TIER 1 BEAST! Seal Clubber (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Baron, Baron! Can we have some Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars again?

  2. Where’s the tank? All I see is a house driving around the map

  3. Plz play t95 of doom with phly and slick bee

  4. How can i put the binoculars

  5. We need the pz2j in warthunder

  6. Rather than using just replays for your top fives, do stuff like “top five
    misconceptions about War Thunder”.

  7. Beep Beep Imma Jeep

    well…the biggest tier1 seal clubber is gepard

  8. Stahp rick rolling us baron please :-c

  9. looking to buy a premium tank which one?

  10. asu 57 comrade

  11. I say the tiger 1. German op tank bias!!

  12. may i challenge you?
    Get a kill with lvt’s rear mg

  13. Hopefully they add the DD-Tank

  14. I always shoot the ammo on the LVT, easier that way.

  15. I’d like to see it go up against the PT-76. I know they’re miles apart in
    terms of BR but the LVT still has a gun that can pen any part of the PT-76
    and twice the crew count so it could be interesting.

  16. Baron loose the intro, you now look like every other 11 year old on
    YouTube. It was way better before.

  17. Does the mg’s at the back shoot by itself or do you have to control it??

  18. Stug

  19. dat intro song troll

  20. Christiaan Kleijhorst

    I have some new intro music: Different Heaven – Monsters, Terminite –
    Colorblind, Terminite – Highscore.

  21. Looks like the champion here

  22. Can someone give me the real link to the music from his intro?

  23. I love my T-26-4 with it’s BR350A “nuke” round I’ve managed to pull of a 10
    and more killstreak in that tank

  24. WE NEED SHIP !

  25. I like this video

  26. regarding bf1 not being world war one; Matimio just had a discussion on his
    channel, where imo it was pretty good explained why dice had to do it this

  27. Propheth of Lego

    Is this with M8 turret ant short 75mm available now?

  28. Unhkownlegend+ a bus with guns LOL

  29. Can you play the HE-129 A7 with Slick?

  30. Hey Raron….would you like to try an ARMA 3 gameplay? ARMA is an awesome
    game with many hilarious bags!!!

  31. baron why not play together series where you randomly pick people on the
    internet and play with this can be with any game though it potentially be
    really bad depend on who you play with but well

  32. afcourse we suport you

  33. just wanna know. what format you want the videos in. and does war thunder
    replay thing have so you can cut the video ?

  34. hey baron would you please take out the leopard it’s my favourite

  35. i got rick rolled….

  36. LVT vs PT-76

  37. will you stop rick rolling us and tell us the proper intro song

  38. Tunisia nightmare sea tank.

  39. Hey baron how can I join your war thunder games

  40. The Baron intro is pure quality

  41. baron i got a good idea if you want to know message back!!

  42. Who requested this tank Baron?

  43. hey gongartz make a 340k sups :)

  44. not good link to the song in the intro

  45. oh that tank i use it and kill 10 enemy with it

  46. Satchel Sieniewicz

    War thunder sucks

  47. Clockwise Whooves

    Huh, the LVT-1 wasn’t bad after all.

  48. Tovarishch, T-34/85 for the motherland, show your enemies real tank

  49. I want more heroes and generals. It is really fun to watch.

  50. hey baron try panzer lV/70

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