Tier 10 75% CREW MADNESS in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm doing the unthinkable in and playing with a 75% crew in the Badger – here's my top tips for !



  1. I hope he used one of the extra x5 bonuses for having premium days for that tank.

  2. In practice it is hardly possible to play a decent game. Within 1000 games you got your tier 10’s. Completely fucked up game.

  3. >tank has 4/5 crew memebers
    >next tank has +1 crew
    >tank after that is back to 4/5 crew
    every time

  4. 75% crew in a stock VK P is an absolute nightmare

  5. How can new players of players who can only play a few hours a week compete with the players who have been in the game since it started .,This is a glaring deficiency in the game ,Everyone should be on the same level .Then WG brought in an even worse thing Field mods .The game is set now for those who play a lot .It is unfair

    • @FishFind3000 Skill based will never work as the field mods woukd negate such a thing .There are not enough new players and tbh there never will be whilst the game is so jnfair to them

  6. Lightning_McNugget

    Wait WHAT?! You can activate boosters while in battle???

  7. The fact that the obj. 277 on the enemy team was camping next to the SPG is sad.

  8. F2p progress is easier than ever. What do u expect? Having a tier 10 after 20 matches?

  9. thats how i played this dumb game and i manage to have 48% win and i dont try to win all like a madman…the moment you dont have all your perks you all cry..wtf:)

  10. How the hell are you supposed to get 3D Skin?

  11. I like listening to you but i cant watch games like the first one… so bad shots makes me cringe. Blaming the crew for those shots is silly.

  12. Thank you QB, these are really useful tips I think, a big help for free to play WOT

  13. Yep , Just watch your stream tonight , Your full of excuses that it is comical . Dude , I respect your Scam to get attention from kids ……..But have some integrity . This is getting Pathetic. YOUR AN AVERAGE PLAYER USING your charisma to gain cash ……………….Dude your a sad individual .

  14. When I do spend gold on crews, I wait for a crew weekend when the cost is half.

  15. Free to play huh..well how do you have 11,000 gold on your account???

  16. QB I have a question, can you put your BZ 176 crew in the new Chinese heavies

  17. We actually did a test in a training room and the durability device won stop you from getting tracked in the tracks are hit frontally… Angle a bit and they stay on. Worth a try.

  18. My Turtle crew has been the same since level 1 of that TD line,,,, and I also play with a free to play account,,,, spending gold on nonsense hahaha I can’t afford that luxury.

  19. Here is a tip: save your rental crews instead of getting 75% crews. You just need to use couple level 1 crew book on the rental crews, then retrain the rental crews using credits to the new tank. This way, your crew can start out with 100% base skill. If you do not have enough bunker space, use low tier tanks to hold these crews. You can get plenty of level 1 crew books by joining any clans that have enough active players.

  20. I’ve been almost free to play for the like 8 or so years I’ve played. Occasionally I’d buy a small amount of gold to skip some stuff or get a few little things but I’ve never used premium equipment or consumables or anything that wasn’t a reward for a mission or something.

  21. Mārtiņš Viļums

    you can move crews from that nation tank with some perks in tank you want trane for 20k credits for 80% and reset perks and he will lose some exp but will be 100% crew.that is what i do when i grind after tier 6.before tier 6 i just buy for credits noobs with 75%

  22. U did come in to the Comet on my account. Nice video, that is hard to play with 75% crew and it get worse for me, I play the game with shaking hands. Keep up the good work.

  23. I was so tired of poor crew performance that I trained every crew I had under 100% during the crew discount sale. Saved gold and frustration.

  24. The amazing 75% crew scam lol

  25. QB a masochist?

  26. I do like where war gaming is now compared to early days. Been playing since beta. I also play mostly non meta tanks, my favorite tank being the rhinoceronte… but again I’m weird.

    • removethatpfp usubhhumanssackoffshiitbbittcchh

      arty is still in the game so the game is still should not be played. since arty is op camper class with 0 skill required to play

  27. Welcome to the old console crew shenanigans….poor pc master race


  29. This is what I did with Badger, with QB as commander

  30. why you would play 75% crew if you have 100% crew on tortoise, the worse you can use is 90%, this video is just pointless

  31. honestly Id rather spend money to buy gold for crew training at this point, tanks below 100% and no skills feel unplayable

  32. But why 75%? It’s possible to train the crew up to 90% for silver

  33. You now have re-training orders, so no, we can have 100% crews for free to play. This is actually super nice and I can maybe finally play tanks I like without suffering 1 25% or 50% penalty.

  34. Only crews in Wot forget how to drive a tank when they are put in a new one

  35. I wish you would ditch that ancient reticle you use and try one that gives us more information

  36. Yes, I remember single use repair kits. I remember when they only worked on one track as well, so if you lost both tracks to an arty hit you were stuck 🙂

  37. on the badger i always have 2 repair kits and drop the fire extinguisher as I have never had a fire on this tank

  38. NA server is so set for win’s vs losse wish people would wake up to how bad the game is on our server. SA is dead and the other servers seem to do just fine…..

  39. Great upload once again.

  40. If you play your tier 10 tanks with a 75% crew (not on purpose like in this video) you suck at the game and deserve to suffer.

  41. Hi QB, do you keep every tank, and leave the crew with the tank, on your free-to-play account? Is that why your crew has no skills or perks?

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