I really love this kind of games. Such a pity.

  5. What I like about the Thunderbolt, is that it’s armor values & proper angling matter, it encourages marksmanship against its weakpoints, and it has a well rounded gun that is as good as the player using it.

    But… at tier 6, it’s broken. Tier 4s & 5s might as well be shooting spit wads against it, and a lot of tier 6s with low pen guns don’t fair much better. Compared to the Fury premium, its a significant escalation of power creep.

  6. You have a good point that premiums shouldn’t be worse. Imagine if your whole team consisted of premiums; you wouldn’t want your team to be gimped due to that.

  7. Nice overview of the TBolt, I picked it up for the 0 skill BoA crew and to train my U.S med crews. Couldn’t agree more re: WG’s power creep model leaning towards P2W at work here.

    Looking forward to your “Ravioli” review 😛

  8. Cosmin Herciu-Sava

    Hey Taugrim. What is the best 3rd equipment on IS-3? On vbaddict it says vents but many unicums from youtube have GLD.

  9. Should have bought the Thunderbolt

  10. عبد الهادي

    why didn’t you use auto aim against the mt25, do you think it’s better to aim manually? if yes, i’m verry bad at aiming at short distances, could you guive me some advices to improve my self

  11. So, are there any workable solutions to powercreep and mmoflation? Or is every game destined to die?

  12. I heard that in 9.19, that the Easy 8 is going to get what is basically the Thud 7’s turret, minus the spaced armor.

    The mantlet is going to actually be tougher than the Thud 7’s, since there is no armor hole behind the gun mantlet, where such is the case on the Thud 7.

    Which I am really happy for, because I am a fan of the Easy 8. Two MoE on the barrel, first tank I got a Top Gun (got it before but that was in the old T18, so that doesn’t count) and a Radley Walters, which I got in a Tier 8 game by farming damage on the juicy flanks of mid-tier heavy tanks.

  13. 10:10 the Strv m/42 has 150 alfa damage…

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